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Thanks for your input, the particular type of curry is the one that I have problems with is Gulai Cincang (a lamb curry) I believe the grey color comes from the lamb. as its coconut based adding tomatoes is not the solution, though it is an excellent way of getting great colors in other curries. Spices I do dry fry first, though they do not contribute much to color. Turmeric being the obvious exception, that in this case turns the curry a mild green color. Really looking...
Kangkong is a Ipomea Sp. that grows wild, weed like, in freshwater tropical waters all over the world. I grow it in Brisbane over summer in a garbage bin full of water.
I have carried around the dried Shitake mushrooms for years, they just imbue the dish with a delicious flavor and weigh nothing. Perfect for the backpack.
While trekking through the Malaysian Rain forest a few years ago my guides stopped and cut down 30 foot palm tree, chopping away the outer leaves of the crop presented a beautiful cabbage, it took a lot of chopping and probably delivered less energy then it took, but it was delicious.
Hi Peoples, I am an amateur when it comes to food presentation, I can get the flavors right and even conjure up recipes on the fly but as for making it look right. Hopeless. I have two Questions 1. How do I make my Curries Brown (they always look somewhat grey)? 2. Does anyone know of any good online resources about food presentation?
Hello back to you
Hi I am Mick Barber from The Curry Pot, I am here to gain inspiration from the professional chefs out there and perform research on style and methodology. I will contribute where I can,
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