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 I don't know of any hotels that have only one 6 burner range. And if you serve 1000s of people it's a fair bet that you have more than one 6 burner range. I know a lot of big restaurants that also have a catering department. I don't put anyone in pigeonholes, I just tell it as I see it.  But, If the shoe fits, wear it. And I have only one flag and that's the  American Flag.  
My point is the same point I made back in October of last year. It just seems like every restaurant with a 6 burner range and a 3 compartment sink try to get into the catering business. I just think they should stick to plating dishes with their sprig of parsley  and leave the volume feeding to the Pros. The same as the Family Doctor leaves the surgery to the Surgeon.(I Think I'm just too opinionated for this forum anyway)
foodpump:  I  PROMISE  I  WILL  NEVER  SET  FOOT  IN  CANADA !!! I  LIKED  WINDSOR  ACROSS  FROM  DETROIT  40 YEARS AGO. I   HATED  MONTREAL  IN  1992. (NEVER AGAIN) VANCOUVER IS TOO CLOSE TO ALASKA ANYWAY.   (Maybe it will not get deleted for being off topic     And I still don't like TV cooking shows.
 As many of you know, My business is based on Food Cost + Labor Cost + Expenses. And I specialize in Prime Rib,  BBQs, Luaus, and Clambakes etc. Lately I have been approached with potential clients ( not my regulars) saying their restaurant will cook their Prime Rib for $2 per pound over cost. Then I ask them " Then why are you  calling me." I don't compete with them. In other words they are cooking  Prime Ribs for app. $30 each  plus their cost for anything else. (I'm...
 We have no problem getting tourist but I will not vacation in Canada! ( I have a CCW) and my family and neighbors feel very safe. I have sent you a P.M." Have a safe day" { I hope} P.S. I have a spare tire, I hope I never have to use it either but, I will not travel without it.
 foodpump:   Is there enough room beteween your water heater and furnace to put your keyboard?    Maybe you have been in the snow too long!        In America we let our opinions be known. Canadians and British don't, that's why you can't have a gun in your house to protect you family. Also Advertisers also read the forums on computers along with the public. I am only stating my opinion. I just think Professional Chefs are not being represented in a positive light by TV...
   Are you using the term "CHEF" and Guy F. in the same sentence? SHAME! SHAME!    I have refused employment to better dressed, better personality and  better attitude persons applying for a "potwashers job" And with flip-flops, thumb rings,  it's a wonder he does not have a ring in in his nose or lips. What an insult to all of us behind the line.  I fell sorry for his children that have to grow up saying " Yes, that's my Dad"
I have been getting people excited for over a half century with "natural food" like "Prime Rib au Jus"  with beef that still tastes like beef instead of rosemary, thyme, worcestershire sauce and what ever psychedelic flavoring they can think up. And "au Jus" made from the dripping on the bottom of the roast pan instead of out of a jar or can. I have served tons of fish with tartar sauce and lemon. The problem is these kids today do not know how to make a tasty tartar...
 You can't just put a box over your head and hope it will go away, because everyone else is looking at them make a fool of our profession.   You can't just ignore it and hope it will go away. I hate to even think of what would have happened if our fathers and grandfathers just ignored the Natzi's, the Japanese and the Russians and the  Mafia.( I'm off my soapbox now)
The only thing that would be "entertaining" would be if  we could see them burn or cut themselves. At least when Julia goofed (which was quiet a lot,)  they didn't edit it out. you saw it when she flipped something and it missed the pan and ended up on the stove. I have a problem using the word "reality" with anything connected with these shows on TV today. 
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