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Hello all,   I was wondering whether anyone has attended Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver or knows anything about their reputation ?    Thanx for your help!   Vagabundo  
Hello All, Please would anyone know anything about cookery schools in Ireland like Dublin Cookery School & Cooks Academy both in Dublin -Ireland , & Belle Isle Cooking School in Northern Ireland ? Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanx for your help. El Vagbabundo del Mundo!
Dear Khurram, Thanx again for your valuable advice. Can I have your e-mail plz? Mine's : amjadatrash@gmail.com Lets talk there; or if you want on private messaging over here , which I'm trying to figure out still! Cheers
Hey Khurram, Thanxx again for your valuable tips on what bakery school to attend. So, what program did you attend @ George Brown? I heard they're one of the best in Canada. Did they have any pre-requists? Northwest Culinary of Vancouver seemed good enough to me since they offer bakery/pastry program of 4 months only @ 8000.00CAD, which is quite reasonable. I heard that many of the schools over-charge anyways & you don't need to spend so much money in order to get...
Hi Vera Other than Ecole de Boulangerie de Paris & Ecole Grégoire Ferrandi & Le Nôtre ( all in Paris ) , you can try Ecole de Boulangerie d'Aurillac ( centre of France -Auvergne - ) & Ecole de Boulangerie de Rouen ( Normandie). Good Luck !
Dear Khurram, Thanks for your reply & advices regarding which bakery / pastry school to choose. I'm curious to know where did you chose to study & when did you start ? I'm 39yrs old & me too still look in my early thirties, but still on paper it shows the real age ! Not so young ! I am a Canadian citizen , but currently living in Middle East. I know about George Brown in Toronto . It has some good reviews. Seems like the best ...
Thanks guys for your replies. RAS I'm afraid I currently live in a region of the world where no such community programs are readily available ( do you mean like special courses , or evening cooking/baking classes )? Cape Chef , Le Nôtre is great, I've checked their website many times before, but really the fees are one of the highest around ! Was checking Ecole de Boulangerie de Paris & Ecole Française de Boulangerie d'Aurillac , they could be a cheaper option. Some...
Hello all you cooking aficionados, I'm new on this site & I'm finding it very exciting , especially that I'm 39yrs old guy, pharmacist with managerial corporate professional experience ...However , I've been thinking lately of taking a very courageous step towards changing my career path ..I hope it's not too late , I wish I had done it ten years earlier ! But what's nice on this site , I've read about many people who changed their career & took up cooking at 40 yrs of age...
That sounds impressive. May I ask you, @ what age did you start your cokking study ? I'm 39yrs now & Im thinking to go into cooking school , & more specifically into bakery & pastry . Your story inspired me & I'm thinking of the next step to do. How to really quit my job & start all over new @ the age of 40! It's kinda scary but I DO wanna do it !
Hello all, I'm new here. I'm in my late thirties & considering a change of career . I would like to know if anyone has any idea about good pastry schools in Canada or France/Belgium/Germany/Spain/Austria/UK or Switzerland? Thanks for you help. :thumb:
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