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Does anyone else get annoyed by the overuse of the term "Chef" it seems to me like everyone who cooks a meal is considered a Chef today. I've been cooking since I was 14 am in culinary school and work full time in a well respected restaurant in my city and I still get a little upset when people call me a "Chef". I feel like it's completely disrespectful to not only my craft but to those who have come before me and put in the work, the years and their lives to what we do....
Forgive me if this is redundant, I have been looking into culinary schools around the WV, Western PA area and so far the best one is the Pa Culinary Institute or The Arts Academy in Pittsburgh. The Pa Culinary Institute is a Le Cordon Bleu school which worries me as i have read many negative reviews of schools associated with Le Cordon Bleu. I just want the best education i can get. Any help or insight offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Denny
Id just like to say hi, this is my first visit to the site and can i say im a little upset i hadnt found it earlier. Im from Morgantown WV, not a culinary mecca i know but with our proximity to pittsburgh and the DC area i do have the chance to get around when im able. Other than that i pride myself on being a great home cook. Im always trying new techniques and always interested in different ingredients (well as different as i can get from Kroger anyway). Anyway to anyone...
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