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Thanks, I look forward to being part of this forum R
Dang, I don't know what to think. I know for sure that I need a pan bigger than 6", for we sometimes have a need for six or so walleye fillets at a time. Given the small pan size you use, I don't know if asking you the wall thickness of your pan is helpful to me or not. I'll take it, though, if you have it handy.
It's not backpacking. It's BWCAW and rarely do we have a fire ban (but we did 3 yrs ago...) Sorry, I had some trouble getting this post entered initiially, and had to re-type it in three times; forgot some previoulsy entered details in the version that 'went to print'. Our canoes will carry the load most of the time, but yes, we will have this/these pan(s) on our backs during our interlake portages; but were talking only 15 minutes max on our backs at a time, nowhere...
I want to buy two carbon steel fry pans to handle cooking for parties of 4 to 6 persons on remote area camping/fishing trips. Sizes will probably be 11" and 12 1/2" diameter. I'd prefer the lightest pans I can get away with, for we must carry these and other essential gear upward of a mile at a time. Also, I intend to detach the handles, even if they are permanently affixed from the factory, so that the pans will better fit into our packs. Can you offer some advice as to...
Hi, I've lurked for the better part of a year and initially read ChefTalk forums intensively to decide on a Gyuto (ended up with a Kikuichi SS 240cm). Now I need to get some stones...for the Knife, that is... I'm probably a better than average home cook, but I suppose that's subjective and depends on the company one keeps. Anyway, thanks for the help in the past, and I'll be glad to provide input when I can.
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