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Otto's Hungarian Import Store and Deli, online and brick-and-mortar store in California carries all things Eastern European! It's a virtual treasure trove for the obscure and the commonplace. Need gulyas paste? They've got it. Want a poppyseed grinder? They've got it.
I still see some of the articles I wrote for come up in Google searches of my name! Pretty cool.
Hi elcoyoteloco! Once you have all your ducks in a row, I think opening a restaurant of the type you mention in Eastern Europe would be a smart move. Having recently returned from a culinary trip to Poland, I know that the Eastern bloc is almostly completely Westernized and Southern food would be welcomed. But, opening a new restaurant anywhere in the world takes business acumen, experience, financial backing, and so much more. Take things one step at a time. Get your...
Hi, I'm a new member. I used to write for Chef Nicko ages ago. I'm a former executive chef, executive pastry chef, culinary school instructor, food critic, food editor of a daily newspaper, and now I write about food online. I'm the Guide to Eastern European Food for New York Times. I recently returned from a culinary trip to Poland. Everything is Mo-Po there (modern Polish cuisine) -- very chichi! Check out my site if you have the inclination.
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