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I just used the Bakbel seedless raspberry for the first time as my distributor has switched brands.  I am very unhappy with the product it is sweet and reminds me of perfume!  I am hoping to find another source for the Hero products that I have used for over 25 years!
Chefflayne, Thank you, we are not a member of Costco (nor am I) nor would I want to drive the 20 + miles each way to get something in the volume that we use it!
I can find plenty of "Ultra" pasteurized cream from my distributors as well as in the grocery store! What I asked for was just plain old pasteurized cream, something they don't carry or possibly even make anymore.  As pasteurized heavy cream has not been over heated it whips better and lasts longer in the whipped state. Did that clarify my question better?!!!
Can someone tell me if it is available and who might you purchase it from?  I am in NH and am having no luck what so ever...
I need to make an inexpensive Croquenbush mold, I am thinking of packing a china cap with rice krispie treats, do you think this will work?  After unmolding it, should I cover it with foil or leave it as part of the dessert?  I haven't made one in probably 25 years!!! 
Just found this site, can't wait to look around! I've worked up and down the east coast in large hotels (pastry) and now teach baking in a high school Culinary Arts program... I have discovered it is less stressful to work a 12 hour crazy shift in industry than it is to spend 6 hours with teenagers, but never the less, I do love it!
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