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Hey all, I am a student from Boston University writing a business plan for an "innovative" product and I'm trying to get feedback from bakers. I am using an online survey to find out if my product will have a market and whether bakers would buy it. If you have a minute check out my short survey at Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software In case you are curious before taking the survey, the product is a muffin pan that makes removal of muffins and cupcakes more efficient and...
I believe that NY Times recently had an article about New York salaries and the average chef was making near $50k, are you sure that $25 is accurate?
I'd tell you to attend college for a few years to determine if that's definitely where you want to take your career. It's a big leap to go from high school to such a big career decision, and once you've enrolled in culinary school, you're pretty locked in.
Jet Blue airlines serves blue chips-- and they're tasty!
I use it in place of butter!
I agree, what could be a more personal choice than what one eats? A person's body belongs to them and as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others, it is entirely up to the individual what they will eat.
I think pickled egg counts!
Making tomato basil bread and meatless meatballs
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