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I've lostcount.  Can you say Pompeii after Vesuvius?  
That's why God created braising.  To take a well exercised, really tastey piece of meat, and make it butter tender.  ;-)
I like cooking cuisines from all over the world.  Having been all over Asia, I do have a particular fondness for Asian cuisine. ( I love my hand hammered carbon steel wok) But, I also love European cuisine.  Alas, so much food, so little time.  ;-)  But, I suppose if I had to pick a culinary homeland, it would be Italy.
Bottom line, does it taste good?   
Your friend's blog is now on my favorites.
I love it!
I actually like risotto quite a bit.  I'm one of those folks who doesn't mind putting in the time if the results are worth it.  
Al Yeganeh.  He is the real life guy that the Seinfeld soup episode was based on.  He ran the International Soup Kitchen in Manhattan for many years.  People did indeed line up around the block for his soup, and he did indeed have those strict ordering rules.  He got very upset about being referred to as the Soup Nazi.  I think he is now in Europe marketing his soups for home use.  
Welcome aboard El.
They're doing Chicago in 2011.  
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