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Hi there - yet another NZ chef, just having a look in as I haven't been here for a while. Where's all the NZ chefs?????? :rolleyes:
great to see you're using New Zealand Wine :roll:
good for you! :) I was really nervous about going to 'chef school' this year, but it has been the absolute best decision I have made for a long time. I'm 40 with three grown kids (21 - 16) it was time for ME! The other students have been great and I have learned so much - stuff I thought I knew but now know I didn't :( I've just come off two weeks of work based training and although tiring, it has just cemented the fact that this is what I want to do (sore...
My Chef Tutor sums it up "If it ain't hot it ain't cooking" :bounce: Barb
the absolute worst must be turned vegetables. I mean, barrel shaped potatoes look lovely but perfect 8 sided same shaped potatoes - it's just not natural. After completing one week's 'work based training' as part of our City and Guilds requirement I have ploughed through umpteen pumpkins, untold cabbages, carrots, courgettes, capsicums etc etc hours of cutting veges, but at least no turned veges :) So, what is the point of teaching/learning them at chef school?????????
After a LOT of time on the internet and contacting different people, I have found a web site about Alexis Soyer which is posted by a relative. very informative and challenges traditional thinking about this chef. Barb NZ
I understand Greg, Thanks for all your help, I'll use the excuse that I'm new and don't know much. I live in a small town 3 hours away from any major library so the tips etc you've all given have helped immensley :D Will see you on the main board then . thanks again Barb :p
Thanks for all your help. Looking for Alexis Soyer was a definate bonus! I have good info now. Whoever thought that training to be a Chef would involve so much time in front of a computer . . . :eek: Barb
I have tried several search engines to no avail trying to locate any information on Alexis Sawyer circa: 1840 Any tips? :rolleyes:
Hi all, this is a bit scary for a newby like me. I'm a Chef Student in New Zealand and just looking around your site. Wondering if anyone out there knows anything at all about Alexis Sawyer 1809-1858? Our Chef Tutor sets us these really challenging assignments!!!!!!!! :confused: Looking forward to hearing back from anyone. . . Barb :roll:
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