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I am not a fan of that book either. I prefer my books with weight measurements
I bought one Lincoln Food Service tray-the tray recommended by Cook's Illustrated.  I love it.  I wanted to order another one but found Vollrath is now the manufacturer of these trays.  I ordered one and only 3 sides touched the counter.  I called the seller and they me another one which did the same thing.  I am returning both trays.   Does anyone know where I can purchase the Lincoln Food Service tray?
Which recipes have you made so far?
I just got Death By Chocolate. I can't wait to begin making some of the recipes and I don't even like chocolate 
I love this book. One of my favorite recipes is the chicken and pears.  Whenever I serve it, my guests are impressed and it is delicious
I use organic eggs and organic buttermilk and sour cream.  When I need to use shortening, I use non-hydrogenated, organic, Spectrum.
Thanks BDL. Your advice is always very appreciated and followed by me.  I bought the Mac pro on your advice and LOVE it.  I think I probably need a sharpener about now.  Your post came just in time for me. Thank you!  
I bought the Le Creuset cleaner and it takes every mark off in an instant    
Congratulations! I recently got one too, for my birthday.  The first thing I made was Julia Child's Casserole roast Pork on page 380 of Mastering The Art of French Cooking Volume 1, which I marinated using the Salt Marinade with Herbs and Spices on page 376. All I have to say is OMG!!!!! The most flavorful meat I have ever eaten,  It was flavored right through to the core.  Tender, beyond words.     I usually don't eat pork and have very little meat in my diet but I...
After you mentioned it, I did remember the review here but it didn't come to mind when I was doing a search on a book site.     This time I won't be ordering through Amazon.  I have a gift card elsewhere which I have to use today.     The reason I am looking for French books is because I cooked from Julia Child's book last night and instantly fell in love. It is the second recipe I made from MTAOFC.  It is a perfect cuisine for my husband, who suffers from a...
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