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I had some more research going on, and I limited the selection to these 3 now.. : The Professional Chef Jacques P├ępin's Complete Techniques Culinary Fundamentals I didn't know there are so many out there!! :p When you write about a book, could you explain as much as you can what is it different from an other, and why it makes it peculiar for you?.. Thank you very much for your help!! :)
Wow, there is just so many books out there, that it's difficult to make a decision... What I'm really looking for, is something to develop the basics to really have good control of them, and learn more about the culinary art, like chefs do when they learn the skills. I need less a recipe book than one giving me the tools to make my own dishes and recipes, understanding the what and the how...
Hi Everybody, I'm looking for a book to learn about cooking skills. I cook at home, but I'd like to learn the way chefs learn, even though I might take a little more time... ;) After searching, I ended up with 2 books: The Professional Chef, from The Culinary Institute of America and On Cooking, A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals I didn't find anything about them on the forum... Does anybody know something about them, and could maybe compare...
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