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Its relatively hard to give you advice on this subject. You know you enjoy being in the kitchen, but what type of kitchen was it? Was it privately owned or corporation. As I live here in the states, I dont know much about Strada, but from the website it seems it is a corporation. Are you willing to go in and do the same thing everyday? Or would you succeed in a place that wants some feedback and takes ideas from their staff? These are all things you need to consider...
I agree also but hey guess you can't always get everything right?:thumb:
Now that's just funny:roll:
I couldn't even imagine the pain she went through
Your better than me!! I wish you well, and let us know the outcome!!
Nice to meet you too missyjean!! Thank you for the welcome!!
WOW!!! Where I come from that is automatic termination.
AMEN!! I never had the eye for it for some reason
Iron Chef is a great show, just not for the average home cook. Gordon Ramsey is awesome and a hoot. One of my cooks said Gordon reminded him of me when ****'s Kitchen first started here in the states. Is that a good thing?! :)
That was directed at He seems to be out of touch as to what the realities of the kitchen are. I have worked over 16 plus hours a few times in my life, including as EC. If it has to get done, it gets done and sometimes how many hours you worked in a particular day doesn't mean a darn thing.
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