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Heartfelt oratory reassures skeptics easily.NAKEDOh sorry--I just read the beginning of this thread and now know **the 5 word sentence should be somehow food related**  So I'll try again--  "Homemade omelets rarely slow eating."And my new word is still ... NAKED.
My cookies got better when I got a thicker cookie sheet, AND I followed all the "keep cool" hints above!  Also, I preheat the oven and bake ONE cookie first, it gives me a good place to start--better than having 12 sub-par that I'm not happy with.  If that first one is way off, I do just ONE again.
That last sentence ""  is not strong enough for me, Like I said, it "could" be a problem.  (The article is from Wikipedia "Talc")  Why not just use cornstarch, I find no safety issues with cornstarch, at least not yet.
Well, just google "talc cancer" for many articles.  Here is one from Wiki Several studies have established preliminary links between talc and pulmonary issues,[6] lung cancer,[7][8] skin cancer and ovarian cancer.[9] This is a major concern considering talc's widespread commercial and household use. In 1993, a US National Toxicology Program report found that cosmetic grade talc caused tumours in rats (animal testing) forced to inhale talc for 6 hours a day, five days a...
Talc is from a  mineral source, and like asbestos could be a carcinogen.  Cornstarch is more absorbent than talc.  So cornstarch is the better choice.  Diaper rash usually involves ammonia from urine, sweat is not the same. 
"In 2000, Assemblyman Ortiz achieved passage of the nation’s first law to ban the use of hand held cell phones while driving a motor vehicle."He said he doesn't want salt added,  it can be part of the original dish.  There's miscommunication somewhere.  All mammals bodies need salt, don't they?
I'd like to make a worthy-of-adult-dessert warm or chilled mix of dried prunes/apples/apricots/pears and ??   Vanilla and sweet, but maybe also spice and alcohol.  Is there a recipe to recommend?      
Martha Stewart stuff has never disappointed me.  Plastic, metal. paper, china, wood, fabric -- it's all attractive and B+ average quality.PyrexeBayFishs Eddy
Well I must agree with FR33_MASON on this.  Reminds me of when I once asked for recommends about those pans used to "poach" eggs--they hold 4-6  round cups over simmering water.  I was sitting at a table of maybe 9 people and not one even acknowledged my question. Everybody wanted to instruct me and even offer to show me how to poach an egg. Sure, all meant well, and after 10 minutes everyone had aired their personal expertise.   But my question remained completely...
I know you already mentioned Progresso, but if you haven't tried Progresso lentil and Progresso "hearty tomato" I think they are 2 that do stand out and are worth trying and buying.        
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