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Is a Chanterelle like a morrell? We used to look for those in Idaho. Very delicious smokey flavor. You can also sell them for a lot of money.
:smoking:I buddy told me on the way down to FSU that if we get up really early the night after a big rain that magic mushrooms grow out of cow patties. We were outside of Macon Ga at the time and it was raining. The 3 of us decided to get a hotel room and check it out the next mourning. After a long night of beer drinking and pot smoking we somehow got up at 5:30 in the mourning. Still raining and still dark we started our search at Waffel House and got scattered smothered...
Do you make all the jerky yourself? I suppose dryed fish would work also. Great idea!
Spicies online is new one on me, sounds like a great way to save money. Those little jars are $6 -$7 at the store. Where is the best place?
Don't know much about soup but gravy is easy. Collect the greasy from the turkey after cooking. Strain it so that there are no lumps. Add some all purpose flour and milk and whisk it into gravy. Easy, cheezey
Get a bag of split peas and turn that knarly bone into some great soup. I do it every new years day. It is great use of the bone and nothing goes to waste. This is a chef site, im sure you know all this.
Is that dish made in a dutch oven? My specialty-lumber site has them at really great prices. You can also get many outdoor recipies there as well.
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