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Both the Wilton and utube sites have lots of tutorials. In fact, if you can take the Wilton cake decorating class # 1 (Hobby Lobby and Michael's both have them all the time), you will get some great basic info at the beginner level.  
My reasoning went like this. All of the butter, now warmed has been bound to the sugar. The oil is then added, so it is just sitting there on top of the creamed product. Here come the eggs, gently mixed into this oil layer. What are these 2 things  to marry with except each other? Mayo. Simple musings of a bored housewife on a dreary Monday.   As I mentioned above, I have a friend that uses cold product and makes some beautiful cakes. She looked and was...
8 minutes of creaming with a stand mixer will warm the ingredients and make the cold butter and sugar moot. Nor do I get the reasoning behind using cold ingredients to start and finish with with room temp ingredients. Nothing gained. Then there is the minuscule amt of oil. Nothing to bind to except the eggs, which will make a nice mayo, but will most likely leach out in the oven and just leave a greasy mess behind. Shouldn't the wets and drys be alternated to...
How about a reduced simple syrup with a few drops of LorAnn coffee oil added to it? Go lightly and see how it tastes. You could just reduce your coffee, but I fear it will turn nasty and bitter, kinda along the lines of hospital waiting room brew.   mimi
I sent this recipe to my friend for her opinion. Can't decipe if it will work or not. mimi
The Wilton basic BC is a designer's go to for learning the art of piping. No, it is not the most delicious to eat, but it does serve a purpose. That said, it is not the only recipe out there. Try Toba Garrett's decorator icing. She uses high ratio shortening, so it pipes great, but the  waxy feeling is almost nil. Learn to season with salt, it will take the edge off of the "sweet" taste you are finding so distasteful. Read the OP's comments again and really...
Read that wiki agin. Full of fiber, isomalt is great for nice strong sugar sculpture. Will the side effects be tolerable when other substitutes are so versitile?   mimi
I have a friend that uses ingredients cold from the fridge, eggs included. Her theory is that the paddle on the mixer will warm things up and her cakes turn out beautifully. But cold sugar? I am stumped on this one. Can you cite or post the recipe for us to look at? mimi
One of the top reasons for becoming a repeat guest of the brick house is the lack of jobs. IMHO the more angry and paranoid you are, the better luck you have on landing one of the coveted spots on a reality series with BIG PRIZES.   Proof 
Great site BDL. First one was slow time a'comin, and as I am not dilligent with the care and feeding, the 2 since then have been even slower. Maybe I should use my neighbor's address next time. Since switching the reminder to my phone (the string kept falling off my finger) this amazingly tart starter is aliveandwell for over 18 months. I like the SASE bit.   mimi
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