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Ditto the KA. Great no ask questions lifetime guarantee. They have replaced 2 stand mixers in the space of 3 years. Free return shipping, also.
No powdered sugar in modeling chocolate (candy clay). I like to use the candy disks that come in a variety of colors (vanilla flavored) as well as chocolate (brown)...14 oz disks (by weight) melted in micro (low and slow) add 1/3 cup corn syrup and slowly stir in one direction with silicone spatula (avoids bubbles)...don't freak when it seizes...that's part of the process. Pour out on wax paper and allow to cool...note the oil seeping from the product. That's ok too. When...
The risk of becoming ill from an infected egg is very low unless you fall into one of the high risk groups...very young, very old or compromised immune system.
I agree...all of your cookie doughs would be affected.  You may be on to something with the baking powder. Next try adding something in to get the chew back. Corn syrup, brown sugar, both attract moisture. Baby amts until you get good results. Another thought...remove one of the whites from the eggs called for.I also like chewy cookies and so add my drys by hand...I find that the less I work my dough the more tender the results.
Yes you can use the fridge to proof your rolls overnite. Be sure to cover lightly with a damp towel as the air is very dry in there and will suck the moisture from the dough, leaving a cracked surface. Figure in time in the AM to bring rolls back from semi hibernation before baking. You could start the baking at a fairly low temp until dough wakes up and starts to rise again then up the temp to finish baking. If done this way keep a close eye on things...but no opening the...
If you could share your recipe it would be helpful.
Hmm, onion rings.
I don't think anyone mentioned to have both the chocolate and cream at the same temp. Preferably very warm. Start with very warm heavy cream, stir into the very warm chocolate, then add your sour cream. Always stir gently and always in the same direction to prevent air incorporation. * agree with OP, never throw chocolate out. You can fix it or chop and use in cookies, other candy, eat out of hand.. you get the idea.
I was looking at your recipe again. Maybe a short rest after mixing. That will give your dough a bit of time to marry flavors. IMO almond EXTRACT is a bit strong. BDL will post a mild chide, but check with your pastry provider and cage a bit of almond oil and only use a drop or two. (actually my pantry contains some emulsions from LorAnn and my almond of choice is their amaretto oil) I kinda like the recipe flavor profile. Post any problems if needed and post when you...
I wasn't quite clear in one spot. Once you finish your egg addition alternate the addition of your dry mixture with your wets (I usually add the flavoring into my milk) beginning and ending with wet. The drys will be added in 3 parts. So wet, dry, wet, dry, wet, dry, wet. Only mix until just incorporated each time. Then beat on medium until you experience the phenomena I refer to as waves. Ok. That makes sense. And your welcome.
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