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Bummer. I've been searching off and on for two weeks and only found those sites today, so I was slightly encouraged. They didn't offer up much free info for me either. What kills me is how much information is out there for UK and other countries regarding trends in the industry. I would have never imagined how little support there is online for the US. Especially given that the NRA has freely available 2005 forecasts for their industry online. Bizarro.
This looks even better, but you have to pay $48 for membership to access their stuff. There's a link to industry stats on the site.
I've had a rough time finding anything on it too. I'm working on a school paper covering the catering industry. Just came across these two sites today: National Assn. of Catering Execs and their free research site (they also have a member site) at the NACE Catering Research Institute. Good luck.
chrose, that ice cream story is perfect! I agree. I just started culinary school a few weeks ago and I was nervous because it's been 10 years since graduated college the first time. There are good students and there are bad students. At work, there are good colleagues and there are bad colleagues. The reality is that in both situations, the good ones are usually the smaller percentage. Don't waste your energy on the bad ones. Just take pride that you're not one of them.
Never tried the D varieties, but I still use Whey Low and still love it. :D
I have no idea what it does to shelf life, but I make the dog biscuit recipe from Friberg and it uses powdered dry milk mixed with water.
Hooray! Happy Birthday!
I'm assuming you're talking something like this: Ateco 826 1/2" open star tip Use the chart you'll see there to just search by tip number. That site is an offshoot of CooksDream if you want to also order non-Ateco stuff to maximize your shipping dollar. Bridge Kitchenware also carries the large tips by Ateco along with gobs and gobs of kitchen supplies. I love them. I've looked at the Wilton site and it's just too hard to tell from their drawings what they...
I'm loving my Dansko clogs...even when I'm not in the kitchen.
Hey, thanks Windy!
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