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Consider: Riverside City College
SavannaR: Consider KSU's Bakery Science Program.
Terastomsgirl: Please see my previous post. Baker's Asthma Bakers have high risk of asthma
I had called KitchenAid several years ago, and their Customer Service Representative told me that "Commercial" and "Professional" were merely names for their product lines. The names, "Commercial" and "Professional" do not imply that their product lines were manufactured for usage in commercial kitchens or bakeries.
EVH5150: "5150" means "crazy person on the loose" in LEO lingo, right? I have previously worked in private security(in-house, and contract security), aka as a "rent-a-cop." I would suggest that you attend that community college instead of a "Blue Ribbon" school. Research online about former students suing that corporation for feeling defrauded by those schools. In the real world, no employer cares one iota about where a job-applicant attended a culinary school or...
natasha86: I advise that you consider doing an ACF Apprenticeship[Brochure], or check Shaw Guides and ACF's list of community colleges. YouTube: IvyTech
CinnamonGirl: Congratulations! Four Seasons has a Catering Manager job posting. Good luck with your new job!  
TayteAldred: Have you ever learned to use the Search function above to search for "cruise ship?" See Cruise Ship Jobs, but do not pay any of those agencies any money! Cruise lines hire directly or through employment agencies.
Iceman: If you cannot argue issues, you resort to making ad hominem attacks against me rather than debating issues. If you are intent on provoking a flame-war, I will deny you that satisfaction. I refuse to engage in any flame-war. I have read your previous posts on other threads and I am already considering the source. Your attitude and conduct exemplifies the snobbery and elitism of many spoiled, pampered, coddled, wealthy, private, cookery-school graduates. "Great...
andonuts: It is incumbent upon you to do due diligence in researching and considering your education/vocational training. Only you can decide which option is best for you and what course of action to take. My advice is to consider doing an ACF Apprenticeship [Scott Community College]   or attend a community college such as [in no particular order]:   Washburne Culinary Institute   Elgin Community College   College of DuPage...
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