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Pete: Sears: Work-Boots, Slip-Resistant, Culinary & Food Services, Roebuck's Boots. Kmart: Work & Safety, Slip-Resistant, SafeTrax: Work & Safety. I did not find the particular model, which you mentioned. Perhaps it has been discontinued.
MacGregor: When I was a seaman-trainee, it was mandatory to wear steel-toed, black, leather, work-boots, even in the galley. I still prefer boots in the kitchen, for ankle-support, and overall foot protection. I do buy insoles for my boots, and replace them as necessary. There different brands available, e.g., Spenco, Dr. Scholls, etc. I concur with foodpump. You will need to spend $100+ for a decent pair of shoes or boots. The cheaply-made shoes are not repairable...
Pablo71: Hola! There are apparently, 3 culinary/cookery schools in Buenos Aires, listed in Shaw Guides: Argentina. The URL to BUE Trainers in Shaw Guides' website is incomplete, and the link was broken. The Bue Trainers and Gato Dumas both seem to be vocational schools, but Gato Dumas seems to be less expensive. Which school have you chosen to attend? Perhaps there are other schools in Argentina, which are not listed with Shaw Guides? My father's vocation was...
HomeMadeCook: Riverside Community College It is not listed in Shaw Guides. Good luck.
vas38: I hope that you find these links useful: Japan Woodworker Japanese Chefs Knife Japanese Knife Direct Knife Merchant Cookware Dexter-Russell Mundial Sushimen's Line [mirror website] LamsonSharp Fallkniven F. Dick Messermeister Chroma MAC
JStevens213: I do not know if this is helpful or not, but here are: Shaw's Guide to Recreational Cooking & Wine Schools: North Carolina and Shaw Guides Career Cooking & Wine Schools: North Carolina. Good luck!
ziee: I have studied: Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Arts, not to mention, Industrial Arts. There is nothing wrong with studying Hotel Management. Many of the Hotel Management courses were also transferable to the Restaurant Management, aka Culinary Management, and Culinary Arts degrees. Much of that coursework was accepted at another college, which I attended many years later. Study and learn as much as you can. You can...
RBA Scholarship list
gobblygook: Chef pants are usually the baggy sweatpants-style pants for mobility and ventilation. Some have cargo-style pockets, and vented-mesh inserts. Chefworks Cool Vent Chefthreads Cook Shirts   Greg: I wear Chefwear uniforms at work. I have seen several cooks with torn inseams, some of which, were the entire length of the leg, from the cuff, to the crotch! Their pants do not seem to last very long. I have had mine for several months, and it has already...
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