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The "Bru" part is a brand name. Crio is a type or genus of cocoa bean known for it particular flavor, or bitterness. If memory serves; it is only grown in certain regions of South America.
Good idea!  I might try that the next time I make some bread at home.
No worries - glad to be of help. I am going to get our distributor to get a case in and play around with it a bit. Cheers!
If you go to the bottom of the home page for Athens Foods, and click on Foodservice, you can find what you are looking for. Athens Pastries and Frozen Foods: Foodservice Products I've not tried these ones before - may look in to getting a case in to check it out.
Our company provides us with PROGUARD by Decon Laboratories Inc. - absolutely the best stuff I have ever used in my life, and I have used many different ones over the years - including also Avon and Amway products. This stuff is the BOMB!
That did the trick! Thank you!!
Thanks BDL - I'll try to expand:As mentioned later, the bran particles are very slow to hydrate, therefore firstly the approach is to properly hydrate the bran and 'dead-weight' damaged starches etc.. The yeast also begins to ferment, consume some sugars, and 'shorten' the gluten forming proteins. The gluten formed by kneading is less 'bucky' and becomes more extensible. The autolyse also tends to have the effect lessening the time or amount of kneading required to...
Exactly! It is like learning to balance on a bicycle.
Excellent thread! Nice to see everyone sharing so much good and valuable information. for a 100% whole grain loaf, adding up to 2% (baker's percent) vital wheat gluten will be very helpful, as close to 16% of the whole grain flour is dead weight comprised of the germ, bran, and clears that would usually come off in the milling process of bakers patent flour (regular bread flour). The added gluten helps to "carry" that weight. The autolyse with whole wheat can...
And spread the word to other cooks, chefs, dishwashers, agencies, etc. to avoid this guy altogether. You don't have to get in to any grudge details - just let them know he is dirty and don't take any chances with him.
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