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Rita - That was a good post. What are you cooking and delivering?
For home cooks - DO NOT dump grease down your drain. Many, many years ago I both installed new septic systems and repaired/replaced old ones. In the latter case, the failure of the system was almost always due to clogging of the perforated pipes in the leach field by a combination of grease and hair. A really disgusting mess. I'll repeat - don't dump grease down your drain.
I think sausage goes better in lentils, but it might work. I'd suggest using it when cooking dry beans. Sort of like salt pork, only leaner and smoked. I've been using "double smoked" bacon ends in my beans for years and it really adds to them.
Suzanne, You didn't tell me. Happy Birthday! :bounce:
Soul food. Chicken livers from Estelle's in the South End of Boston in the sixties. Never had anything closer than that.
Okay. Dream shattering time... and I read the whole trip. Burgers and fries? What'll those fries be like by the time they get there? And think about this. Who is suddenly going to get the urge to have this stuff delivered? Pizza? Yeah. Chinese? Yeah. Burgers? .... With wilted fries? I hate to be a dream buster, but after thirty plus years of being in business (non-cooking) I've seen myself do this countless times. Wake up in the morning and lie there in bed with, "Why...
Doing what you just described certainly didn't hit the "tempering colors" I mentioned above. Now that you've got me thinking; I started buying All-Clad stainless a year or so ago and a few of the pots and pans did just what you're experiencing. I knew that I hadn't hit the temps necessary to cause a tempering color and thought something from my cooking or something about the pan had done it. Like you, I thought that this was disappointing if this were to continue -...
A "heat tint" of yellow to blue indicates the steel has been heated to 400-600F. (Yellow at the lower temp, blue at the higher.) Did this happen while you were cooking, or might the pan have been left over the heat with nothing in it?
Haven't talked with Alan in probably ten years or more, but the last I knew he was only into bread baking ovens.
If only I'd known. A tractor trailer load of potatoes was stuck in that snow storm right behind the one with the martini glasses.;)
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