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Appalling cheek, I am afraid.   A very bright young lady (daughter of a friend of mine) is in Toronto for six months, and she needs to work.  She has worked in a busy pub restauarnt in the UK for two years, washing up, then kitchen assistant, some bar work and waitressing.    She needs a job in Toronto.  Has anyone any ideas?  She is smartserve qualified.    If anyone can help please pm me.  Thanks  
Very neat.  Thanks.  Much appreciated   (not quite a easy as you make it look in the video, but getting there!) 
A few thoughts on this.  I agree that a food processor will not help.  I prefer to knead by hand, using the stretch, fold and quarter turn method.  Mainly because I find it very theraputic and it is wonderful to feel the dough come alive in you hands.For while bread or 50 /50 white and wholemeal I use about 400ml water to about 650 grams of flour.  But also like the sponge method - mix 150g flour with 200ml water and half the usual quantity of yeast (maybe 4 to 5g of...
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