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Me?   I don't have a sweet tooth, and I frankly wouldn't have had an idea..... BUT because you think I do, it got to be from my neck of the woods and the only sweet dish / dessert I know is Malva pudding... Is that it?
@teamfat: Looks good!   I made bacon the other day and cured with juniper, bay and pepper (and I cold smoked it). Adding garlic sounds like a great idea.   And it is true, once you have made your own bacon there is no way back. Everything else just doesn't taste good enough!!!
I feel pretty humbled by this thread. So many amazing dishes and ingredients that I never heard of before!   It's been very busy this month, so not many entries from my side, but I did try my hand on some empanadas and filled them with some left over chicken stew. I am cheating a bit here as this stew was more Indonesian in style than anything, but it does get eaten in Surinam a lot as well. And I added some madam Janette chili's (Surinam yellow) to make sure So I...
That's a tricky one ff! I would also say Indian, but not too familiar with all the names there. Might just have to go to see the menu at the local Indian or leaf through my Indian cookbooks:-) For now I can only come up with aloo-paneer in tomato gravy or chicken tikka masal without chicken, but with paneer, paneer masala?
i would have guedded ff's dish to be persian, but obviously i was wrong... I like the game so lets continue and not google the answer. in the end the hints should get us there
It is not atjar tjampoer....   BUT IT IS Picallily   Your turn Chris!
Nope, Hint: You could add carrots and I suppose something like broccoli to it as well.......
@kuan, you are close! @the others, it is not Indian (as far as I know).
Thanks FF, love the dish. I made myself a little Thai beef salad the other day. Pretty similar idea but mixed with lettuce, cucumber etc.The sensation of all different flavours is just great!   New challenge: coriander seed cauliflower onion vinegar mustard seed or mustard powder green beans turmeric ginger garlic sugar salt
Crying tiger? (seur rong-hai, Grilled marinated beef with dipping sauce. Had to look up the thai name though)
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