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I know it is a bit late, but I was just wondering: Could you cook it, store it and reheat in a steamer?
How about pasta with a sauce made with ground meat? Maybe just cook the pasta a bit longer than you normally would? Mashed potatoes instead of boiled or friied? Shepard's pie?   As Koukou said: any type of soup.... Even bean or lentil soup. Just cook the beans a bit longer and either eat like that or blitz.   Hummous as a starter or snack. Eggplant puree (baba ganoush)?   Maybe tell us a bit more about mam's favourite food before she had tooth problems?
I am not a purist at all when it comes to burgers and sausages. I like spices and I don't particularly like sauces. My burgers contain onion, garlic, chili and soy, and a little egg and breadcrumbs.
On the left are the citrussy bits: kaffir lime leaves, limes and lemongrass. On the right, the other spices for the paste: garlic, red chili's, madam Jeanette. Ginger was too late for the picture   All chopped   And pounding away. The finely sliced kaffir lime leaves are added last.       I took of the skin of a piece of pork leg   And marinated the leg for a good 12+ hours in the spice paste, soy, sweet soy, shrimp paste, black bean paste and lime juice...
Ah, Halfway Point !!!! And I got some pork going in which I used all citrus flavours that I had/have access to Lime, kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass. No pictures yet as it is all just sitting in the smoker waiting for tonight........ (not just sitting, but cooking away slowly)
I really love the spit braai attachment that I got for my Weber kettle, so chicken it is!   The naked chick:   Some of the marinade ingredients (the fresh chili's and spices didn't make it in time for the picture)   And on the spit. Some of the lime is in the marinade and the others are in the cavity of the chicken. There are some potatoes and onion in the drip tray. That really makes the best potatoes! (and some limes fell out of the cavity, need to practice...
I also soak beans overnight, sometimes a bit shorter (soak in the morning, cook in the evening). I don't notice a difference.   Locally, beans are cooked without soaking. The guys say that they are too soft when they are soaked (I actually think it is more of a planning issue....)   I tend to go straight to "new posts" so haven't seen any stats
Welcome !   If you like challenges, then check out the monthly cooking challenge
Corn tortilla's if I can get them   My question: Do you boil rice with salt or without?
No, don't give up!   You already got to Spanish sounding and pasta....   I don't know the answer, Jake does and he can give more hints....   Unless everyone else thinks we should google it ???? Too me, that's just too easy, enter all ingredients and you will have the answer
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