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Sweet. He looks so cute....     My beloved Guinnes got killed by a black mamba in February. So sad...   I picked up this one about 6 moths ago from a family that moved out of the country:
Finally made my way to the shops and squash season seems to be over.... The gem squash were looking old and yellowish, there was no pumpkin, so I had to go for butternut.... Now I need to decide what to do with it. I was thinking of doing something on the BBQ, but it is way above 40 oC here (between 100 and 110 F for the metrically challenged), so I may have to rethink this. Ah, decisions, decisions......
You can try www.craftsy.com They have a couple of free classes (one by Peter Reinhart, about Pizza) and several others. They run specials on a regular base, so maybe sign up for a free class, get on the mailing list and wait for the discounted priices)
I don't remove the membrame... Maybe I am unique, but I actually like to tear it of with my teeth when eating the grilled ribs   I grill them on an open grill and just keep moving them as I see fit (I will have an unlit section to move them to, when needs be). No idea about temperature though, and I don't foil either.   I like a marinade with ketjap (sweet soy), chili, ginger and garlic and I keep basting while cooking. I have also done sweet sticky ones (peach or...
Stir fried noodles.... Can't get easier and faster than that
@French Fries: did you notice the google translation wants you to use crocus flower.......   At least you are using saffron
There is nothing wrong with a bit of silicium every now and again.....   If you use a scouring pad to clean, you will be sort of sanding the thing. This will create dust. Your better bet is to rinse it in hot water, maybe a couple of times. Just use your hands or a dishwashing brush and dry it out. At least that's what I do and it seems to work fine.
@foody518 :  spicy and s pour potato shreds sounds interesting. Can you give me the recipe?
I had some chicken that needed finishing, so on the braai they went.....  
Have you tried using the leaves? They don't taste like lemons at all. I definitely wouldn't chop down the tree!   The leaves are used most often, but the zest of the limes definitely is used in cooking as well (otherwise I wouldn't be able to buy dried zest in the Thai shop). The juice  is used, but not often.   From Wikipedia: The rind (peel) is commonly used in Lao and Thai curry paste, adding an aromatic, astringent flavor.[10] The zest of the fruit, referred to...
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