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I agree with @eastshores and @Koukouvagia: It totally depends on who is coming and how many sides.   For batchelors parties, we count on  500 - 750 gr per person, when doing lamb or pig on spit (that includes bones and all). Mostly the guys eat very little of the sides and whatever is left over tends to disappear slowly during the evening.   Generally, I would go for 250-300 gr per person when there is more of a mixed group and more sides (or for that matter, when...
 No, didn't put anything in it except for lentils and water.And even though, I use river water, it is incredibly clear (and yes, it is safe to drink, got it tested).No chlorine, no fluorides, just plain old water  The only thing I could come up with was the age of the lentils.They took about 5 hours to cook and still were not mushy (orange lentils).In the end, it did make the most awesome lamb, lentil, tomato soup though
@Koukouvagia: I possibly could, but generally shipment costs are prohibitive and general mail is very slow and not reliable. Besides that, I will actually be away for most of the month.   @all: thanks for all your interest and help!   As said: I may just decide to make a saffron dish while on holiday.....
@Lagom: That would have been a great plan, except that I will have left again by then. Thanks for the offer.   Luckily, even Holland should have some long daylight hours. Hopefully a bit of sun as well, and I can have a couple of beers in the evening sun
I would also cook them seperately, as I have had lentils that needed hours to cook. I just assumed that they must have been very old....
 That is so nice!Thanks so much for the though  I will actually be taking a break this month and I'll be of to the Netherlands.So who knows?I might even cook up a storm there!
I won't be very active is this challenge   I have never seen saffron here.... The only real yellow stuff we got here is turmeric......   I will be checking the other submissions though! Good luck everyone
Congratulations @morning glory: I am not surprised. That was one heck of an entry!
I am happy with the site as is.... Let's see what the new site/platform will be. Hopefully the option stays to download pictures direct from the computer, because uploading to photobucket/imgur/google before being able to post (as on a lot of other fora) is and absolute pain!!
I can only come up with freeze dried meals.... Not very romantic, but it's the gesture that counts!
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