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Chris, I tried your idea of leeks on the bbq yesterday and they came out very tasty. Thanks
Beautiful pictures, as usual
FF and Jake are spot on   I first encountered the toasted ground rice on larb and liked the texture. For this batch I used ketan rice (sticky rice) and toasted it till lightly brown and then ground it in the coffee grinder.   Some old pics:       Which reminds me: I should really make another Larb and/or Thai beef salad for this challenge
@Zagut: That's my kind of salad     The other day I had a left over piece of strongly spiced coriander chicken (marinated in white pepper, coriander root, oyster sauce, turmeric, fish sauce and then put on bbq). I decided to use it for a rice noodle salad and this was the result: I topped it with fresh basil and toasted ground rice.
@chefbuba: Those are lovely looking dishes. You can see the freshness!
All kind of bean/pulses dishes come to mind, as long as you start with the dried ones and let them soak Chili con carne Lentil stew/curry Bean soups Chickpea salad or curry   Also something like Nasi goreng (or any other fried rice dish) or noodle dishes   Good luck!
Just a remark on my own previous post: I feed my starter AP flour, not bread flour. Maybe that's why the pizza dough worked out OK?
I don't know. It worked for me.   Well, at least it was better than the ones I made before. I still have to repeat this (with AP flour) and will also try bread flour and see if I notice a difference.   My starter was very active at the time of mixing in the flour. Don't know if that made a difference.   I will try to make some pictures next time I give this a try and also note the weights (instead of eyeballing as I did)
A bit of an experiment: I think it rates as a salad.   I had some frozen chickpeas and decided to use them   I also had some anchovies that needed finishing   Chopped the tomato and onion, added the anchovies, some yoghurt, balsamic vinegar and black pepper and mixed it all up   I defrosted the chickpeas in boiling water and when warm, added them to the mixture. Topped with some basil and spring onions   Gave it a stir and proceeded eating it (straight...
Thanks @chris.lawrence   I have been experimenting a bit more and came up with one that I quite like. It's roughly equal parts starter and AP flour with some olive oil and salt. Mix into a ball and let rest (I rested it overnight in the fridge) and shape. Bake the dough for about 5 minutes before putting the toppings.   It did rise quite nice and came out pretty good. I liked it.   It's not so much part of a workflow, but it's a pretty easy dough to make and quite...
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