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I am Dutch    Born and raised in the Netherlands. Did all my schooling there as well, worked in NL for a number of years and then decided to see a bit more of the world and forgot to go back
Yeah Friesland is beautiful, but quite remote. Great if you like sailing though.   You will find a better variety of food in the middle and South of the country and some very good Indonesian in the Den Haag (The Hague) region.   Winter should be on its way. Make sure you try some erwtensoep, and a portion of bitterballen with mustard ain't bad either
Welkom, Where abouts in the Netherlands do you live?
Chinese black bean chicken breast
Congrats @Mike9 That was one stunning looking cheesecake
@Koukouvagia: Just a little secret: I made it a bit fancier and added some chopped tomato and chives to it, as well as a little bit of chili's and lime juice. A lot nicer that way, but it actually does work with just the 2 ingredients.   Great entries and you will have a difficult job making a choice. I got about 3 favourites ......
And a last entry from me. Fits in the catogory: Easy easy easy:   The ingredients: Cream cheese and tinned pink salmon   The essential tools   Open the tin with the tin opener, put the salmon in a bowl and mash with the fork   Add cream cheese   And keep mashing   Put on toast and eat   Or if you want to be fancy, you can use more ingredients (boiled egg, home grown tomato and basil)   And put the salmon-cream cheese mix and the other...
I made something in between a quiche and a pie, a couple of days ago:   Leeks and ham were cut up     The important ingredients: Cheddar, cream cheese, Padano and some local Gouda   The leeks were fried. The sweet corn is just added to defrost it a bit quicker   Everything in a pyrex bowl with some tomato on top (there is egg and cheese inside as well and a bit of sambal for some spice)   Grated cheese on top   And in a 200 oC oven till...
Great entries so far   Another easy one from me:   The important ingredients:   And the other ones: Some home made chorizo sausages that I used instead of mince, tomatoes, nachos and sweet corn   I took the skin of the sausages and fried with a couple of pieces of tomato   Covered with sweet corn   Sliced tomato on top   And nachos on top of that   The grated cheeses on top of that and then into a hot oven   And the end result!   Nice...
Chicken Rujak (Indonesian chicken dish) with rice and green peas
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