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@Mike9 and @Koukouvagia: I was joking a bit there. Our winter is probably warmer than your summer:-) No snow here ever I have a couple of nice salads in mind, so will be back...
I second millionsknives suggestion. I got some knives into the Netherlands via jck and wasn't charged any taxes either
Will give it a try. Winter here though, so it might just become a side plate....
Well done! Congratulations
I wasn't happy with the pizza dough I did earlier this month, so I did a re-run. Again with sourdough and this time I am a lot happier.   Tomatoes remain the main topping . The finished pizza, and below a slice with some extra basil  
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes (and a bit of bacon)     
There are not many rules You can post a pic, no pic, a description of a dish, or simply name the ingredients. It's up to you. Well, not really, it is up to the host of the month's challenge.   I think it has been more or less decided that the dish has to be made in this month.   Could luck with the lasagne & burrito
Pizza for lunch today:   The ingredients: mozarella cheese, other cheese, olive oil, red onion, garlic, anchovies, basil and of course tomatoes: I buy my tomatoes from my neighbours, sun ripened outdoors tomatoes fresh from the field (and fairly cheap)   I used sourdough for base and that definitely still needs some improvement   The finished pizza, with fresh basil from my garden
That looks like something I could have made
Nothing fancy, but somebody has to challenge @teamfat   Cherry tomatoes, fried with some left over spicy sausage, green beans, egg and coriander (leaves). Added some kemiri sambal and fried onions just before eating. Not the nicest plated dish, but tasty anyway     And lentil-tomato soup for lunch today
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