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The butternuts are in season here and I have been given a lot of them. I have turned some of them into a Thai butternut curry, but am looking for good ideas of what to do with the rest of them.   I was thinking of  butternut-ginger soup, Any other suggestions ????
I have just ordered a whole lot of seeds and one of my friends will bring them when he comes to visit. Lots of obscure chili peppers types. If they all take, i will have enough chili's and chili paste to feed the whole valley I ordered szechuan and normal pepper (black pepper) as well. We will see.   One problem is that the birds have discovered my little chili patch, so I am contemplating building a little shade house. Possibly later this year.   Ans in one of the...
Yeah, smoked eel is delicious!
Went to the shops today and a kg of chickpeas was the equivalent of 8 U$ dollars. So no more chickpea entries for me
Puff pastry pie, with a filling of left over lamb, tomato, herbs, cheese and egg, with a yoghurt herb dressing. I ate a couple of them and the left-over ones were eaten cold
And to keep going: I tried my hands at Shoarma. I made the spice mixture out of cumin, coriander, garlic powder, paprika, turmeric, cloves, cayenne pepper, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon I cut some chicken breast to the bone to let the spices penetrate properly. I was going to roast them on the bbq as I figured the chicken wouldn't stick to the bbq-grid as much as to a normal pan, but I ran out of time and went for the griddle pan.   Marinated chicken on the...
my left over hummus (earlier post), with minced lamb
I had Oryx for the first time in my life (game meat from Namibia) Two of my campers had some left over and gave me a couple of pieces that I cooked on the BBQ to rare-medium rare, seasoned only with pepper and salt. Very tender and tasty
Could you do a sample pack and try it? It sounds like the sauce is basically all spread around the noodles and chicken and in that case I would think that the sauce shouldn't separate when heated on medium/low in the microwave. Maybe put an instruction on the vacuum pack that says to stir it after heating?   I initially thought it would be on a plate with the sauce on top and there I could see it being a bigger problem (presentation wise)
Could you portion the satay sauce and heat at the same time as the noodles? Give the sauce a good stir and the pour over the meal. I find that a good stir solves/masks the separation. Good luck! I have made lots od satay sauce, but never those amounts
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