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And the one over the weekend was all Indonesian. The eating pictures are missing as I sort of manage to make pics while cooking, but not when serving/plating/eating   Anyway, we had no power and did most of the prep beforehand on the gas stove and finished off on the bbq. I won't bore you with too many prep pictures....   Beef rendang Almost ready and waiting to be finished later (beef, garlic, onion, chili, lemon grass, salam leaf, coconut milk, ginger. It gets...
Okay, Playing catch up.....   Freestyle pizza to share
I did, sort off... But with no power on both Friday and Sunday, I haven't gotten around posting anything yet
I know you didn't ask, but they are great on pizza
And just to chime in: For us french fries are friet (from pommes frites) or patat (from patates frites)  As @French Fries stated: Fascinating.....   Same as a Dutch pancake. Doesn't look anything like any pancake I ever had in Holland     I will leave the answer to the corned beef query to someone else as I don't know the difference between them. I only know tinned corned beef and I don't like that at all
I hear you, but I am also teasing you a bit (just because I can, and this is not a real serious thread anyway)   I know exactly what you mean by a sandwich on a muffin, but I would call it a bacon and egg muffin, or bacon croissant. A sandwich is 2 slices of bread with something in between, and if you are English, white bread without crust..... It is all in the semantics     I am originally from the Netherlands, but I have been living in sub saharan Africa for the...
I don't make them The combination doesn't appeal to me and muffins are not really on the menu in continental europe.   Told you, it's just me. To me a sausage is in a link, otherwise it it not sausage. It is (spiced) ground meat So in your question (if I would really want to make it) it would be a ground meat/egg/cheese muffin.   By the way, why would you want a sandwich on a muffin?
Links...   For me, a pattie is a burger and not a sausage (but hey, that's just me)   Cabbage or sauerkraut
Any type of beef as long as it is not a tender cut, so chuck, blade, topside, silverside, brisket etc
I think I am still young, but I am way out of your taget group. I would have loved doing something like that. Sounds good to me!   (didn't fill in the survey ...)
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