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I decided to try and do chicken thighs on a rotisserie and it worked a dream!  
Some very nice entries here!   Mine is a bit boring in comparison. I have been googling Swedish food and recipes, and eventually came up with   Knådfritt Surdegsbröd   Or sourdough for the non-Swedes here... I used the recipe from   Anyway, here is the result:   And now I am looking for something Swedish to eat it with. Thought of some Swedish soup, but I don't have the ingredients at home. Might make it to town before the end of the...
Left over Rendang with atjar and rice  
Pork chops   With a mielie
That's a challenge, indeed!   I am not to clued up on Swedish food, except for the Ikea Swedish meatballs   (and gravlax, and smorgasbord, and herring)
@Totte: What's the new challenge ?????
Congratulations, @Totte Wel done!   Up to the next challenge
This may just be in time......   The ultimate party food   Sheep on a spit .....      
Are you looking at real cold smoking (below 20 oC or so)? I use a pro-Q cold smoke generator. A very cheap and easy option, but it depends on the outside temperature. Actually, all cold smokers do, more or less.   A full CSG gives me about 10 hours of smoke at a maximum of 1 oC over the outside temperature. I can only cold smoke at night in the winter..... After smoking at night, I move the meat to the fridge and if it needs more smoke, I smoke again the next night
I got a good one going tomrrow. Might just be in time, due to different time zones........
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