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What's the difference between a casserole and a stew? Just the heat source (oven vs hot plate)?
Congratulation @chefbuba
Make sure you show us some pictures of your dishes and good luck!
PLAY TIME (playing with your food is fun)   Take a gem squash, cut it in half and remove the pips. (Cutting the squash in half was the hardest part. These things are tough)     One got filled with a cheese-mozarella mixture with oregano and garlic. The other with spiced ground meat.       And then on an indirect fire on the braai   Meanwhile, you take some mushrooms and fill them with a wee bit of ground meat and wrap them in bacon       The gem...
Thanks all.   Yeah, it was not pleasant, to say the least.   We are clearing and cleaning at the moment and I have started replacing some of my work shop tools, boat tanks etc. It's gonna take some time to get it all done.   At least nobody got hurt and we can still operate
This happened Sunday afternoon     And this is what it looked like on Monday morning               Luckily nobody got hurt, but I lost a boat, all fuel tanks, generators, air compressor, beds, mattresses, all my tools and more.   But on the up-side: We are still operating.......
Beef ribs marinated in ketjap (sweet soy). Not overcooked this time    
Yes, sub with ginger powder. For the amount: go by taste. You can use quite a bit. It will not taste the same, but it will still taste good.   I've had to do it plenty times, especially cooking Indonesian food. Years ago fresh ginger, galangal etc were hard to come by in Holland, so we used the dried (powdered) version. We even had to do this with lemon grass.   I assume you don't have fresh galangal either, otherwise you could use that. It's more peppery, but a...
Yeah, but not as hot as my other fire:  
I am in the process of converting my cold smoker set up into a smoker. I made a charcoal basket and decided that I needed to do a test run to see if it burns and empties out properly. I knew that there were lot of airleaks, but had no idea what temperature I would get. And since I had a butternut, I decided to put that in the smoker. The basket works. The temperature very quickly went up to about 190 and peaked at 216. Which would have been great if that was...
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