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Chickpea Galore (or, more down to earth, Chickpea Overdose)   I started with soaking and cooking the chickpeas. Then used part to make hummus (chickpeas and cooking liquid, cumin, garlic in the blender with some olive oil, paprika powder and chili flakes, just because I like it that way).   Then for part 2: I dry roasted cumin and coriander and ground them. Heated some ghee and added mustard seeds. Once they sizzled nicely, I added onion and garlic and the...
Lamb (found a rib piece when cleaning out the freezer)   And then I became cave(wo)man: No veges, no starch, just meat !
Check the monthly challenge: This weeks topic: VEGETARIAN
  Lamb curry, green peas & rice
 Its a bit of topic, but I will easily take you on on this Challenge Koukou  I actually use the combination Lamb - Oregano quite often, just wasn't absolutely sure it was a standard Greek combination.When I do lamb, I normally do a whole lamb *sheep) on the spit and baste with an Oregano mixture.The last lamb I had was rib (on the braai with thyme-mustard-garlic-chili) and a neck piece that I turned into curry. It's time to order another lamb! @LasagnaBurrito: Good luck...
@flipflopgirl, that's funny as that happened to me while I was cooking my burger. Ran out of gas and had to finish on an electrical hot plate that I had hidden awsy
I use both.   A cheap (well, actually, nothing is cheap here) coffee grinder for fast grinding of hard spices like coriander, black pepper etc. A pestle and mortar for pastes, garlic and herbs (and sometimes hard spices)   With other words: I would buy both if I were you.   If you only want to buy one: The pestel and mortar is more versatile in my opinion.
I googled mascarpone cheese and it seems like it doesn't contain rennet, so it's safe to use I could have used cream cheese or cream instead, but I didn't have any.   Anyway: I fried onion and garlic in olive oil. Added chili powder (from home-dried chili's), mushrooms and spinach and mascarpone. Mixed it with pasta and topped with deep fried onions.   I don't know if it is sexy enough but it was tasty anyway (would have been better with bacon bits though)  
I had a burger topped with mushrooms:
A lot of spice uses (obviously) depend on the type of dish or region it comes from.   For instance: If I say: Lamb   Someone from the UK would say: Mint I would say: Mustard and rosemary Someone from India: Coriander/cumin and turmeric Someone from Greece: Oregano (maybe ) etc etc   As said: I would find a recipe of something I want to make with spice combinations I want to know about and cook it. And then taste carefully to see what the spices do and how they...
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