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I made something in between a quiche and a pie, a couple of days ago:   Leeks and ham were cut up     The important ingredients: Cheddar, cream cheese, Padano and some local Gouda   The leeks were fried. The sweet corn is just added to defrost it a bit quicker   Everything in a pyrex bowl with some tomato on top (there is egg and cheese inside as well and a bit of sambal for some spice)   Grated cheese on top   And in a 200 oC oven till...
Great entries so far   Another easy one from me:   The important ingredients:   And the other ones: Some home made chorizo sausages that I used instead of mince, tomatoes, nachos and sweet corn   I took the skin of the sausages and fried with a couple of pieces of tomato   Covered with sweet corn   Sliced tomato on top   And nachos on top of that   The grated cheeses on top of that and then into a hot oven   And the end result!   Nice...
Chicken Rujak (Indonesian chicken dish) with rice and green peas
Had to be quick before someone else posts a cheese-tomato toasted sandwich. Not the best of pictures, but here we go anyway   Some home made sourdough   A bit of sri racha for some kick   tomato   fresh marjoram or oregano (I had both, one died and I don't know which one survived)   The cheeses (in plastic a piece of mature cheddar, the other is some imitation Gouda)   All assembled   And out of the oven It was tasty!
I agree with FF, for lemongrass, a pestle and mortar is the way to go. Whereas FF uses some sugar, I normally use a bit of coarse salt. Both of them have some abrasive action.   Back to anchovy paste: I never use it, I use tinned anchovies or whatever I can get. I wish I could get those salted anchovies and I would definitely use them in salads. Maybe more in a salad nicoise than a caesar though!
 Ah, but No, No No,Everything is better with Bacon  But that's not the challenge and I know I am the odd one out..I will still be participating though...
Everyone's favourite dairy item?   Me, I don't like cheese And definitely can't handle the stuff raw..... I can eat it melted though, so suppose it's gonna be pizza and toasted sandwich time this month
Lemongrass & curry chicken breast with fresh (still warm) sourdough and a garlic-coriander-yoghurt sauce
Well done @Koukouvagia That was an amazing dish.   I also really liked Mike's terrine and Teamfat's eggplant-cheese baskets.
Not sure if this counts as a summery dish, but then, some of us are actually in the winter (Southern hemisphere). It's starting to heat up though.   Cherry tomatoes, topped with nachos and mozzarella cheese (and a bit of fresh coriander)
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