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I put a short rib roast on the fire and figured if I can do a turkey by firing up the bbq, putting the thing in when hot, on indirect fire, and just let it be, then surely I can do the same with a short rib roast. So I am going against all the rules here   Little story first: Why short ribs? Well, actually because I had them. Some time ago I ordered a 4 rib - standing rib roast from my butcher and when I came home it turned out to be a 4 rib - short rib roast. You...
Congratulations Vic!!!
@Chef Bubba What are NY's? Looks delicious
@ChrisBelgium Those pictures paint a beautiful atmosphere     I put some chicken thighs on the bbq, they were marinated with yoghurt and tandoori spice, with some extra cumin and coriander   Lit the fire on my small fold up bbq   Made a picture that I quite like of the chickens pieces   Here the pieces are almost finished   And served with some toasted rye bread and sweet&sour cabbage/pepper   The pieces came out very nice and tender!
Have you tried drinking filter coffee instead of french-press coffee? I remember having read an article stating that the filter takes out o lot of the nasties. I will have a look see if I still got that article somewhere. Might be worth a try....
In between grilling for the BBQ contest, I managed to make me some Indonesian chicken soup (soto madura), I just had to omit the bean sprouts and angel hair noodles as I didn't have any   Boiled potatoes and egg go to the bottom, the chicken broth is poured over and it is topped with chives, coriander leaves and deep-fried shallots   For the second bowl (yes I had 2 helpings), I put the egg on top for a different presentation
@french fries: All those sausages! Awesome.   I never realised it, but I actually miss those markets.....   So, when on holiday:    
Goat is ok, but quite lean. I haven't tried to cook it indirect, we normally braise it. I should put in on my to do list. It is one of the commonly eaten meats here. A whole goat costs me something like 35 dollar. To stay with exotic meats : I am a bit surprised that nobody commented on my crocodile on the spit. I suppose it got lost between ordo's slaughterhouse video's :-)
I was going to say oliebollen Dutch standard fare for new years eve,
Looks delicious Chris, I remember them well !
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