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@ordo: That looks very appetizing. Wish I could take a bit of it right now!
Yes, exactly. But it got to be mince, not thin slices or so. So no carpaccio or shoarma, but steak tartare is fineVery good question. Initially I was going to allow them, but I actually think it is better to keep it to meat & fish onlyAs @teamfat points out: a lot of those could be a challenge on their own.I will amend in the first postYes, all type of meats are in, and you can hand chop your meat to mince  
@chefbuba Awesome: That's what I am looking for Those pasties and sausages look very appetising. Question: what meat are you using for the Italian sausages? I assume pork, but what part?
@cheflayne: Yeah, really helpful (just joking)....   Guess we better get all this out of the way at the beginning. I would allow minced cooked product as well. After all, mince is mince (or is it?)   So: mince it (in whatever way) and cook it (in whatever way, whatever style and just whatever).....
@Hayden You are correct: the raw mince is the ingredient. You can use the raw mince to make a sausage though (maybe I should just have gone the sausage route as suggested by teamfat).   So mince is the ingredient and anything made with it. (Like tomato could be the ingredient and if you grow your own tomatoes, it would be great and I would like to see them).   And here is me, thinking this was straight forward   Let's put it this way: I wanted an ingredient...
I am happy with store bought. I am looking at recipes made with mince,such a versatile ingredient. it's just that I know some people can and do mince their own, so I would like to incorporate that as well.
OK, the new challenge has just gone live...http://www.cheftalk.com/t/84986/march-2015-challenge-mince And Chris is right......
Bought, hand chopped, home ground..... Give us your mince dishes   Meat loaves, lasagne, meat balls, burgers and loads more..   Use pork, beef, chicken, fish or any other meat, or a combination of meats   And in case of home ground, show us the mincer or knives as well.   Here's to a new challenge     [edited on 2 March to make clear that the challenge is about minced meats, including fish, but not minced fruit, pesto ot whatever else]
  Thanks all! And thank you @eastshores for hosting this challenge   I am now putting my thinking cap on and will come up with the next challenge shortly.
Yeah, I like the stuff!   It features quite a bit in the middle eastern kitchen.   Some time back I made Merquez sausages, a lamb sausage with harissa paste inside  
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