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Went to the shops today and a kg of chickpeas was the equivalent of 8 U$ dollars. So no more chickpea entries for me
Puff pastry pie, with a filling of left over lamb, tomato, herbs, cheese and egg, with a yoghurt herb dressing. I ate a couple of them and the left-over ones were eaten cold
And to keep going: I tried my hands at Shoarma. I made the spice mixture out of cumin, coriander, garlic powder, paprika, turmeric, cloves, cayenne pepper, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon I cut some chicken breast to the bone to let the spices penetrate properly. I was going to roast them on the bbq as I figured the chicken wouldn't stick to the bbq-grid as much as to a normal pan, but I ran out of time and went for the griddle pan.   Marinated chicken on the...
my left over hummus (earlier post), with minced lamb
I had Oryx for the first time in my life (game meat from Namibia) Two of my campers had some left over and gave me a couple of pieces that I cooked on the BBQ to rare-medium rare, seasoned only with pepper and salt. Very tender and tasty
Could you do a sample pack and try it? It sounds like the sauce is basically all spread around the noodles and chicken and in that case I would think that the sauce shouldn't separate when heated on medium/low in the microwave. Maybe put an instruction on the vacuum pack that says to stir it after heating?   I initially thought it would be on a plate with the sauce on top and there I could see it being a bigger problem (presentation wise)
Could you portion the satay sauce and heat at the same time as the noodles? Give the sauce a good stir and the pour over the meal. I find that a good stir solves/masks the separation. Good luck! I have made lots od satay sauce, but never those amounts
The games are at 10 in the evening, so a bit late for dinner. I'll probably just have a beer cheering for Holland, and mourning the fact that we don't play in the real final]
I have them with the handles up, blades down. Just feels safer to me as I have the magnetic strip on the top of a cupboard, so the blades are against the board and the handles sticking out. The position of the knives changes by what my favourite knife is at a particular point in time. In your case I would just leave it as you have it at the moment as I don't think there is a right and wrong way....
Hummus, Without Tahini   Excuses for the mediocre pictures as I am using my cell phone at the moment The ingredients: to see them correct, just pick up your computer screen and rotate to the left Anyway, I used onion, garlic, olive oil, salt, cumin. paprika powder and lime juice   And of course cooked chick peas   All about to be blended together, just needs the cooked onion, cumin and garlic (see below)   And ready to have a little snack (topped with...
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