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Recently, I put some ribs on a rotisserie on the kettle. I thought they were spare ribs (I bought them as such), but they hardly had any bones in them and they were very meaty. Are they actually just spare ribs or are they called differently? And where in the pig do they come from?   After reading some articles on the internet, it looks like they may have been country style ribs?      
Another Idea: Vietnamese hot pot.... You basically have a pot of broth on the table and you cook your veges and meat or fish in it, roll in some lettuce leaf, eat and on top of that,  you end up with a delicious broth. Some pics:     Other ideas: Make your own fresh springrolls with rice paper.... Fish with Asian spices wrapped in banana leaf Green papaya salad etc etc   I actually think that this topic would have made a great monthly challenge
I would go with Jake's suggestion and if you see no changes, you can still call the health department
I used a recipe form "she simmers" and it came out very good. I will definitely make it again.   Coconut-lime-salmon:
I am in town today, so just have to make sure I remember to buy mushrooms...
Just another thought, If you like pasta then maybe look at rice noodles instead. Or check the label as around here a lot of the cheaper brand don't contain eggs
I know you said you prefer a book, but I found this video quite interesting (pig butchery)
I normally put the lamb in a big coolbox or tub and put the hosepipe on it and keep the water running. I got a lot of space, so this may not be possible for you.   I do this as it works faster, but it also ensures that the water can't heat up (I live in a hot climate)
I would definitely look Asian. I am reading a book about Chinese techniques at the moment and there is a fair bit about steamed food in there. Someone here recommended this book a while ago. Can't remember who though.... It might have been @phatch It's called "Phoenix claws and Jade tree". Might be worth getting your hands onto   Something else to look at is grilling/bbq-ing. If you have a charcoal bbq, you can throw potatoes in the embers, either just as they are, or...
@MHatter-1: glad to hear that   @Mike9: sounds like a lovely meal. I love seafood!
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