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I have been trying my hands on making pizza a couple of times. Not always perfect, but most often very edible. I have been making them on a flipped over oven tray and sometimes on a cast iron hot plate (if I use my big gas oven). The little electrical one gets hotter so I prefer to use that one. I have been looking for a pizza stone for quite a long time, but never found one. Then I found a place that sells quarry tiles, so I decided to use those. I placed them inside...
I can't believe I have missed the last entries on this thread....   Santen is more used in the Indonesian/Malaysian kitchen than in Thai cooking. I quite like it, but use it sparingly.   I have used the coconut powder as well. Easy to use, but I prefer the tins. Even here I can get coconut milk and cream in cans. Hard to believe that it would be difficult elsewhere   The best thing is fresh coconut milk, but even if I could get a good supply of coconuts, I would be...
a glass of milk and a couple of cups of tea
Thanks @phatch I have read a couple of articles about different surfaces to cook on on serious eats (http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2011/06/the-best-surface-for-baking-pizza-finale-slideshow.html) Then yesterday, when I was in town, I found some quarry tiles and I decided to buy some. They are cheap anyway (about .4 U$ per tile). Now I need to give them a good clean and try them out. I may have to carefully break some to fill the oven space properly (I use quite...
Thanks! I hadn't noticed an effect, but was just wondering..... Then again. I am not much of a baker, but slowly getting better (and my sourdough bread is pretty good).   Playing around a bit with making pizza's and what I make is better than what I can get locally, but still not good enough. I like the added garlic and mixed herbs to the dough. I do like the roasted garlic idea as well. Got to try that!   I am trying to get my hands on a pizza stone, but they are...
Warm welcome from Zambia
Sounds absolutely delicious!   I need to start making some sauerkraut again, Then again,  maybe I should wait for the temperatures to drop a wee bit first
 I totally agree with phatch.That's what I do, just grind the spices against the sides till they become smaller and easier to handle. And then start pounding.I do cheat as well: mostly I put them in the coffee grinder and then add the ground spices towards the end
I had never heard of it before I got to Southern Africa either....It's simply called a pie iron in the USA, but jaffle sound so much betterThis is the one I got:http://www.amazon.com/Romes-1805-Round-Steel-Handles/dp/B000F630II/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1446018223&sr=8-2&keywords=pie+iron
Just a link to a couple more video's: These are done by Sitca, a cooking school on Koh Samui. One day, when I get rich, I want to do their 7 or 14 day course......   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA5F7A69D11C28B24
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