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@ordo, marbled eggs was the next thing on my list. You beat me to it....
I boil the eggs, then crack the shells and just put them on the smoker at any place that's free. Nothing difficult or fancy about it, but tasty all together!
smoked eggs, nothing much to show though except for an egg with a cracked outer shell lying at the top level of my smoker. They are delicious though, just plain with a bit of coarse salt.
Soto Ayam (Indonesian chicken soup. A picture of 2 or 3 months ago: Boiled eggs, boiled potato (not visible) with chives   With the broth added to it and chopped fresh coriander, and for the second bowl I used a different presentation: At least now you can see the eggs!  
Sausages, you can use  every sausage recipe and stuff or don't stuff, Kebabs, You can use minced meat to make croquettes or bitterballen. Stir fries, stews and everything already said in the posts above. Use it for fried rice, fried noodles, make into balls and use into soup......
Here is my version of an uitsmijter (Chrisbelgium has already done one, but what the heck....)   2 slices of homemade bread   covered (well not fully) with hickory ham and sliced tomato and carrot pickle to the side (I would have used cucumber pickle but ran out)   And topped with a fried egg
Am i invited for dinner ? Sounds good! How about stir fried morning glory, or if you haven't then sub with spinach. Its quick and tasty, basically just stir fried with garlic and fish sauce. Alternatively I would think of a beef salad or so Bon appetit!
I think it would be best to limit to pictures of this month, asp with such an open topic as this. Having said that, if you have something totally unusual that takes long to prepare and you state this accordingly, it should be allowed as well, like for this challenge : a thousand year egg :-)
@ChrisBelgium : I  had planned on an uitsmijter for tomorrow ! Great minds think alike
@dcarch: I figure that's how you get kids to eat their carrots. Love it   I made a dish from all kind of stuff that needed finishing: Eggplant, a small piece of belly pork (off cuts from making bacon) a kassler chop and some chinese cabbage. I spiced it up with sweet soy, garlic, mango pickle, ginger powder, galangal powder, kencur powder and  chili's. It doesn't look good, but it was very tasty. I had it with rice and (left over)  ajam paniki  and rice  
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