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I managed  
Maybe I should try to do that little wafer (waffle or whatever it was) out of the movie "the meaning of life" of Monty Python. The one where the guy blows up of eating just too much :-) @koukou: i will try follow your instructions of posting clips, but my internet might be an issue
Glad to know you are still around.
Well deserved Koukou! I really liked your entries :-)
I am just thinking....   What @chefross says makes a lot of sense: Veges can be bland, but have you tried cooking them is a more Asian style? That way, they are a lot of things, but hardly bland!   Check out: www.shesimmers.com www.vietworldkitchen.com http://www.asiancook.eu/indonesian/sayuran www.rasamalaysia.com www.thaitable.com   Also: some vegetables (fruits) easily take up flavours of other igredients. Some examples are butternut and all kind of squash...
Meatballs in stewed eggplant & tomato mixture: I should give it a more catchy name, It turned out well and was very tasty.   The quality of the pictures is not so good. Really need to start using my proper camera instead of my cellphone tomato, red onion, onion, garlic, eggplant                   meatballs                                              veg & onion mixture               Finished dish and served with rice, pickled garlic and yoghurt & cilantro...
Found it: http://www.cheftalk.com/t/67795/oh-horror-no-oven-and-tiny-kitchen#post_367275
I cooked with just 2 burners for a long time and didn't find it much of a limitation. But then, I love Asian food which both Cheflayne and Chicago Terry have already mentioned is easy to do with 2 burners.   I don't know how you cook your rice. I do the following: 2 cups rice to 3 cups water (by volume). Bring to the boil, give it one swirl, close the lid,  then turn the heat as low as it goes for a couple of minutes. After this you can take it of the burner and it will...
When the Mediterranean meets SE Asia:   Pork mince cooked in coconut milk with SE Asian spices till the milk is totally evaporated and the fat starts frying the meat. The chickpeas were cooked separately and added. The mini courgettes were stewed in the mixture. Served with fresh coriander (cilantro) and a dollop of sour cream
I make some with shortcrust pastry bottom and side (blind baked) and top with puff pastry. They freeze and reheat well (although it takes quite long).   But I like the ones with just the top as well as quite often the amount of pastry is a bit too much for me.   Good luck and that pie you showed us on the picture looks delicious!
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