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Welcome Jprich:   I am not sure what exactly your question is? You want some advice on how to make a chicken stir fry? Or on how to saute?   What type of pan are you using? When I make a stir fry, I use a carbon steel wok and heat it on the stove. When hot, you add oil and swirl it around the edges and add some crushed garlic cloves. When you smell the garlic, add the chicken slices, let them sit for a bit (as domestic stoves are normally not hot enough to stir...
The tartar steak should be cut by knife, but not sure if that really happens. If you just make one or 2, then it is definitely worth while doing it that way (safes a lot of washing up)   @teamfat: If you just have a couple of plates, you can push the meat 2 times through the same plate to make a smaller cut
I hope @GeneMachine will chime in as well... (just 'cause he lives in Germany)Growing up in Holland, we had something that we called a tartar steak (NOT steak tartar) or also called German Steak.This was a burger, made out of steak mince, cooked rare to medium rare. Absolutely delicious!
Just an old picture (not too much time as I am trying to move house, get my year end accounts done etc etc) And because I like the picture  
@chefbubathat's one tasty looking burger! It is breakfast time here, and now I want burger for breakfast!   @Lilygardener: you are getting some good advice here! Make sure there is enough fat in the meat and don't overwork it. Burgers on the grill are awesome, but a cast iron skillet works pretty good as well, as does a griddle pan (preferable cast iron as well).   I also grind my own meat. Normally with one of those hand cranked jobs (size 32, so a big one). And I...
I had a Thai beef salad. So simple, so tasty and so quick to make :)
We had an electrical waffle maker at home. I can remember my mam making waffles just once or twice. It was always used for making toasted sandwiches.   Took me a long time to figure out what a "normal" toasted sandwich looked like (and they looked boring, no nice waffle pattern....)
Pasta with mushrooms:  
And I had left overs from the left over lamb (sounds like "how to use left overs" would be a good idea for a new challenge). I added some coconut milk to the onion-lamb dish   And reduced it all the way down, so it became "Rendang" like.   And ate with rice and green peas
I made little empanada's for new year's eve and was going to post them in the flour thread, but then my internet stopped working, so I was too late for that. I froze the left overs and had them the other evening. Nothing wrong with snacks for dinner, is there Rolled out dough & I used a dumpling press  
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