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I was going to say oliebollen Dutch standard fare for new years eve,
Looks delicious Chris, I remember them well !
an old picture, but thought it was worth posting anyway  
Good one Gene, Glad that someone finally got it. No aha moment here though, never heard of it. Take it away Bendy :-)
The whole piece of meat in the oven with all the spices, root veges and stock and topped with mashed potatoes? I still haven't got a clue!
I just like books for all the reasons cited above. However I do have a lot of cookbooks on my tablet. This actually has more to do with the difficulty in getting the physical books here than anything else. I would prefer the paper version but just have to go for second best. I have found a way to print out recipes from my kindle books and that's what I do when I decide to make a specific recipe (and then I tend not to follow it anyway)
I love all those pictures!     Tried to find an action shot of myself:   Think this is quite a proper one   And maybe these ones: edited 05/05: to get one row of pictures as was the original idea
Nothing fancy here as I live mainly outdoors: My house is basically just a place to sleep and got flooded a couple of years age. Still haven't managed to paint the inside as there is always something else that's more important.   This is my set up, and the 2 plate cast iron stove that I cooked on for years   And last year, I finally got myself a proper gas stove with 5 burners and an oven     It makes live a lot easier, but I can always use the lodge kitchen...
I figured it would be from that part of the world, considering the ingredients and the place you live, but I have no idea. Slow simmered, but not a stew: Braised beef in beef stock with grilled root vegetables and knodels (or however you spell that)?
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