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some stew of yesterday (in big amounts) Doesn't count for the competition as I was only partly involved in the cooking Beef stew   Chicken stew     The team of helpers :) No ways I can lift those pots
Hey Jake, I didn't see your post till today. I agree with the others in that there are many different ways and I suppose most of us wing it a bit as the chili's differ in heat during the season. A favourite of mine is Sambal and again there are different ways from a "simple" sambal ulek, which is just crushed red chili's with salt to all different ones.   Lemme give you a link for some recipes: www.asiancook.eu/indonesian/sambalans (it seems to be down at the moment,...
@Pete A bit belated thank you for the extra details about making sour pickles, esp what to look out for. And of course to all other posters. I would not even have considered making tem without this thread.   Other thna that I can relate very much to @chefwriter as I was intending to do cucumber sour pickles for the first time and somehow there were not enough hours in a day and my cucumbers will end up on the compost heap......   I will persevere and give it a try in...
@GeneMachine I didn't really want to go into detail as the OP asks about how to built a smoker,not thesafety issues, but felt a little warning was in place. When I decided to built a cold smoker, I wasn't really aware of any risks. That only came when I started reading up on it (luckily I am sensible sometimes) With the use of nitrites you should be safe of almost any nasties, just don't smoke without them (unless you smoke at a temperature above 72 oC, but that's...
Here is my sweetcorn-ham stew (finally)   And here my Thai butternut curry (with some potatoes added as otherwise it's a bit to sweet for my taste buds). The curry is topped with toasted rice and coriander. To the side are a cucumber pickle, carrot pickle (both home made) some mango pickle (bought) and a dollop of Greek yoghurt (not traditional, but hey, who cares )    
I use the same type of cold smoker as Gene, a proQ. All you need to find is fairly fine saw dust (which can be a problem).   Just a little aside: before you start cold smoking, please make sure you are aware of the risks, especially of what to do to prevent botulism.
I am quite sure Spoiled Broth will pipe in, but I read his comment as wondering about cooking a still frozen (or half frozen) steak. Not about freezing meat, defrosting and then cooking.   Having said that, I have cooked a number of steaks that were still frozen and it gives me the chance to have the meat very very dark on the outside and still rare on the inside. Gotta be careful with the timing as you don't want a steak that is still cold inside
@ordo: Can you give us the recipe for that Chinese stew?   Note to self: find that cellphone cable so I can post my pictures
And Chris is back with a bang   I cannot find my phone cable so my sweetcorn-ham stew (with lots of other goodies) has to wait a bit.   In the meantime: an old one     Phall: a British Indian curry Made with pork, onion, dried chili's, garlic, tomato and lots and lots of scotch bonnets...... To be consumed with lots of ice cold beers
I would like to try some sour or half sour pickles and got a lot of info out of this thread, but still have a couple of questions:   Can someone fill in the blanks?   I want to use a food grade bucket and put in some cucumber and onions (the onions sliced up) with peppercorns, smashed garlic, some whole coriander and a couple of whole chili's. How much salt should I use? I would then weigh everything down with a plastic bag that has the same salt...
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