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Shame Mary, hope you are recovering OK?
I'll be in my element this month :)
Can we have an ice cold beer while prepping a SE asean meal
a nikon 70-200 mm f2.8 lens please and while you are at it a couple of prime lenses as well.   And a motorbike
@MillionsKnives: CONGRATULATIONS and I am looking forward to the next challenge
Looking good! Since we are getting to the end of this month, I am just posting some bbq adventures of a while back: Lamb rib, marinated with honey, chili powder, mustard and lime   Belly pork with onion and potatoes, all cooked in/on the bbq (no picture of the plated meal as I ate most before plating) home made sausages and balsamic-twice-cooked belly pork     lemongrass prawns in banana leaf   Thanks Vic, a very good idea for a challenge and you've been...
Thanks Chris, We do make cuts in the meat. Forgot to mention that as well. We also flatten the half chickens by applying some firm pressure on the chest bone. I am going to try and get the marinade a bit better under the skin and will do some experimenting with heating them up. The defrosting process might have something to do with it, so will make one of our usual piri piri chickens and eat it without freezing it again. At least that way I can pinpoint the...
I finally got around to making my Vietnamese lemongrass beef skewers and  while I was at it, I made some Indonesian spiced ones as well. I used a recipe from "into the Vietnamese kitchen" for the Vietnamese ones and my own fantasy for the Indonesian ones   Cutting the big slab of meat. Not too sure if this was rump steak or topside. I think Rump       The marinade for the vietnamese skewers consisted of onion, sugar, salt, pepper, shrimp paste and lemongrass....
Maybe they are ikan teri? Indonesian dried fish, eaten as they as with a meal (just one or 2) I will go through my Indonesian books and have a look see.   If it would be at an African shop, they would be Kapenta, small dried anchovies, a staple food here
Thanks Chris, Indeed, I am in Zambia, close to the border with Zimbabwe which poses a bit of a challenge at times. We have a couple of half chickens on the menu (lemon & herb is the other one). Piri piri chicken is very popular here due to the proximity to Mozambique. I like your tandoori idea as well and it's not a problem to add another flavour chicken to the menu as soon as I get the marinades right (If I can do one properly, then certainly the others shouldn't take...
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