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Bacon-Mushroom Pizza.   I made the dough and used the following toppings: Tomato-chili-garlic-oregano sauce, pre-fried bacon and mushrooms, mozarella, gouda, capers and basil leaves. The taste of the first one was great, but the dough didn't brown enough to my liking, so I made another one.     For that one, I used the same ingredients, but I didn't pre fry the mushrooms and bacon and I baked it on a cast iron skillet. First on the stove to brown the bottom. Then...
Balinese chicken with apple-kemiri sauce, pork satay and ayam rica rica (Indonesian chicken), with green peas and chips (obvioualy should have been rice, but my dinner guest wanted chips)      
I'll stick with green   Bacon, avo and tomato seem like a classic combo to me (ant lettuce, but I didn't have)       I made it in quacamole   roasted the bacon rashers in the oven   Put them on a roll   And here is my bacon-quacamole roll
My recipe is pretty much the same as Brian's.   I like using it on a pizza instead of a tomato based sauce
I normally keep a side of streaky bacon in the fridge, wrapped in a tea towel or hand kerchief and when it gets pretty dry, I eat it raw (and cooked of course). I keep the rind on and just slice it to the thickness I like.
Just a simple, but juicy, little burger (after eating my bacon wrapped ground meat experiment, but that's another thread)
My first attemp at doing something wrapped with bacon.   I used ground beef (with soy, chili, onions) and made it into a sausage shape and wrapped a slice of bacon around it. I was going to put them on the bbq, just like that, but then I changed my mind and stuck a skewer through it.   Note to self: next time decide first what you are going to do, so you can mould the meat properly around the skewer!   I put the skewers in the fridge, waiting for the fire to be...
Great idea !
Congratulatioms! Well done. great entries
 I am just so happy that I am not the one having to make that decission.Too many great entries this month
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