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I marinated some chicken thighs in a yoghurt spice mixture and ate with salad and sourdough Here they have just been put on the braai   Sustenance for the cook (me)   Ready to eat!!!
Yeah, somewhere between 500 and 750 gram pp depending on the sides
I think flipflop girl got it right :-) But maybe not... Boudin noir on pineapple?
What are your side dishes? Just salad, or also rolls, sauces etc?
Africa is a big continent.....   What are your food preferences, basically, what type of food do you like?   Corn meal is a staple in many countries and goes by the name of Umgali (Kenya), Posho (uganda), Sadza (Zimbabwe), Nshima (Zambia) etc etc. Matoke is big in Uganda (plantain).   Southern Africa likes it's meat and they love to braai (BBQ)   And unlike you may expect: fish and chips is very popular. The fish of choice for many is Tilapia. Almost always fried...
Give it a try and post in this months challenge :-)
Yep, I use the same ratio as bubba. Bring the rice and water to the boil. Give it one good stir. Put on very low heat (or take of the stove and wrap in teatowels, old sleeping bag, tea cozy or whatever) Note that the different types of rice and different batches need slightly different amounts of water, but keep your starting point at 1:1.5 Good luck
I had duck in chili sauce with fried rice at the Chinese today. Bought chicken tighs, so will be coming with an entry soon!
I made a burger out of the mince that I had left over from making sausages. Had it with homemade sourdough and yellow and red peppers. Tasty :)
Congratulations Mike! Nice entry indeed
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