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I can't add much to what @rpooley already said!   For me, it would be difficult to cook without garlic and onions.   I would add stir fried noodles and noodle soups to the list above (don't use the flavouring that comes with the package, it's way too salt)   I would look at buying a variety of flash frozen veges, so you have them handy at all times. I normally have a stock of green peas and sweetcorn, but the others are not too bad either.
Congrats @Peachcreek Well done. Looking forward to the next challenge
I had some avocado left over that I made into quacamole (with onion, garlic, tomato, lime juice, chili and corander leaves). Fried some home made bacon that was still lying around Heated a wholewheat tortilla and had a tasty wrap        
This is my kind of challenge and yet, I haven't posted anything yet.   So yesterday, I used a butternut, that was left over from last month's challenge and made a spicy butternut soup. And then I forgot to take pictures, except for one I call it "soup in progress"   I fried onions, red curry paste, ginger and extra garlic Added potatoes that needed finishing and butternut and cooked it in coconut milk. Then added kaffir lime leaves (that's the green stuff) and...
I like kidney beans, but I find there to be a big texture difference between the canned and dried. I way prefer them when starting from scratch. Maybe try them that way and see if you like them better? You can actually do a big batch and then freeze in portions. Otherwise, maybe go a total different route and go for chickpeas or black eyed peas?
Some good looking left over dishes!   I have been away for a bit, just camping and chilling (and fishing and game viewing). There weren't a lot of left overs, as my friend loves to eat !   I didn;t take many food pics either, but I will be back.....   Maybe I should use left over mung beans ?????
I agree with you Koukou, I think some people don't realise cooking doesn't need to take much time (although it can...)
I can only get "oyster" brand. It's OK. I went to Vietnam a couple of years ago and their fish sauce was amazing! But you were not allowed to take it on the plane, otherwise I would have bought plenty.   I am a big fish sauce fan
Good Plan
@rpooley: Congratulations.... A well deserved win
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