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I had some chicken that needed finishing, so on the braai they went.....  
Have you tried using the leaves? They don't taste like lemons at all. I definitely wouldn't chop down the tree!   The leaves are used most often, but the zest of the limes definitely is used in cooking as well (otherwise I wouldn't be able to buy dried zest in the Thai shop). The juice  is used, but not often.   From Wikipedia: The rind (peel) is commonly used in Lao and Thai curry paste, adding an aromatic, astringent flavor.[10] The zest of the fruit, referred to...
Kaffir lime juice is being used in a lot of dishes, so don't think it would be that. The Basil not being Basil, could be an option.   I was initially thinking of botulism.... Maybe from the salmon, maybe from spores in the ground that came in contact with the Basil?
Good one! And in time for @MaryB
Can't really help you as I have never made this, but maybe you need to make a stronger tea? Or leave them to cool down in the tea and then a quick re-heat?   I would give it a try with rice noodles. You could soak them in cold tea to soften and then stir fry.   Just some ideas..... As said, I have never tried it
That looks nice @Wapptor. If you do get around making that flatbread, then post it in the bread challenge
I still like the way we ate it, growing up: Just mashed with potatoes, with some sausage (rookworst) and some vinegar over the kale-mash.   Havings aid that: I don't see why you can't stir fry it with chili, garlic, soy or fish sauce, some ginger (and preferably bacon bits as everything tastes better with bacon)
@panini: What are rails?   Sounds like you had a good time.
I am sure there should be some Basque, Vietnamese or Aztec dish that starts with and X,If not, then it just gottat be X-large steak or pizza or whatever
Mine is easy.... I live in Zambia and even though we are landlocked, the climate is pretty similar to Thailand (just slightly less humid, most of the time). It never freezes, not even any chance of night frost. The others that mentioned they have a plant need to put in a much bigger effort to keep it alive. I am the biggest challenge to the tree/bush. When the tree was still very small, I had to be careful not to eat the leaves faster than they could grow. By the way, I...
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