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I feel a little out of my depth in this challenge. I am a very average baker, (read that as below average baker), and I don't have a sweet tooth either. BUT I am going to try!   Great entries sofar and I just know that Petals is going to struggle appointing a winner and we are only 6 days in the challenge.   Some of my floury attempts in the last months: baquettes and batards   and my first ever attempt at pita bread  
Do we get invited for your next pork loin? It's looking great!   I like the idea of the compound butter.
I made no knead bread according to the recipe in the "what's for dinner" thread. I found the loaf a bit small, so the next time I made double the amount, but didn't change the yeast amount. I just let it rise a couple hours longer. I replaced one cup of AP for bread flour (bacause I ran out of AP) and one for whole wheat flour. It's a very sticky dough, so I just (almost) poured it into my cast iron pot. It's very chewy, but I liked it. There is just one catch with the...
I'm sure someone will come with a better answer, but I would guess that there is too much moisture in the meat. Water boils at 100 oC (at sea level), oil at a much higher temperature, so water in the oil lowers the cooking temperature.   Can you give some details as to how you deep fry your meat? What type of meat is it? How much oil do you use (if you use more oil, the water/moisture has less of an effect) How do you treat the meat prior to deep-frying?
+1 for Thailand and my personal favourite would be Indonesia (haven't been there yet unfortunately, but really like their food)
@Koukouvagia: I really liked your idea for a challenge and I had several things lined up, but time was not on my side. At least for cooking that is as I was busy enjoying fishing 2 competitions this last month, just before our fishing season ended. And I won one   I'll be back in this months competition and go through this whole thread to see what everyone came up with.
I made a Thai beef salad yesterday and some butternut curry.   Otherwise been trying to stay out of the kitchen as it is getting a bit too hot, even for me. 43 degrees here yesterday. That's Celsius!!!!   (110 oF)
I managed  
Maybe I should try to do that little wafer (waffle or whatever it was) out of the movie "the meaning of life" of Monty Python. The one where the guy blows up of eating just too much :-) @koukou: i will try follow your instructions of posting clips, but my internet might be an issue
Glad to know you are still around.
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