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I always struggle a bit with getting decent pictures of a stew/curry: Anyway, a mixed up lentil stew (SE Asian spiced, so definitely not a traditional recipe) Left over ham, cherry tomatoes, garlic, onion, chili's and garlic (not on the picture: fish sauce, coconut milk and herbs)   Lentils   All cooking away   And the close to finished dish (I have to admit that I also had a couple of meals where I thinned the stew down and eat it as a soup)
And some of us are just going into summer... We will be hitting the 110 oF this month. Luckily I can eat stews in any climate :-) @jarmo: do curries count as stews?
Congratulations @jarmo. Well deserved!
I have been roped into doing another rijsttafel tonight. Hopefully I can get the pictures up in time (should be possible with the time difference working in my favour)   I still wanted to do nasi and bami balls, lemper and a whole lot of other things, but just been too busy this month.
A couple of pictures from earlier this year (I wanted to remake some of them for this challenge, but I am running out of time)   Fried rice noodles   Rice noodles with tomato-pepper "curry" and pickles   Nasi rames (rijsttafel on a plate)   Soto madura (you can't see it, but it has rice vermicelli in it)   Babi ketjap & rice with a sweetcorn side dish   Thai butternut curry & jasmine rice   Rijsttafel and close up of dished up plate
That looks very tasty koukou!   I know I am too late for your dinner plans, but when I looked at the ingredients I would have scarred the peppers, peeled them and sprinkled (more likely covered) with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Boiled the sweetcorn and fried the sausage, maybe with some nice potato croquettes. The squash would have been for another time
Nice sausages Gene!   I made some Canadian bacon, but it didn't really go as planned.   I ordered a 3 kg slab of pork loin and when I got home and put it on the scale it was only 2.1 kg. I should have realised at that time that more was going to come.... I put the slab in brine (with cure #1) and injected 10% of the brine in the loin. Let it sit for 4-5 days and took it out of the brine and hung for an hour or 2 to dry a bit. So far: not too many issues.   Filled...
I made some sauerkraut in the past and still have some in the freezer (and I have just made some bacon and smoked sausage, which is what we would traditionally eat it with, but in wintertime, not at 40 oC). I recently started making all kind of pickles, but I have never made sour or half sour pickles. Wouldn't mind giving it a try. Would it be possible in a hot climate? Or do I have to wait till wintertime?
Hope you are OK @Lagom!   This is what I am driving:     A Toyota Hilux 2.8 D. She's a proper workhorse, but she is getting old now (she's almost 25 years old). I am just going to use here around the lodge to put boats in and out of the water. I am now driving a Toyota Estima. Not as much character as the old girl, but she's OK   And I am driving this as well: And below with my crew:
That's one good thing around here: Rumps is about 11 U$/kg, silverside and topside around 9-10 U$/kg. I don't know the price  for brisket, but hindquarter is about 6 U$/kg   Pork shoulder around 6, ribs stupidly expensive at the same price as rumpsteak (oxtail is overpriced as well and more expensive than rump) whole chicken about 3, but lamb/sheep outrageous at 15-20 U$ per kg, but luckily I can buy at a much more reasonable price from my neighbours.....
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