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Good Plan
@rpooley: Congratulations.... A well deserved win
Looking good!   I woke up this morning, looked at my butternut squash still lying there, and realised is was 1 November. AAARRRRGGHHH, too late...   Good luck with trying to choose a winner !!!
@ChefBillyB That's one enormous sandwich! How do you manage to take a bite out of that one without overstretching your jaws (I am just jealous)
Welcome! I am sure you are going to enjoy yoursefl here
@JvK Where do you live? I know there are certain pig breeds in the UK that are getting popular and they are a lot fatties than the "common" breeds.   For me (I am Dutch): Spek is cold smoked belly pork. That's just because that's what it means in Dutch Your definition sounds very much like Lardo.   Sorry I can't help you any further. I will see if any of my curing books mentions anything.   Last thing: when you get into smoking, especially cold smoking, make sure...
@Cat Gutierrez:   It is only the professional section that you are not supposed to post in. All other sections are fine, and your input here was valuable!   I like posting in the general food and cooking sections as there is a lot of knowledge in there (and I don't consider myself a professional cook as my place is just a small, laid back place )
I had some left over beef ribs from the bbq, Some egg plant that needed to be used Some tomatoes in the same position.....   And went for some fusion dish.....   Cut the ribs in pieces, was in competition with my dogs about the bones (love tearing the meat of it with my teeth) Fried onions Added egg plant Added a can of coconut milk Some home made madam Jeante-tomato chili Garlic Tomatoes Fish sauce Dash of vinegar Kaffir lime leaves and when the eggplant...
Sweet. He looks so cute....     My beloved Guinnes got killed by a black mamba in February. So sad...   I picked up this one about 6 moths ago from a family that moved out of the country:
Finally made my way to the shops and squash season seems to be over.... The gem squash were looking old and yellowish, there was no pumpkin, so I had to go for butternut.... Now I need to decide what to do with it. I was thinking of doing something on the BBQ, but it is way above 40 oC here (between 100 and 110 F for the metrically challenged), so I may have to rethink this. Ah, decisions, decisions......
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