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Would you like kippers for breakfast?
What country are you in?
We always ate quite a lot of them as my dad used to grow them. I like them. He would boil them and then add some bacon and herbs (bonekruid, cant remember the English name)
Looking good @teamfat
Shrimps in curry paste:   This time with pictures   I used 2 cubes of this paste. It's a concoction I made for a quick spicy chicken noodle soup at the lodge and consists of Thai red curry paste, nam prik pao and coconut cream with extra spices (lime zest, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, coriander, black pepper and some extra chili's)     The onion, garlic and chili were marinated in a fish sauce- lime juice mix with a bit of palm sugar   I fried the 2...
I invited my neigbours over yesterday and decided to do a fish dish, so finally got around to eating fish this month.   I fried some garlic, ginger, and chili's in some oil. Then added a crushed stalk of lemon grass, some pieces of galangal, ground turmeric and coconut cream and water. Brought it all to a boil and added tilapia fillets. Simmered them till done, took them out of the pot. Added some fish sauce to the sauce and reduced it a bit. Put the fish back in the...
I had some ham(hickory smoked) that I found too salty, oyster mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes that needed finishing. I decided to go the Chinese route as I hadn't done that for a while. Heated the wok, added oil and some crushed cloves of garlic. When they started to smell nice (20 or 30 seconds or so) I added chili bean paste and the oyster mushrooms. Then added a bit of hoisin sauce and tasted. Not hot enough to my liking, so added some chili flakes and the whole...
My favourites are pretty simple: Whole wheat, rye, sourdough or any bread with a bit of chew, No butter or margarine (don't like it) Raw ham or pate or salami. Can live the rest of my life not eating another type of sandwich :-)
I happen to know all the ingredients, but I would guess that most people don't know what kemiri nuts are. Maybe put in a suggestion that they could be interchanged with macademia nuts?   As for the banana leaves: Maybe describe a bit more on how to use them? - They can be sun dried as you suggest, or heated over fire, or even dropped in boiling water to make them pliable (tried that the other day and it works). - Cut them to size, either rectangular or round, but make...
That sounds very nice. Not too sure what you would like us to comment on? Maybe tell us a bit more about what paper this is for?
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