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I did another 2 loaves yesterday and they definitely are better, but still not like they used to be. What I did: I used less water, by about 30 ml, kneaded a bit longer, about 10 minutes (quite hard work at 40 oC = 105 F). Then the usual stretch and folds etc. I used rice flours in the bannetons and did the proofing (or is it proving) in the fridge. I baked in a well preheated oven and cast iron pot for about 40 minutes in total. The dough didn't stick to the bannetons...
Congrats Hank, well done! I've been lazy in this challenge and i am using the same excuse as Ordo. It's just been too hot here. Looking forward to the next challenge
Just be a bit careful, since you are German, you will be used to the metric system. A lot of the American books (and some British) use the imperial system (oz, ounces, fluid ounces, pounds, gallons etc). Note as well: the USA gallon and UK gallon are not the same, neither are the ounces. Hope this helps
Thanks all! I am making some more loaves later this week. I will try the rice flour in the bannetons instead of normal flour. Does it really make that much of a difference? I guess I will know quick enough I do weigh everything and will reduce the water by about 25 ml (gram) and take it from there (go by feel as I have made this bread successfully in the past). Luckily even the poor looking bread of the last attempts was still very tasty.
I have been making sourdough bread for a while and have been quite pleased with the results. But my last 2 attempts haven't been very good and the only thing that really differs is that we are at the start of the rainy season and it is now much more humid than normal.   What happens is that the dough seems much more sticky and less firm as compared to normal, and after proofing in the bannetons, the dough sticks to the linen and doesn't come out properly (doesn't...
Mine take about 12 to 15 minutes. I am planning to try one on the charcoal kettle braai. That should be quick!
The only way I can manage to make an acceptable turkey is in the kettle braai. I brine the turkey in a 3% solution for 24 hour, and stuff with onion and lemon. I make a hot indirect fire and put the turkey on it, breast side down. Works for me.
Freezing is the way to go. I have had some in a jar from the shop and they were pretty tasteless. I no longer have any problem as I managed to get my hands on 2 trees and now I grow them myself The only problem is that I can eat the leaves faster than they grow
Thanks guys, I thought it wouldn't do much harm as long as you cook with it, so just this morning, I threw a tub of each in the freezer. I will let you know how it works out.
I use quarry stones in the oven instead of a proper pizza stone. It works. I totally agree with keeping toppings to a minimum. Too much makes the pizza soggy.   I found this video class by Peter Reinhart (free) very helpful as well: http://www.craftsy.com/class/perfect-pizza-at-home/186?_ct=sbqii-sqjuweho-dum&_ctp=1&rceId=1448171510014~gysi3rmp
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