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I am very impressed with all the entries so far!   I have been away for a bit, and haven't had time to compete. But I am back now and with a bit of luck I will be posting something in the next couple of days.
@jonijan : Sounds delisious, Please show us some pictures!   Me, another simple entry: SE Asian freestyle omelette     Ingredients: eggs (obviously),onion,  fresh chili's, kaffir lime leaves and fish sauce.   These are the peppers (chili's) I used:
Just a simple bean dish:   ,   Left over ham, white beans, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, dash of vinegar and Ground dried chili's, paprika powder (lots), chili spring roll sauce and chili sauce It's a bit in between a stew and a soup, maybe a soupy stew?   [edit: forgot that I used a lot of paprika as well]
Looks nice @Captains !   I had some green pepper (capsicum if you want) left and decided to use it on a pizza. The other ingredients were: onion, tomato, tapenade mixed with mascarpone, basil and mozzarella. The dough contained garlic, oregano and the little bit of sri racha that was left in the bottle.  
A simple entry. But it fullfills the requirements.....   The ingredients: long roll, sliced in 3 (I had no more bread), mozarella cheese, fresh marjoram or oregano, Sri Racha (is a chili sauce, so it counts), ham (left over) and green pepper (its a pepper, so it counts )   All assembled, except for the cheese   Cheese on top and in the oven   End result
That's right up my alley I love chili's and my plants are producing reasonably OK at the moment
I am going to play Catch-Up. I haven't been able to post pictures due to issues with my internet, but obviously I have been eating.   Here we go: Smoked egg pate with left over ham.   I lined a flat bottom wok with some aluminium foil, placed a rach in there and added a fairly coarse sawdust      Put on the gas and waited for the smoke to start. Then added 3 hard boiled eggs. I didn't want to overdo it and checked after 6 minutes and decided to check what it...
Very nice @kokopuffs! What temperature did you smoke it at?
I normally just buy herring at the market and eat there and then. Just hold by the tail, pull through some onions and eat. That at least is the herring I am used to (can't help it, I am Dutch). We would call it maatjes haring. The other form is pickled and wrapped around gherkin (rolmops). Or as gaffelbiter, a more Scandinavian preparation. I like it a lot and remember seeing it in Denmark at the butcheries on the counter in big plastic bowls. Bokking is the fried...
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