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@kuan, you are close! @the others, it is not Indian (as far as I know).
Thanks FF, love the dish. I made myself a little Thai beef salad the other day. Pretty similar idea but mixed with lettuce, cucumber etc.The sensation of all different flavours is just great!   New challenge: coriander seed cauliflower onion vinegar mustard seed or mustard powder green beans turmeric ginger garlic sugar salt
Crying tiger? (seur rong-hai, Grilled marinated beef with dipping sauce. Had to look up the thai name though)
The soy and fish sauce put it into the se asian corner I think. It could be beef larb? or stir fried beef?
parsnip pastry with spicy roasted tomato filling?
Parsnip - roasted tomato pie? Honestly, I have no idea :)
Okay, so that was way too easy! Your turn again
Glad I am not asked to pronounce that ! New one: Root celery Celery Pork chop Black pepper Bay Split peas Sausage Leek Potato (optional) I like a bit of chili pepper, but that's not traditional
Goulash with sauerkraut?
Sounds a bit more eastern than germany to me, maybe polish or hungarian or so?
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