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Everyone's favourite dairy item?   Me, I don't like cheese And definitely can't handle the stuff raw..... I can eat it melted though, so suppose it's gonna be pizza and toasted sandwich time this month
Lemongrass & curry chicken breast with fresh (still warm) sourdough and a garlic-coriander-yoghurt sauce
Well done @Koukouvagia That was an amazing dish.   I also really liked Mike's terrine and Teamfat's eggplant-cheese baskets.
Not sure if this counts as a summery dish, but then, some of us are actually in the winter (Southern hemisphere). It's starting to heat up though.   Cherry tomatoes, topped with nachos and mozzarella cheese (and a bit of fresh coriander)
I have been slacking a bit this month.....   I did some eggplant slices on the barbecue with olive oil and garlic but I forgot to take pictures.   The other thing I made was some eggplant concoction, consisting of egg plant, chickpeas, bacon and tomato in coconut milk, spiced with lime leaves, fish sauce, chili and basil. A real fusion sort of dish, but it tasted good (the photograph is not so good though, but hey, I tried)
I had planned to do Thai beef salad and larb (Thai minced pork salad) but I ran out of time Cheating a bit here and am just posting some old pictures here, just as inspiration for anyone else. 2 different presentations of larb (above) And a beef salad (below)  
Chris, I tried your idea of leeks on the bbq yesterday and they came out very tasty. Thanks
Beautiful pictures, as usual
FF and Jake are spot on   I first encountered the toasted ground rice on larb and liked the texture. For this batch I used ketan rice (sticky rice) and toasted it till lightly brown and then ground it in the coffee grinder.   Some old pics:       Which reminds me: I should really make another Larb and/or Thai beef salad for this challenge
@Zagut: That's my kind of salad     The other day I had a left over piece of strongly spiced coriander chicken (marinated in white pepper, coriander root, oyster sauce, turmeric, fish sauce and then put on bbq). I decided to use it for a rice noodle salad and this was the result: I topped it with fresh basil and toasted ground rice.
New Posts  All Forums: