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I also buy them whole, dry roast them and grind them before using them. They are always a bit gritty though.
Nasi Goreng, a typical left over dish from Indonesia (and Malaysia and Singapore) The rice needs to be cooked beforehand and cooled down before using. Onion, garlic, ketjap manis (sweet soy), cabbage, sambal (chili paste), some meat (in the plastic bag) and shrimps (optional). And eggs   The ingredients are cut up   My set up. The pans look a bit rusty in the picture, in reality they were clean and oiled, so don't no what happened there   Frying the meat...
Why from the sidelines, koukou?   For some inspiration: Thai: http://shesimmers.com/ Vietnamese: http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/ Indonesian: http://asiancook.eu/ Thai: http://www.thaitable.com/
I had a Thai butternut curry just now, made of fried red curry paste, onions, garlic, butternut, potato (as otherwise it gets too sweet for me) and sweet potato (because that one was getting old), coriander root, ginger, galangal, extra chili's and fish sauce. I added some cherry tomatoes (they needed to be finished) and left over bbq-ed belly pork. Garnished with deed fried shallots and chopped coriander and served with Jasmine rice and cucumber pickle. The left over...
Shame Mary, hope you are recovering OK?
I'll be in my element this month :)
Can we have an ice cold beer while prepping a SE asean meal
a nikon 70-200 mm f2.8 lens please and while you are at it a couple of prime lenses as well.   And a motorbike
@MillionsKnives: CONGRATULATIONS and I am looking forward to the next challenge
Looking good! Since we are getting to the end of this month, I am just posting some bbq adventures of a while back: Lamb rib, marinated with honey, chili powder, mustard and lime   Belly pork with onion and potatoes, all cooked in/on the bbq (no picture of the plated meal as I ate most before plating) home made sausages and balsamic-twice-cooked belly pork     lemongrass prawns in banana leaf   Thanks Vic, a very good idea for a challenge and you've been...
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