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@Koukouvagia: Those are looking very nice !!!!   And I agree with @GeneMachine: to me a pizza marguarita is tomato, basil and cheese. But then, I am a European as well
How slow can you go?   I used left over lamb on a spit (cooked for about 6-7 hours) and made it into a slow cooked lamb & onion curry. Some pictures   Frying the whole onions with garlic, fresh chili, chili paste, paprika powder, cumin, coriander. I wanted to use mustard seeds as well, but I had run out so added a dollop of mustard. I added some water and vinegar and waited for the onions to become more or less soft and the added the lamb (pic below)     Then...
I should think there are plenty options. With the ingredients you mentioned you can make a nice pizza, Pesto, basil & cheeses sounds good to me. How about just some tapenade or tapenade and cheese? Fried onion and anchovies will work a dream as well. Mushroom & cheese Don't forget the garlic!
 Of course I can I cut/shredded the turkey meat, both the dark and light meat.Fired a whole lot of leek, added black pepper and the turkey drippings. I didn't use salt as the turkey was salt enough.Put the turkey meat in with the leek and added double cream and then I let it simmer for a whileI pre-baked crust pastry "bowls" and filled them with the cooled down mixture and topped with bought puff pastry and froze most of them (obviously except the one I eat that same day)I...
It looks like I finally have a decent internet connection again       Here is my slow cooked (grilled, barbecued?) turkey. Took about 3.5 to 4 hours. I used it to make turkey and leek pies.
I don't have a slow cooker, but I can cook slow, or is it:I can slow-cook? Struggling with my internet, so pictures and descriptions will follow soon (I hope)
Does my slow cooked turkey count?
Wishing all fellow cheftalkers all the best for 2015 !
Congratulations! Looking forward to the next challenge :-)
@kokopuffs: I will give that a try. Thanks :) The top of the dough is slightly dry, but since I more or less pour it in the cast iron pot, it doesn't stay on the top, but gets mixed in. I will try keep it at the top and give it a slash or 2 and report back
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