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Yeah, but not as hot as my other fire:  
I am in the process of converting my cold smoker set up into a smoker. I made a charcoal basket and decided that I needed to do a test run to see if it burns and empties out properly. I knew that there were lot of airleaks, but had no idea what temperature I would get. And since I had a butternut, I decided to put that in the smoker. The basket works. The temperature very quickly went up to about 190 and peaked at 216. Which would have been great if that was...
They do indeed !   Maybe next time you make something requiring eggs, just test them beforehand by putting them in a jar of water. Floats to the top -> they are off Stays at the bottom -> they are good Floats midway or just off the bottom -> I sometimes still use them (personally), but not for raw egg preparations.
How long is it after you trimmed the lemongrass? It might just be a matter of time till they fill out again   I do it occasionally to get rid of dead stalks and leaves, but never as low as you did. I suppose I stay about 15-20 cm of the ground.
Hi Apron, I must have missed your posts somehow. Just persevere as this is quite a friendly forum with a lot of knowledgable people.   Welcome
I also agree with Koukou, Eastshores and millionsknives. I don't like sweet and saucy fall of the bone ribs. Way prefer them with a bit of a bite, but then I am more of a caveman (m/f).   I don't like sweet ribs either, prefer them hot and spicy and savoury and like @Koukouvagia I don't remove the membrane.....
I had a curry for lunch (see the grill challenge), so just a light meal in the evening:
I think it is a hippo leg steak......       Anyway, I decided to go for something resembling a chicken tikka masala. A bit of a combination of heat sources.   Frying onion in ghee Added tomato And added the left over marinade   The chicken was marinated in a mixture of cumin, coriander, dried chili, curry powder, garlic powder and yoghurt     And on the braai (fairly high heat as the main thing is to get decent browning)   Then into the...
Any form of ground meat.   Heck, you can fill them with macaroni and cheese. Wouldn't call it rellenos anymore, but who cares
I make a killer Thai squash curry   Or make into a soup?   I got my mind set on doing something with a butternut squash for the grilling challenge.......
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