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I hope @GeneMachine will chime in as well... (just 'cause he lives in Germany)Growing up in Holland, we had something that we called a tartar steak (NOT steak tartar) or also called German Steak.This was a burger, made out of steak mince, cooked rare to medium rare. Absolutely delicious!
Just an old picture (not too much time as I am trying to move house, get my year end accounts done etc etc) And because I like the picture  
@chefbubathat's one tasty looking burger! It is breakfast time here, and now I want burger for breakfast!   @Lilygardener: you are getting some good advice here! Make sure there is enough fat in the meat and don't overwork it. Burgers on the grill are awesome, but a cast iron skillet works pretty good as well, as does a griddle pan (preferable cast iron as well).   I also grind my own meat. Normally with one of those hand cranked jobs (size 32, so a big one). And I...
I had a Thai beef salad. So simple, so tasty and so quick to make :)
We had an electrical waffle maker at home. I can remember my mam making waffles just once or twice. It was always used for making toasted sandwiches.   Took me a long time to figure out what a "normal" toasted sandwich looked like (and they looked boring, no nice waffle pattern....)
Pasta with mushrooms:  
And I had left overs from the left over lamb (sounds like "how to use left overs" would be a good idea for a new challenge). I added some coconut milk to the onion-lamb dish   And reduced it all the way down, so it became "Rendang" like.   And ate with rice and green peas
I made little empanada's for new year's eve and was going to post them in the flour thread, but then my internet stopped working, so I was too late for that. I froze the left overs and had them the other evening. Nothing wrong with snacks for dinner, is there Rolled out dough & I used a dumpling press  
@Koukouvagia: Those are looking very nice !!!!   And I agree with @GeneMachine: to me a pizza marguarita is tomato, basil and cheese. But then, I am a European as well
How slow can you go?   I used left over lamb on a spit (cooked for about 6-7 hours) and made it into a slow cooked lamb & onion curry. Some pictures   Frying the whole onions with garlic, fresh chili, chili paste, paprika powder, cumin, coriander. I wanted to use mustard seeds as well, but I had run out so added a dollop of mustard. I added some water and vinegar and waited for the onions to become more or less soft and the added the lamb (pic below)     Then...
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