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And in Dutch :)   I actually wanted to post another one, but that's a pdf file and can't get it to show. It can be found by pressing the pdf-download button on this page: http://passie.horeca.nl/pdf/5084/De_soorten_vlees_Varken
 It's actually an Indonesian style side dish: sweet & sour cabbage of which I increased the vinegar and reduced the sugar.Peppers (red & green), chili's, salt are fried in oil, removed from the pan, then sliced cabbage is fried in the same oil, the paprika mixture goes back in and vinegar & sugar is added.It's nice when warm, but I actually liked it better cold.
And to bring me back on the right track (also posted in the previous mushroom challenge)   Creamed mushrooms on toast (with bacon and topped with chives)
Ouch, you are correct! I wasn't thinking, it's all about the lactobacteria., but then, so is sauerkraut. So I definitely went off on the wrong foot
Let's bring another product in:   Yoghurt   I marinated chicken thighs in yoghurt, mixed with Tandoori spice (I have to admit, I bought the spice) with extra cumin and coriander     And threw them on the BBQ (my little foldable thingy)     And ate with toasted rye bread, cabbage-pepper pickle and a dollop of Greek yoghurt
I have never tried, but I suppose you can blanch and freeze cabbage as well (otherwise, you will have to make lots of sauerkraut )   Some other random ideas: (most comes from what my dad used to have in the freezer. He is an avid gardener) - sweetcorn (off the cob?) - tomatoes (no good fresh, but they do ok for pastas etc. We used to freeze them whole to safe time, but you could cook them in to have a concentrated paste) - spinach and other leafy vegetables like rape...
I managed to sort out something with my internet, not ideal, but will work for the time being. So now I can post a better picture of the sauerkraut (and then a couple older ones of when I made it) [edit: the small pics are not in the right order, sorry]
Cauliflower can be blanched and frozen quite well. Brocoli less so (I find a change in taste after freezing). And how about veges that don't really require freezing? Like cabbage and beetroot?
I have to admit that sauerkraut is not very photogenic. I tried making a picture with my tablet (got some issues with internet on my normal computer) and that's not really a success either. Anyway the sauerkraut mash tasted fine, my sausage has plenty room for improvement (a bit dry).
I suppose I will need to make some more sourdough bread then! Which reminds me, I need to feed my starter. And since we now have a new challenge, I can start deciding what to eat this coming month. Tonight is going to be homemade sauerkraut mash with rookworst (smoked sausage)........
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