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Nothing fancy here as I live mainly outdoors: My house is basically just a place to sleep and got flooded a couple of years age. Still haven't managed to paint the inside as there is always something else that's more important.   This is my set up, and the 2 plate cast iron stove that I cooked on for years   And last year, I finally got myself a proper gas stove with 5 burners and an oven     It makes live a lot easier, but I can always use the lodge kitchen...
I figured it would be from that part of the world, considering the ingredients and the place you live, but I have no idea. Slow simmered, but not a stew: Braised beef in beef stock with grilled root vegetables and knodels (or however you spell that)?
Some of you definitely look different than I imagined! I normally prefer to make pictures. Don't really like to be in them. I got a very recent one though, with some clients at the bar (taken yesterday, I am the off-colour one )       .
@millionsknives:   Looking good, That seems a good way to get out of the stuffing process Do they hold well onto the skewers? No problem with the mince sliding off?   @phatch I went through my notes and they are for lamb sausage, loosely based on Merquez (meaning that I chopped and changed things a bit, but as they came out very nice, it is worth replicating) Lamb mince: 1.2 kg (this was quite a fatty mince, minced once through the smallest size plate, not for any...
Awesome! Thanks koukou :)
And this was yesterday on my small fold-up braai:   Homemade merquez sausage (the rolled up one) and 2 small spicy Italian sausages (also home made)   I think I need to ask ChrisBelgium how to get proper pictures of a barbecue at night.....
I haven't done big batches, but normally use 60-65% water. I am actually just chiming in because I have recently been looking at craftsy's site and downloaded a free tutorial about pizza making from Peter Reinhart. You might find that worthwhile looking at: http://www.craftsy.com/class/perfect-pizza-at-home/186
@Koukouvagia can you explain how you made that? It looks a bit like a dish I made some time ago with meatballs in coconut broth, but I am sure this is totally different. Looks delicious
BBQ and grilling? Love the idea. I am sure you will get lots and lots of entries on this one. We are going towards winter time (Southern hemisphere) and that's ideal for having a braai for us (summertime with daytime temperatures of 45+ oC is just a tad on the hot side)   I have posted this picture before, but can't resist posting it again   The whole hog...
I can see it working if you take the chicken off the bone, put it in a creamy sauce, maybe creamy spinach or so and serve with spaghetti. Or SE asian style, the spaghetti subbing for noodles. Thai chicken curry comes to mind. I just wouldn't use rotisserie chicken for it......   To be honest personally I would o Chris's route, or maybe potato croquettes instead of chips
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