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I'll stick with green   Bacon, avo and tomato seem like a classic combo to me (ant lettuce, but I didn't have)       I made it in quacamole   roasted the bacon rashers in the oven   Put them on a roll   And here is my bacon-quacamole roll
My recipe is pretty much the same as Brian's.   I like using it on a pizza instead of a tomato based sauce
I normally keep a side of streaky bacon in the fridge, wrapped in a tea towel or hand kerchief and when it gets pretty dry, I eat it raw (and cooked of course). I keep the rind on and just slice it to the thickness I like.
Just a simple, but juicy, little burger (after eating my bacon wrapped ground meat experiment, but that's another thread)
My first attemp at doing something wrapped with bacon.   I used ground beef (with soy, chili, onions) and made it into a sausage shape and wrapped a slice of bacon around it. I was going to put them on the bbq, just like that, but then I changed my mind and stuck a skewer through it.   Note to self: next time decide first what you are going to do, so you can mould the meat properly around the skewer!   I put the skewers in the fridge, waiting for the fire to be...
Great idea !
Congratulatioms! Well done. great entries
 I am just so happy that I am not the one having to make that decission.Too many great entries this month
And a last entry for me, specially for @Ordo, as he disqualified me early on in this challenge for not having pictures   Beef nachos: Pre-frying onion, garlic, some chili and ground beef.   Some of the other ingredients           And then it is just a matter of asembling the dish before it goes into the oven         And then it is ready   And always difficult to plate properly. As you see, I did not succeed, but it still tasted good. I would...
@chefwriter It's a very very simple set up. The box is made from plywood, but could be cardboard as well.The light source is just a 40 watt lightbulb.In a colder climate, you might need a 60 or 100 watt (if you can still find them).The cover over the light is just a piece of cardboard to stop the moisture dripping onto the bulb.The front is mosquito mesh to keep the insects (and the cat and dogs) out It was pretty humid, so I used a small fan to make sure there was enough...
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