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Ok, my chickpeas are soaking....... Not sure yet, might become humous, maybe soup. Got some hours to decide. Nice first entries Gene and ordo!
Well done Belgium!
Well, i just bought a middle eastern cookbook (on kindle), so we will just have to start experimenting.... Not my normal cooking style, but thats what I like about these challenges
Congratulations Gene! Well done:-)
You keep rubbing it in, Chris   Just now you will post warm smoked eel, another thing I can't get here.   Anyway, I just had some left over Thai butternut, mince dish. Just needed taken out of the freezer and reheating. I thinned it out a bit and made it into a noodle soup, but again no picture. So just a pic here of how I ate it originally (just think away the rice and sour cream and picture it in a bowl with extra liquid and added noodles and you got it !
Been trying to get this post out since yesterday, but my internet is been non-existant. Hope it works from my tablet! I was about to ask if anyone had pho as you cant have a SE Asia thread without it! Thanks teamfat.   My creation: Cucumber, tomato, onion and chili pepper in a fish sauce, lime juice and garlic marinade   Frying steak in duckfat.   The pictures are not in the right order but am going to post anyway to meet the deadline.   This here below is...
I had some left over spare ribs that I reheated in the oven. Slightly underdone as I like the caveman feel when eating ribs, got to tear that meat of the bone with your teeth! No pictures though
Sounds like my type of food AZ !
I leave them on as well. Koukou, why don't you marinate or brush them with some turmeric, soy, ginger and chili and post in the SE Asia challenge? I will find you the name of the dish later
Some poor pictures of my Thai sausages in a roll with Indonesian achar, sort of Thai-Indonesian served Vietnamese style (VietThaiNesian?) Basil   Achar   Thai sausage   Roll with chili paste and achar   And ready to eat
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