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Stunning Chris!
Beef kebabs with tzatziki, pickled cabbage and homemade bread (made this about a month ago)
I mainly have herbs: Chives, coriander, basil. lemon basil, mint, oregano and marjoram. I need to get some parsley, dill, thyme and rosemary, but for some reason or another I struggle to grow them.   Lemongrass grows like weed in my garden and I have galangal and turmeric. I am just not too sure how to harvest them, scared I might kill them although I know I should jut be able to cut of a part of the rootstock.   I have a lemon tree and a kaffir lime as...
My next project was Roumanian mici (with several adjustments as I did not have all ingredients).   The whole spices (white peppercorn, cumin, coriander, salt and oregano)   Garlic and a bit of soup (instead of the beef bouillion, that I didn't have)   Mixed it all with a pork-beef mince (it was supposed to have lamb mince as well, but again, I didn't have) It also should have baking powder in the mix. I was very interested in finding out the effect as I had...
Coleslaw and potato salad are both made with mayonnaise. I would either make a cabbage salad with more of a french dressing and do a potato salad, or keep the coleslaw and do another potato dish. Depending on your equipment this could be baked potatoes or pommes de terre boulangere.   Crudite sounds good, so does fresh fruit.   Baked beans wouldn't be my choice.   How about fried onions, or a fried onion tomato relish? Bread rolls? or garlic bread?   Don't forget...
@french fries: Just the meat. I didn't even use salt. It is amazing how good it tastes without any herbs and spices at all.   Having said that, me being me: the left overs were used in a Thai beef salad (just onion, cucumber and tomato, the left over cut up beef with a dressing of garlic, chili, palm sugar, lemon and fish sauce). Very moorish as well
I put a short rib roast on the fire and figured if I can do a turkey by firing up the bbq, putting the thing in when hot, on indirect fire, and just let it be, then surely I can do the same with a short rib roast. So I am going against all the rules here   Little story first: Why short ribs? Well, actually because I had them. Some time ago I ordered a 4 rib - standing rib roast from my butcher and when I came home it turned out to be a 4 rib - short rib roast. You...
Congratulations Vic!!!
@Chef Bubba What are NY's? Looks delicious
@ChrisBelgium Those pictures paint a beautiful atmosphere     I put some chicken thighs on the bbq, they were marinated with yoghurt and tandoori spice, with some extra cumin and coriander   Lit the fire on my small fold up bbq   Made a picture that I quite like of the chickens pieces   Here the pieces are almost finished   And served with some toasted rye bread and sweet&sour cabbage/pepper   The pieces came out very nice and tender!
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