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I am struggling more with the spectacular part than with the cost, so I decided on spectacularly simple:   Steak on the BBQ with blackened red bell pepper and BBQ potato:   Costing: 1 piece of steak 200 gram @ 72 kwacha/kg = 14.4 kwacha 1 red bell pepper (even though it was green when I bought it) @ 59 kwacha/kg = 10 kwacha 2 potatoes @ 20 kwacha/kg = 4 kwacha little bit olive oil, balsemic vinegar, pepper and salt   total of 28 kwacha, which is U$...
I am looking at delving in the world of fermented sausages..... Gonna be a bit of a pain trying to organise all ingredients and equipment, but I will get there eventually.   And I still want to try my hands on all kind of Asian dumplings
I m being kicked of my plot later this year, so not much action. Except for some herbs and chili's.
I had fish curry with home made naan (well, an aproximation of naan as I didn't make it in a tandoor)
Luckily, we can get almost anything per piece And meat here is relatively cheap, so I should be able to get some nice entries in. Cooking with wine will be out of the question as a bottle here is outrageously expensive (and they don't sell in smaller than the bottle). Cooking with beer on the other hand will be very well possible....
Thanks all, I will just give it a try and start with using about 25% brown flour and 75% AP or bread flour and add just a little bit more water. See how that works and increase more with the next attempt.
Congratulations Jake   Like Teamfat: my bacon was not ready in time. It will go into the cold smoker tonight
Thanks Brian, I will check out Peter Reinhart's book.   I found some info on the web that said to use 5 extra teaspoon of water for every cup of flour when using wholewheat instead of AP. I then did a cup to weight conversion with the info on King Arthur;s webpage and came to a 99% hydration! So I am not going to use that method   I think you are right in that it is easier to find another recipe, but I still like to work out a substitution method.
I am currently using a no-knead bread recipe that uses a high hydration (78 %) and uses AP flour. (910 gr AP flour / 710 gr water / 20 gr salt / 1 pack instant yeast)   If I want to use bread flour instead of AP, should I change the hydration?   And in case of brown flour or whole wheat flour?   Bread flour is easier to get here than AP and I prefer wholewheat over white bread. Wholewheat is difficult to get, but I can get brown flour. Hence the questions.
I got a slab of belly pork in brine with some added juniper and bay (and chili). I fear that I won't be ready in time though. I put it in on the 23rd. when it has finished curing, I will cold smoke it. The night temperatures are just becoming about low enough to be able to cold smoke.
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