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Only now had time to download some pictures: This was my fake tortilla-taco meal  
Welcome back @ChrisLehrer
Just mix in some tabasco, salt, pepper and vodka and I bet you got an awesome bloody mary
I had it years ago in Japan and I didn't particularly like and and have never eaten it again. MAybe I should try it again, but then, maybe I should not....
Well, if you say summer idea's, I would say "a selection of salads", but I don't know if that is helpful.   You could do roasted veges as well (like butternut, pumpkin, potatoes, sweet potatoes etc), but that's more wintery. Stir fried veges Mashed potatoes Vegetable pie Fresh tomatoes with balsemic vinegar and olive oil Fresh rolls Cucumber sticks I think there are endless options!
Welcome!   And hope to see some posts from you  of Hong Kong - Chinese food
It was not for dinner, but for brunch. I had just been reading on taco's and tortilla's, got hungry and decided to make myself one.   I marinated finely sliced steak in lime juice, cumin, chili and garlic. Fried onions, added steak and yellow pepper and later on some tomato. Heated a chapati (as I cannot get tortilla's here) and put the mixture in there with some avocado.   Quick and tasty and a definitely going to do that again. Forgot to make pictures though
I generally turn the ratio around. I use 3 parts vinegar for 1 part olive oil. It's just how I like it. I use it sparingly and yes, it is thin. When there are other people around, I go back to the "official" ratio, but I just prefer mine, if it is just me.   Generally I will add some mustard  to it as well (sometimes a bit of yoghurt, for a change).
Yeah, like chefbuba says.   Or shred or cube and crisp in some hot oil: "crispy chicken taco "   Or shred and use it cold inside the taco   I generally eat my left over chicken cold, as is. It is about the only meat that I like when it is cold (except for ham of course)
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