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Okay, Playing catch up.....   Freestyle pizza to share
I did, sort off... But with no power on both Friday and Sunday, I haven't gotten around posting anything yet
I know you didn't ask, but they are great on pizza
And just to chime in: For us french fries are friet (from pommes frites) or patat (from patates frites)  As @French Fries stated: Fascinating.....   Same as a Dutch pancake. Doesn't look anything like any pancake I ever had in Holland     I will leave the answer to the corned beef query to someone else as I don't know the difference between them. I only know tinned corned beef and I don't like that at all
I hear you, but I am also teasing you a bit (just because I can, and this is not a real serious thread anyway)   I know exactly what you mean by a sandwich on a muffin, but I would call it a bacon and egg muffin, or bacon croissant. A sandwich is 2 slices of bread with something in between, and if you are English, white bread without crust..... It is all in the semantics     I am originally from the Netherlands, but I have been living in sub saharan Africa for the...
I don't make them The combination doesn't appeal to me and muffins are not really on the menu in continental europe.   Told you, it's just me. To me a sausage is in a link, otherwise it it not sausage. It is (spiced) ground meat So in your question (if I would really want to make it) it would be a ground meat/egg/cheese muffin.   By the way, why would you want a sandwich on a muffin?
Links...   For me, a pattie is a burger and not a sausage (but hey, that's just me)   Cabbage or sauerkraut
Any type of beef as long as it is not a tender cut, so chuck, blade, topside, silverside, brisket etc
I think I am still young, but I am way out of your taget group. I would have loved doing something like that. Sounds good to me!   (didn't fill in the survey ...)
Recipe and pictures please !!!!!  Pork ribs for me
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