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I got given some green asparagus and I had always wanted to make a recipe in one of my Vietnamese cookbooks of lemongrass-asparagus-beef. So no excuses not to do it: Asparagus, tomato, fish sauce, garlic, onion, beef, some RICE vinegar and palm sugar   Served with RICE noodles, pickled cucumber and pickled carrot.
Yeah, suppose for me the difference is micro-processor driven for electronics and everything that just runs on electricity with just an on off switch is electrics.   Forgot in my post aboce: the one thing that I couldn't deal with was my el-cheapo rice cooker. My dad and brother swear by it, but I think the rice that I cook just on the stove comes out better and fluffier
I don't have any electronic equipment in my kitchen, but a fair bit of electrical stuff . A small oven, toaster, stick blender, kitchen machine, coffee grinder and meat grinder are all used on a regular base, but I can do without. I have a pestle and mortar, gas stove and oven and a collection of sharp knives, which I sharpen on stone, so could do all tasks without power. Handy around here as we do have the odd powercut (I live next to my lodge, so can use the manual meat...
Made some rookworst last month and smoked at 40 oC, then finished off by slowly cooking in water.       Thai sausage (made in June for the east asian challenge)     And szechuan bacon last month again. It is hanging to dry here. Didn't take any pics of the finished product, but it is tasty and luckily I still got some left
@dmirish: That looks nice!   Below is my picture of nasi goreng (indonesian fried rice). It is the same picture as for the egg challenge. I did have some yesterday, but forgot to take a pic of that particular one (looked pretty similar though )
I started off by making apple pie with my mam, inclusive of the peeling of the apples. I must have been 5 or 6 or so and the best part obviously was the tasting :)   I also helped my dad with the "normal" cooking and I very quickly found out that if you helped with the cooking you didn't need to do the dishes. A huge incentive!   At varsity I did most of the cooking, so at least I knew the food would be edible.
I made musaman chicken & egg curry for my neighbours and had it with rice, green peas and some pickles. Forgot to take pictures though  
I did cure it myself, I actually got the idea from a thread on this forum, I think it was the "what did you have for dinner" one and it must have been GeneMachine or Ordo who suggested it.I used this recipe: http://honest-food.net/2011/03/22/sichuan-bacon/It came out pretty strongly flavoured and is awesome on bahn mi as well....
The ingredients: Chinese cured belly pork Coriander, spring onions and mushroom   And the secret ingredient Rice paper wrappers!       Fryinging the mixture Chopped herbs (coriander, chives and mint) and in the corner is some pickled carrot   The rice paper has been soaked and is ready to fill. I should have chosen a neutral colour tea towel Folded   And cut open to show the contents. I put the pickled carrot in for a bit of colour, and...
This is gonna be interesting! I love rice, but mainly because of the dishes it goes with. Gonna have to broaden my horizon......
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