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@ChrisBelgium : I  had planned on an uitsmijter for tomorrow ! Great minds think alike
@dcarch: I figure that's how you get kids to eat their carrots. Love it   I made a dish from all kind of stuff that needed finishing: Eggplant, a small piece of belly pork (off cuts from making bacon) a kassler chop and some chinese cabbage. I spiced it up with sweet soy, garlic, mango pickle, ginger powder, galangal powder, kencur powder and  chili's. It doesn't look good, but it was very tasty. I had it with rice and (left over)  ajam paniki  and rice  
I ended up making some butternut based soup. The other ingredients were carrots (the left over pieces from making carrot pickle) coconut milk, lots of ginger, celery (because I had it lying around), garlic, a little bit of soy, some bay leaves and left over cooked ham. Tasty !
Nasi goreng with fried egg and carrot pickle
@panini Sounds pretty good. Do you have some pictures?
Asian omelette with bacon, tomato, coriander, bean sprouts and fish sauce
I fully agree with Pete, but in this end of the world (southern africa) the time between starter and dinner is almost non-existent and people want it that way. They actually complain if they sit for even 2 or 3 minutes without food in front of them! To by-pass the problem, I order ny starter and only order main course when my starter arrives. Another peeve is when the waiter takes away a plate as soon as it is finished instead of waiting for everyone in the party to...
I found a recipe here: http://honest-food.net/2011/03/22/sichuan-bacon/ Looks pretty nice so am going to try it :-)
Congratulations ! Well done, those meatballs looked very tasty
I am about to put a slab of belly pork in the cure. I was going to do a juniper bacon, but szechuan bacon sounds pretty awesome!
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