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Same here! How does lunch on a sand bank sound, with elephants watching you and the cry of the fish eagle in the background (just trying to make everyone jealous) And Gene, if I get back to Holland some time I might just take you up on your iffer :-)
Close enough! Not Thai though, but Indonesian, hence soy and no fish sauce. Nasi Goreng Perfect to use up left over meat. Fry onions, garlic, chili's and shrimp paste, add meat and shrimp, season with soy and serve with a fried egg on top and some cucumber to the side You could add some cannage to the nasi goreng as well Your turn Gene
That looks like some food I wouldn't mind eating:-) Rice Chili Garlic Onion Egg Leek Meat (can be chicken, pork or beef) Shrimp Soy Shrimp paste
Nice AZ, I made some during a cooking course in Thailand. Haven't made them since, and that while I have an abundance of banana leaves :-) @phatch: you can use a ramekin as well. Maybe greaseproof paper would work?
Beautiful looking bacon Nicko!!!! I made bacon once sofar, just with salt, sugar and some bay leave. I didn't smoke it, so didn't use any cure. The next project (in my head sofar, not in action yet) consist of curing baking with some juniper mixed in with the cure (and salt and sugar) and then smoking it. In my case, I will be smoking at quite a low temperature that won't actually cook the bacon (about 35 oC, roughly 100 F)
Yeah, I would not normally just make 2, but this was a trial run and as far as I am concerned well worth it.:)Thanks for all your tips!Could you actually freeze them unfried and then deep fry from frozen?  I had some mince left and some bean sprouts as well, so decided on a different dish with almost the same ingredients.Disclaimer: apologies for the poor picture quality. My camera bummed out and I used an old cell phone  The ingredients:garlic, beef mince, chili's,...
First time ever attempt at making spring rolls. I tried to make my own wrappers, but failed miserably and decided to use rice paper wrappers instead (luckily I had a couple of packs in the fridge (forgot to mention those in the "what's in your fridge" thread )   The ingredients: Beef mince, garlic, chili and ginger     Ketjap manis (sweet soy) & spring roll wrappers     some lemon juice, fresh coriander and home grown bean sprouts     The garlic, ginger...
Itcould be a filling for bunny chow (curry in a loaf of bread), but that wouldn't come with rice, So I suppose it is a chicken curry, maybe a cape malay chicken curry?
@koukou, The tomatoes are only in the fridge because I have some gecko's running through the house that like taking small bites out of them And then, of course, my room temperature is a bit higher than most people's
Speculaas, but think that might be too typically Dutch as are the kruidnootjes that can be made with the same ingredients
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