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@Koukouvagia: Enjoy! I hope you have a lovely day   My suggestions would have been similar to most of the above, crackers, salami, pate (I don't like raw cheese), left over quiche, olives, tin of smoked mussels, fresh bread, peanuts, pickled gherkins and onions. And a bottle of wine (or 2). Don't forget the corkscrew :)
Thanks for the suggestions: Do I use the batch that I have as is, or should I press it first to get the water out? I suppose it depends on what I would make, isn't it? Pressing out as much water as possible in case of deep frying, not bothering about it when it goes into a stew or soup?
@KristinaT Please let us know what you decided to make and how it all went. And pictures of the event please
@dcarch: Yeah, eaten it in Chinese dishes, in restaurants, take-away's etc. Sometimes it's just OK, mostly quite boring. I way prefer tempeh over tofu, but I just need to give tofu a try.   The type I have is probably silken. It is very soft and sitting in water.   Tofu to me has very little taste of its own, so it would have to be prepared with quite a bit of spices. I have quite a lot of Indonesian recipes for tofu dishes (tahu in bahasa indonesia), but I am not...
For the first time since I have been here, I saw some tofu lying at the supermarket. It is quite a fragile looking block and is sitting in water (in a plastic bag). Any good ideas on what to do with it? Should I just cut it up and use as is or should I press it first to make it firmer? Marinate it maybe?   I have never cooked with it as I always found it pretty tasteless, so I need to convince myself it can actually be nice?
I have been away for a couple of days, but I am back now! @flipflopgirl: I totally agree with Gene. There are a lot of dishes in the different countries or regions that are almost similar. There are differences as well. Thailand & Vietnam have a lot of dishes that are very quick to make and often use fish sauce, whereas Indonesia and Malaysia have a lot of stews as well and use soy more often than fish sauce. But then Vietnam has their Pho, which takes a long time and...
@GeneMachine and @jake t buds: Beautiful dishes and would love to have some of those right now (even though it is only 8 in the morning).   I have been making a couple of dishes, but didn't take any pictures. I'll just go and put my little camera standard in my trouser pocket.   I'll be back with a dish pretty soon. It is getting cold here so some nice curries and soups would be just the thing to eat
Some very nice plating examples here! Plating is one of my weak points, but working on it slowly slowly.....
@kaneohegirlinaz: Sorry to hear you got dragged around. Hope you get well real soon!   @ChrisBelgium What a great idea for a painting. You can be the next Flemish master
And this one as well: http://rasamalaysia.com/recipe-index/
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