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I made musaman chicken & egg curry for my neighbours and had it with rice, green peas and some pickles. Forgot to take pictures though  
I did cure it myself, I actually got the idea from a thread on this forum, I think it was the "what did you have for dinner" one and it must have been GeneMachine or Ordo who suggested it.I used this recipe: http://honest-food.net/2011/03/22/sichuan-bacon/It came out pretty strongly flavoured and is awesome on bahn mi as well....
The ingredients: Chinese cured belly pork Coriander, spring onions and mushroom   And the secret ingredient Rice paper wrappers!       Fryinging the mixture Chopped herbs (coriander, chives and mint) and in the corner is some pickled carrot   The rice paper has been soaked and is ready to fill. I should have chosen a neutral colour tea towel Folded   And cut open to show the contents. I put the pickled carrot in for a bit of colour, and...
This is gonna be interesting! I love rice, but mainly because of the dishes it goes with. Gonna have to broaden my horizon......
congratultions @phatch! looking forward to the next one
Okay, last entry for me: My attempt at marbled eggs Reasonable marbling, but not as strong as I hoped. They taste good! I put some deep fried shallots on them for a bit of a crunch. The most impressive things are the shells though  
Congratulations!!!!! Well done. And yes, keep us posted.
One more eggy-noodle dish:   onions, garlic, home cured chinese belly pork, noodles red pepper, chili, tomato, mint, basil and lemon basil Fish sauce and eggs     All fried up   Served with pickled onion, cucumber and garlic   My attempt at marbled eggs will be posted tomorrow. They are cooling down in the liquid as we speak.
I decided to use my wok for this made up dish: The pic of the ingredients was not really sharp, but you can see most here (garlic, red onion, little bit of ham, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, fish & soy sauce and obviously eggs! All fried up and at the last minute I threw in the egg and let it set.   The I decided that I better use my left over cooked noodles, so scrambled it all around and used another egg, which I only broke once the food was plated Not the best...
I had this great idea of doing a pizza calzone, with a runny egg on the inside. BUT I messed it up completely. The left over yeast (instant) from last week refused to do its job and I ended up with more like a huge empanada with hard boiled egg inside (as the dough took to long to set, even though the oven temperature was high enough at close to 250 oC). It was still tasty though.        
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