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And an omelet. I like mine with all ingredients inside the omelet (in this case mushrooms, bacon and kaffir lime)
I don't mind my chops like that But I wouldn't be able to sell them here. Slight pink in chicken or pork is just not accepted. This can also be a problem when you are smoking chicken or pork. Any slight tinge of pink (smoke ring) is seen as undercooked ....   Whereas, even donkeys years ago, in Holland, it was perfectly normal to get pork fillets cooked to medium.....
In this case, we are lucky. There are a limited number of abatoirs here and we tend to know where they buy their cattle from. I also know a number of butchers that will give me the right info. Anyway, all meat and poultry sold in Zambia, comes from Zambia. Around Christmas, special permission is given to import turkeys, but that's it!   It is even easier with lamb, sheep and goat. They come from my neighbours
I managed to buy mushrooms and needed to do something with them. I had forgotten that I gave my manager some time off, so I havent had that much time to cook. I fried up most of the mushrooms (button and oyster) in ghee. I used ghee, just because I had it and I didn't have butter. The oyster mushrooms contained a lot of water, so it took a while. I seasoned lightly with black pepper and salt, portioned them, and put some in the fridge, some in the freezer. You will see...
Like everyone said.... Don't overcook. Brining is quite a good idea And as to the chop: I really like neck chops as they got their fat spread throughout the whole chop.   An alternative is to cook brown them and then heat them inside the sauce. It becomes a bit more of a stewed pork chop than a fried one though....
This is a pic from the last bit of left over ribs. Check out the bone. Still spare ribs?
But I haven't got a clue
Thanks, I was just surprised as it looked like normal spare ribs, but there where hardly any bones in it.
Recently, I put some ribs on a rotisserie on the kettle. I thought they were spare ribs (I bought them as such), but they hardly had any bones in them and they were very meaty. Are they actually just spare ribs or are they called differently? And where in the pig do they come from?   After reading some articles on the internet, it looks like they may have been country style ribs?      
Another Idea: Vietnamese hot pot.... You basically have a pot of broth on the table and you cook your veges and meat or fish in it, roll in some lettuce leaf, eat and on top of that,  you end up with a delicious broth. Some pics:     Other ideas: Make your own fresh springrolls with rice paper.... Fish with Asian spices wrapped in banana leaf Green papaya salad etc etc   I actually think that this topic would have made a great monthly challenge
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