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Mine is easy.... I live in Zambia and even though we are landlocked, the climate is pretty similar to Thailand (just slightly less humid, most of the time). It never freezes, not even any chance of night frost. The others that mentioned they have a plant need to put in a much bigger effort to keep it alive. I am the biggest challenge to the tree/bush. When the tree was still very small, I had to be careful not to eat the leaves faster than they could grow. By the way, I...
 I totally agree, but that's why I started looking about what to do with the left overs.So far I found that I can make nice pizza and other flatbread with it. I keep the starter in the fridge, so I only have to feed it once every week or even 2 weeks, and by that time I am happy to eat flatbread again!
Ah, but those kaffir lime  leaves are just awesome, especially fresh. I got 2 trees in my garden. Luckily, I don't have the temperature problem as the coldest it gets here is about 7 oC for a short period, and then only between first light and sunrise.   But those leaves just perk up any sort of meal!   And now you guys have convinced me to start looking for a curry leaf tree !
I haven't had time to make a sourdough bread yet, but I did make sourdough pizza dough. Hope that counts!     I thought I had posted this a couple days before, but apparently the internet gods did not agree, so trying again.....
Beef ribs....
Mind blowing it may be, but @French Fries is right. Chicken tikka is Indian, masala is Indian, but chicken tikka masala is British. They wanted a sauce (masala) with their chicken tikka! By the way, I like chicken tikka and I like chicken tikka masala. As gor the other trends mentioned: I can't really say anything. We have one Thai and one Mexican restaurant in the whole country and they are not cheap. We got lots of Chinese and Indian restaurants but they are all a bit...
And asparagus soup:
@Mike9: That's awesome !   I was given some fresh asparagus.....     Steak and asparagus from the bbq, Baby potatoes out of the oven. Mashed hard boiled eggs for over the asparagus
We got some great bakers here
Ah, but I can't put my dog in the fridge and only feed it once a week or fortnight !
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