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My cast iron pots are very well seasoned and seem to stay that way, even when deglazing with wine, or worse, cooking with wine and/or tomatoes If you use them often enough, I wouldn't worry too much about the patina....
Homemade Chorizo meatballs with red & yellow pepper, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes:
Most of Marianski's book can be found here: http://www.meatsandsausages.com/    ​     ​     ​      There is also a good forum: http://www.wedlinydomowe.pl/en/
I just had left over chicken.....
@phatch There are a number of German sausage recipes in Marianski's book (don't have the exact title in my head, will be able to find it for you if you want). Also check out the recipes on Len Poli's site: lpoli.50webs.com
They look awesome! Wish I could have a bite or two (with a good glass of red wine)
It wasn't egullet but try this link: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/903214   I have had a couple of Burmese dishes and I quite like them. But then, I like SE Asian food in general
If I remember correctly, there is a thread on egullet where some people cook a lot of the dishes from the book "flavors of burma". Hope that helps....
That croc was actually skinned and then cooked.Strange enough the pattern of the skin stayed visible....
Going back to alligators and crocs.......   An old pic  
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