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@eastshores: Those hasselbacks look awesome! Can you give some details how you did those?   Yesterday I tried my first ever bacon wrapped chili, been wanting to do this for a while.   Cleaned the home grown chili, filled with a mascarpone-cilantro-chili powder mixture and wrapped with bacon            All alone on the baby kettle braai       And done!   Tasty, but in the process of crisping the bacon, a lot of the filling oozed out. I am now thinking...
@JAH42: No prep, except for pricking the potatoes a couple of times with a fork.   If I have plenty time and fire, I manage to get them ready without blackening the skin (this was done on a small small kettle). Alternatively, you can prick them and wrap in foil.
In the earlier challenges a lot of people posted "old" dishes. Now it is only dishes made in the month of the challenge, which I think is a big improvement. I like these challenges as they make me try different styles and techniques.
I managed to get my hands on some good cilantro (with roots) and chives and I since I have a surplus of madam Jeanette chili's (close to scothc bonnet) I decided to make Jamaican Jerk Chicken. There seem to be hundreds of different recipes for it. I made the marinade out of: Madame Jeanette chili's, garlic, cilantro (with roots),  chives, fresh ginger, dried thyme and marjoram, all spice, cinnamon, lime juice, soy sauce, vinegar, some oil and jamaican dark rum (this is...
Good luck and make sure you post some pictures in the monthly challenge
Beef Ribs:   They were on special: about U$ 3.50 for 1.46 kg........   Rubbed with spices (home made mix)       Half way through...   And then I fell asleep. View from the kettle in the morning     And the view inside..... As expected they were a bit overdone (understatement)     Luckily, they were still edible, but dry, so cut of the meat and cooked it up with eggplant, tomato, yoghurt and extra chili. It turned out very tasty, but was...
@chefbuba: Did you first grill the ribs and then smoke them with the pelletsmoker? Or how did you do this? That's a coldsmoker isn't it?   I got the proQ cold smoker and I was looking at combining it with a hot plate for hot smoking/bbq, but if I can make it work with charcoal..... So much the better!
Wintertime here! But grilling will keep me warm (we got no central heating), so I am all for it
Congratulations! Well deserved
You don't really need any fancy equipment. I made sauerkraut in a plastic (foodgrade) bucket. The first part of the process requires air (oxygen) to get everything started, after that you want to exclude oxygen. You can do this with a waterlock or by closing the jar/bucket and releasing the carbon dioxide every so often. I use a plastic bag with brine solution to keep the cabbage down and to create a simple water lock. Good luck, homemade sauerkraut is nice,!
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