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Nasi goreng with fried egg and carrot pickle
@panini Sounds pretty good. Do you have some pictures?
Asian omelette with bacon, tomato, coriander, bean sprouts and fish sauce
I fully agree with Pete, but in this end of the world (southern africa) the time between starter and dinner is almost non-existent and people want it that way. They actually complain if they sit for even 2 or 3 minutes without food in front of them! To by-pass the problem, I order ny starter and only order main course when my starter arrives. Another peeve is when the waiter takes away a plate as soon as it is finished instead of waiting for everyone in the party to...
I found a recipe here: http://honest-food.net/2011/03/22/sichuan-bacon/ Looks pretty nice so am going to try it :-)
Congratulations ! Well done, those meatballs looked very tasty
I am about to put a slab of belly pork in the cure. I was going to do a juniper bacon, but szechuan bacon sounds pretty awesome!
To me the amount of panko used seems on the high side, maybe reduce it a bit. And like FF says, don't overwork the mince. Just apply minimal pressure to form a ball.   What I would do is to mix everything together with half the amount of panko and gradually add more till it feels right. Or divide the batch in 3, one with half the panko, one with 3/4 and one with the full amount so you can compare properly?
Food and drink addict: I wonder why
Thanks all! Going to read my way to the recipes and ideas and make up my mind in the next day or so (luckily butternut keeps very well!)
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