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No, don't give up!   You already got to Spanish sounding and pasta....   I don't know the answer, Jake does and he can give more hints....   Unless everyone else thinks we should google it ???? Too me, that's just too easy, enter all ingredients and you will have the answer
You got the idea of the game @eastshores, Except..... NO google (it would just make it too easy)
Jake, I got no idea. The grapes are totally throwing me off.....   But I do like this game
Just playing around: I had some form of a lentil stew/daal in the freezer, made with tomatoes that needed finishing, left over bbq beef ribs and old lentils. It had to cook forever to get them soft. Anyway, I heated it up and to add some excitement, I added kaffir lime leaves and squeezed lime juice in it     And then became creative with yoghurt (as the stew contained a lot of fresh chili's that needed to be used as well)   Disclaimer: since the main dish was...
End of the meal, no doubt about that! Whole fish or fillet?
Tap water if it would be drinkable. Here it is not, so I go for still water even though I like sparkling water (just can't drink enough sparkling water to quench my thirst in the hot season)   Lemme think:   peanuts or crisps?
This is funny as I was thinking about this thread the other day. @French Fries: thanks for reviving it!   As for the last lot of ingredients: it sounds carribean or mexican to me....
Hank beat me to it, I was also going to post a drink as a first entry. Might still do it
We got lots of limes at the moment, so shouldn't be too hard to come up with a couple of entries.....
And there was me looking forward to the mungbeans   Congratulations Millionsknives !!!
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