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It was not for dinner, but for brunch. I had just been reading on taco's and tortilla's, got hungry and decided to make myself one.   I marinated finely sliced steak in lime juice, cumin, chili and garlic. Fried onions, added steak and yellow pepper and later on some tomato. Heated a chapati (as I cannot get tortilla's here) and put the mixture in there with some avocado.   Quick and tasty and a definitely going to do that again. Forgot to make pictures though
I generally turn the ratio around. I use 3 parts vinegar for 1 part olive oil. It's just how I like it. I use it sparingly and yes, it is thin. When there are other people around, I go back to the "official" ratio, but I just prefer mine, if it is just me.   Generally I will add some mustard  to it as well (sometimes a bit of yoghurt, for a change).
Yeah, like chefbuba says.   Or shred or cube and crisp in some hot oil: "crispy chicken taco "   Or shred and use it cold inside the taco   I generally eat my left over chicken cold, as is. It is about the only meat that I like when it is cold (except for ham of course)
Not too hot here yet, but my gm is on leave, so it is quick and easy meals for me.
Heck, I for one, don't have access to shop bought stock and ordering online is not gonna work.   But I have tried some (when visiting my dad) and I find a lot of them way too salt. I agree with @Someday that it is not that much of an effort to make chicken stock. I keep the back bone of the chicken, freeze and when I have enough bones I make stock. If I don't have it, I just use water
Number 1 found its way into a big pot of black eyed peas. Then yesterday, I harvested 5 of them. Let's see how many I get today .........
I have Thai chili's soaked in whisky. We use it as a punishment drink for drinking games. I am a bit scared to do his with these peppers as they are quite a bit hotter than the Thai red ones!   Smoking and drying is definitely on the cards. Could I cold smoke them and then dry in either the sun or a low oven? I don't have a food hydrator. I suppose I have to check how low I can get my oven to go. @JAH42: Any advice? I could try and use my bbq, but I am not too good...
Thanks, I definitely will go for some smoked-dried ones. That sounds good! I already got some in vinegar. I made sambal (chili paste) and I will make some Jamaican jerk seasoning (and just freeze it)   I think I will make some sri racha sauce (with a difference) as well.     There are about 50 or 60 of those to come in the next 2 to 3 weeks! And I already got a lot of them in the freezer of the last flush.    
My chili plant has gone absolutely crazy this year. It's a Madam Janet pepper, also know as Surinam Yellow and resembles a scotch bonnet in shape, flavour and heat.   I got some in the freezer, made some into a pineapple chili sauce, dried some, used some for Jaimacan jerk marinade. I need more ideas!   I love hot food, but these things got a bite! I used about 5 for my Jaimacan Jerk marinade (for 1.5-2 kg chicken thighs) and it was tasty, but carried a punch (and...
I can't really help you that much, but I would suggest you have a look at the website of Andrea Ngyuen. I get a lot of my inspiration about Vietnamese food from there. http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/
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