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A made up dish with Thai flavours:   Beef mince cooked up with garlic, onion, lemongrass, tomato, chili paste and some pieces of dried galangal     Beans added and a splash of fish sauce   And ready for eating I served it with rice and had the leftovers the next day with rice noodles (sorry no plating pictures)
Interesting dishes all! Patch, that is quite a document. I know those black beans as toatjo. I am prepping a bunch of mung beans, so will be making something with bean sprouts in the next couple of days
You got it! Chicken satay. Was too easy wasn't it? Your turn :-)
I suppose I would go for the first one as well. I am not very good at plating, I got a lot to learn!
That's a bit tricky, but I guess I would fry up a tablespoon or 2 more curry paste than you are going to use for the mild batch. Remove these 2 tablespoons and keep aside. Make the mild curry and add the extra fried paste to your own. Alternatively just use chili paste (sambal ulek or so).
Peanut Garlic Chicken Soy Sugar Lemon Chili
Also thinking of a red currant sauce. Foor me that would go with any poultry and probably with pork as well
Thanks Patch for that feedback. I had actually totally forgotten all the processed beans, and that while I use copious amounts of soy sauce and I absolutely love tempeh/timpeh, but can't get it here. FF, I am not a desert eater, so forgot those as well. I remember eating bean flavoured ice cream in Japan donkey's years ago, and was not impressed.. @JP, so we can use fresh beans as well for this challenge?
Tricky one, Sounds like stuffed cabbage with yorkshire pudding, but that seems like a weird combination to me, Si I go for an open pie of bread dough with an cabbage & minced meat filling
Lentils this time: I call it fusion dhal (made with lentils, smoked brisked, lemon grass, fish sauce, and garlic and served with some rye bread and a dollop of yoghurt to the side) Now there is something that I have always wondered about: India uses lots of beans and pulses etc, but they are hardly ever used in SE asian cooking (except for bean sprouts)? Does anyone know why?  
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