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I like kidney beans, but I find there to be a big texture difference between the canned and dried. I way prefer them when starting from scratch. Maybe try them that way and see if you like them better? You can actually do a big batch and then freeze in portions. Otherwise, maybe go a total different route and go for chickpeas or black eyed peas?
Some good looking left over dishes!   I have been away for a bit, just camping and chilling (and fishing and game viewing). There weren't a lot of left overs, as my friend loves to eat !   I didn;t take many food pics either, but I will be back.....   Maybe I should use left over mung beans ?????
I agree with you Koukou, I think some people don't realise cooking doesn't need to take much time (although it can...)
I can only get "oyster" brand. It's OK. I went to Vietnam a couple of years ago and their fish sauce was amazing! But you were not allowed to take it on the plane, otherwise I would have bought plenty.   I am a big fish sauce fan
Good Plan
@rpooley: Congratulations.... A well deserved win
Looking good!   I woke up this morning, looked at my butternut squash still lying there, and realised is was 1 November. AAARRRRGGHHH, too late...   Good luck with trying to choose a winner !!!
@ChefBillyB That's one enormous sandwich! How do you manage to take a bite out of that one without overstretching your jaws (I am just jealous)
Welcome! I am sure you are going to enjoy yoursefl here
@JvK Where do you live? I know there are certain pig breeds in the UK that are getting popular and they are a lot fatties than the "common" breeds.   For me (I am Dutch): Spek is cold smoked belly pork. That's just because that's what it means in Dutch Your definition sounds very much like Lardo.   Sorry I can't help you any further. I will see if any of my curing books mentions anything.   Last thing: when you get into smoking, especially cold smoking, make sure...
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