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I rather drink tea, if I can't get the real stuff! With other words, I have not yet found any instant coffee I like. Limited choice here as well. The best here is probably nescafe, so tea it is .
I was thinking of having something similar as a challenge: Envelopes, parcels, enclosures or whatever you would call it, but decided to go for mince instead. So throw some mince and spices in the wrapper and enter it as a samoosa
@Pete: good looking Pastissio. I have had it a couple of times and really like it!   @Koukouvagia: If I would have an image of a Greek meal in my head, this would be it. that just looks so appetizing!   @Mike9: Glad to see another mincer Even those leftovers look good. Makes me wonder what the whole meal looked like. Must have been good!   @Hayden: Those dishes you are posting look so amazing! I would like to try every single one of them! Sad to see that you...
This is from about 2 years ago, when I first put my hand at trying to make sausages:   The pork was chopped and mixed with the spices, then pushed through the grinder straight into the casing   Anyone else using a hand cranked mincer?   Below is the result. I have since upgraded to an electric mincer and a dedicated stuffer    
Some absolutely amazing entries sofar! Keep them coming.......
@ordo: That looks very appetizing. Wish I could take a bit of it right now!
Yes, exactly. But it got to be mince, not thin slices or so. So no carpaccio or shoarma, but steak tartare is fineVery good question. Initially I was going to allow them, but I actually think it is better to keep it to meat & fish onlyAs @teamfat points out: a lot of those could be a challenge on their own.I will amend in the first postYes, all type of meats are in, and you can hand chop your meat to mince  
@chefbuba Awesome: That's what I am looking for Those pasties and sausages look very appetising. Question: what meat are you using for the Italian sausages? I assume pork, but what part?
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