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Curious what eastshores will come up with. I was thinking that fast food would be a nice follower of slow cooking (or left overs, or, or, or )
Thanks millionsknives and chicagoterry! I will google it, and if I remember I will post a picture of the kale I am used to in a week or 2 (I will be in Holland by then for a short vist)
Congrats Eastshores! Looking forward to the next challenge!
I think that my attempts at making sourdough bread fall under the slow cooking category. After all, I had to start with making a starter!   Anyway, my first attempt tasted OK, had some holes in the bread, but was very dense (I am still surprised at those holes being there while the bread was so dense)   Pretty happy with my second attempt (longer knead and an extra stretch and fold)  
I don't want to hijack this thread, but it sounds like I got the same problem. The bread turns out very flat and dense (tasty though). To my big surprise I do have a fair number of holes in the bread, but not all over. I have blamed it on insufficient kneading after the autolyse and am in the process of making another loaf. Fingers crossed .....
Chickpeas with mince, garlic, onion, eggplant, and tomato. Could almost be Middle Eastern, except that the mince is pork mince (and obviously I added some chili's as well) Served with sour cream and basil
Thanks @chicagoterry
What's the difference between dinosaur Kale and Curly Kale? I only know curly kale (boerenkool - literal translation is farmer's cabbage)
I only know of one way of eating kale (I know it as boerekool) and that's the traditional Dutch way. Mash it with potatoes and eat with jus (gravy) and rookworst (smoked sausage). And always with a bit of vinegar sprinkled on it. I used to like it a lot, till my dad planted too much and we were eating it twice a week or more! We only ate it in wintertime and only once the frost had gone over it. I don't recall any bitter taste at all, but it was said that the frost...
@chicagoterry: I am looking at buying both the breadbaker's apprentice and crust & crumb. Is iit worth buying both or do they overlap a lot? I do have artisan bread making.
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