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RIP chef Ed. We will miss you.   My sincerest condolances to all his family and friends
I am going to try again, after being disqualified by @ordo     Below are the ingredients. Don't worry, I didn't use all those chili's   My attempt at putting sliced cucumber and tomato nicely in a bowl   And seperately, a marinade of fish sauce, palm sugar, lime juice, chili, garlic and onion   And then it's time for the main player: a piece of rumpsteak on a nice hot cast iron griddle   And 1 side seared. I was quite happy with the grill...
And I made some beef nachos, but that was just before I read what this months'challenge was. Forgot to take pictures
Well done, Hank!   I had great plans for this challenge, but it just didn't happen ....
Thanks @MillionsKnives. Great description.   I can't get one here, so I am going to be looking at making one. I got the old metal and the tools here. Should be able to come up with something approximating this kettle ring. I suppose around 20 cm high and an opening of about 2/3 the diameter of the weber (mine's actually a cadac, but who cares) should do the trick. It won't look good, but hey, if it works, it works.   At my last visit to Holland, I though of taking...
@MillionsKnives: I have been looking at this and wanting to buy one.Have you actually used it? Can you describe your experiences (temperature reached, heat up time, time it takes to bake the pizza)?
Rendang is awesome   As for the fried shallots, we made them during a cooking course in Vietnam and if I remembre correct, they were started of in cold oil. I will check my notes.   I haven't made them since, I normally buy them in bulk and they are addictive
Check this link as well, a free class in Pizza making by Peter Reinhart   http://www.craftsy.com/class/perfect-pizza-at-home/186
A bit of topic, but I had a look at some pictures of a couple of years back and because of @MillionsKnives post about bahn xeo, i decided to post them here.   Market in Ho-an, Vietnam (Millionsknives in disguise?)                              
I use a combination. Some recipes are written down in a notebook, some on pepperplate (and printed out and filed). I also make notes in cookbooks, mostly on post it notes but sometimes in the margin or at the bottom of the page.
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