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Greetings!   I tried your perfect yellow cake recipe today and made cupcakes.   While the flavor was good I think it's just to dense for a cupcake. They turned out more like iced muffins.   I followed the recipe exactly for the cupcake, added two tsp of Chai spices and then iced with a Chai Buttercream   What can I do to take a perfect cake recipe and make it light enough for cupcakes?     Thanks,   Mrs. B
I bake bread almost daily since the first of the year when my son and I decided to only eat from scratch stuff for a year. In my opinion, you need more salt and make sure you are using sea sslt not the iodated "table" salt.   I always proof my yeast in warm sugar water or start with a bread "sponge." depending on the type of loaf I need.   I should point out that I DO NOT knead my dough but use either the bread machine on dough setting, the food processor, or the...
Mine is The B-Spot in the Cleveland, Ohio suburbs. Burgers cooked to perfection, the best garlic & parm wings you've ever tasted, and grown up milkshakes with hand dipped ice cream and liquor. (Vanilla Bean with Kahlua and vodka)     What's not to love about burgers and shakes?
I never complain, unless there is a foreign object in my food and that has yet to happen. I just don't return.
My suggestion would be to use King Arthur Sir Lancelot Unbleached Hi-Gluten Flour made by King Arthur Flour Company.
I have been using the recipe that is included in this article, "Bread Baking With Sponges."   It has worked perfect for me everytime with a 9 to 10 hours preferment here in Ohio, USA. You in South America would probably need a shorter time.
Greetings!   Today I received the following email from paypal   "Your subscription to Premium Membership - $1.00 per month or $12.00 per year Subscriptionhas been cancelled by You will not be billed for this subscription again."   It has not been a year yet and I paid the 12$ so I am confused as to what is going on.  
Still cool here in Ohio just east of Cleveland and the spring flowers are not blooming yet but I did notice the chives are up ;o)
I had this same problem when I was attempting to do my yeast breads in my Cuisinart food processor, I tried it using both the dough blade and the metal blade but the bread was always dense.My solution was to use the bread machine on its dough setting and that has fixed the problem for me. I also started blooming my yeast regardless of what the bread machine instructions said.I don't understand why there would be a difference, but maybe a food processor dries out the dough...
Mines a Regal that's about 15 years old and I use it at least 3 times a week to knead and sometimes do the first rise. We eat a lot of rolls or buns and pizza here and it's a huge time saver for me. Occassionally, I forget the dough and it cooks into a tasty but odd mushroom topped loaf, which we cut across instead of down like a regular loaf. I love my breadmaker and would never be without one. I would like to see a removeable tray under the elements that can be...
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