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If you're looking for herbs, definitely get a catalog from Richter's Herbs. They have one of the most extensive herb selections in North America.
Shel, It's always best to grow herbs outside in direct sun in the ground (assuming your soil is decent and has good drainage). They are just more healthy and happy outside.
DC Sunshine, Where are you located in Australia? You generally want to plant garlic a good two months before your average killing frost date. Meaning the date when there is a 50% chance of a killing freeze.
They are absolutely useful. All you have to do is cut yourself once and you've learned never to do it again, learn to use the guard. Like Suzanne, I recommend the Benriner which is well made with a variety of blades though I don't perceive it as the "cheapo" brand, not like the white generic type sold at discount stores. The Benriner can sell for $20 - $60 depending on your source. It's been quite a few years since I've seen it for $20. I use it for tomatillos, onions,...
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Have a photo you can post?
So what are you growing in your garden this year? Old favorites? Trying anything new?
If you look in the upper left area of the screen, you'll see the "Blog" link. Dr. Zoidberg, No need to lurk, please feel free to be an active member here at ChefTalk.
fadeaway, Try 86F to 18F degrees in a week in April. :suprise:
Any mint can be invasive. Sink a gallon pot in the ground with two inches of the pot above soil level. Fill with two to three inches of gravel, then potting soil (not top soil) and plant the mint. It will be much more easily contained.
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