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I have been interested in starting a website centralized around all things culinary, and hopefully, to make an income from it.  Now, whether or not it blooms into something huge would be left for mind to guess.  I suppose my questions would be, how might you [all] see this, in all practicality?  Do you believe it could work; do you think people would be interested in such a resource? -- It would be free, the income would be made in other fashions.   Comments and...
Also, could you begin without permits / licenses (if required) and then acquire them later down the road?
The rest is indeed important, but the bold should be addressed first and foremost.  I do not have the permits, but I would very much love to make them homemade.  I have seen multiple places that certain states (such as Pennsylvania) allow home baked goods to be sold.  Now, does this bypass the permits, licences, etc... or does it simply mean that once those are obtained (How exactly do you go about doing that, if necessary?) you can then sell them?
Seems rather plain-and-simple.  I was trying to determine whether or not if people would buy homemade cookies if given the chance, and if not (or very little), would there be another more popular baked good of choice?  What say you, chef-talkers?
Is it possible to overload that?  -- I had tried using it once before, and it was at 18 hours (my computer is nowhere near old, just saying) in by the time I stopped it.  I should have left it go to see how long it was going to take, but geesh...18 hours... 
Any clue how?  (Allow me to elaborate.  =P) -    I am always here and there looking for new recipes to try out, and well, I seem to have forgotten to do something with them as I have come across them.  A few months (and hundreds of recipes) down the road, and I have a massive collection of recipes bookmarked, and not much in the way of time to get them quickly and efficiently off the web.  And so, might anyone have any good suggestions on the best method(s) of doing...
I'm going for the just for the fun of, sharing my stuff, making some extra cash while people enjoy fresh home-baked goods, goal.  But, actually getting somewhere would be quite, quite nice.  =)   Always great to hear a success story!
When having applied (it was to WalMart =P; Online Application) would it come off as too eager to call later that same day / next day to ask about the status of the application / schedule an interview (should one actually be required for WalMart =) )?
....Okay, I'm going to leave the question really broad for now.... just to see what kind of responses it merits.  Now, just to clarify, I don't mean a full-fledged business. 
 kuan, your post made me laugh... and I don't know why (it makes me sound really slow, the explanations, that is.... but I don't mind =) )  I know that I'm going to plan out my dinners (major meal) and then just kind of...randomize for say breakfast and lunch.... then if I want a snack, just kind of grab a piece of fruit or some veggies...  
New Posts  All Forums: