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Well... Thank You both for the warm welcome! I have wanted to cook ever since I could walk. I have watched cooking shows since I was about 4 or 5. I have some pics of food I have prepared. When ever I go to resturants I save the menus to prepare different foods I think my family would like. I cook dinner for my parents all the time. Im hoping to get a degree in the Culinary field at GA Tech, Im hoping to learn alot of new recipes from this Board, and meet alot of new...
HEY everyone! I am 16 years old, and I am a future chef! I watch the Food Network all the time! I admire & respect all the chefs I have been viewing. Im hoping to learn alot from all of the people that belong to this board!
Personally I dont think there is anything different! They are both melted sugar products. I am a future chef & I watch the Food Network all the time! I have learned that Its just how people adapt language, just like people say pecan differently or tomato, even potato. Either way they are all delicious things, and its all just how you are brought up to say things.
New Posts  All Forums: