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Sous vide is GREAT! There are however rules to the game, steak needs to be cooked at 140, then seared till desired temp, chicken needs to be at 165, and seared if you wish, fish 155, these temps are the temps of the water. You need to check it continuously. For the zip lock bags, I am stuck using the same method, get some small bar straws and seal the bag all the way to the far corner, just big enough for the straw, hold tightly and suck all the air out. If you don't, the...
A salad starter is a must. Simple mix greens, maybe some chopped iceberg for crunch, toasted almond slivers, dried cranberries, tomato (small dice), feta or goat cheese crumbles, simple balsamic vinnaigrette (3:1 extra virgin olive oil to balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, a little dijon and a dash of sugar). The red wine cream sauce is a great idea, but maybe cut back to half of a shallot, shallots are pretty pungent, make sure you reduce cream by half, finish with a small...
Ha I just now realized your the same person I replied to earlier. Sullivan is what you make out of it. There's a lot of joker's that don't care that really just get in the way. Who you start basic with, probably about half of them won't stick around. And ya basic skills is mandatory, so be prepared to be grilling hamburgers, frying fries, sauteing fish, making mother sauces, ect. I aced the class so if you ever have any questions let me know. Who you get for basic and...
Ya I've been going there since last June, i love it. I might be your ta if your starting in the summer quarter.
Cool, I'm going to try this method see how it comes out. Thanks for the tip.
So you boil your water first, then add rice? And what exactly do you mean by loose and separate grains? 9 Minutes is pretty impressive. Also, if you freeze it, that doesn't take away from the flavor?
One thing I would would want to try with this rice is cooking it. If its already soft, I'm sure you could just flash it boiling water like al dente pasta.
Racks work amazing for deep fried foods. Also holding or even finishing in the oven does keep it crispy. Paper towels just pool up unless you have 6 layers or more, and frankly thats a lot of paper and money wasted. A rack can be used more than once because the oil just runs off. Pinch pennies when you can.
So I was browsing the articles on Yahoo this morning and apparently scientists in India have cross bred soft rice with mass produced rice to get rice that doesn't need to be cooked, just soaked in water for 45 minutes. Not even sure how this product would taste, but if it is good, this could be par soaked before hand and make for much quicker rice service, what do you think? Scientists invent rice that doesn't need cooking
This drives me F****** nuts when I see or hear of co-workers being this rude. The guest is ALWAYS RIGHT!!!! And yes, there is a black-hole, it's called cigarettes (ugh)/cell phones. Both will be outlawed at my future restaurant.
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