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i used to be really into cars in college, had a subaru wrx and on weekend evenings i would go up the mountains and enjoy some canyon road driving. but really just don't have the time anymore... i mean i'm not gonna wake up 2am just for a drive anymore...i mean... fast cars are nice... but if you give me a fast car, what am i gonna do with it? probably just commute anyways, lol. so right now i drive a really comfy 7 seat suv with a nice 7 speaker sound system =)
i think global sells their own wetstones and guide for sharpening to ensure proper angle, so it seems pretty easy...sharpening is $3 per knife at my local resturant supply store
i have herd about people eating mammoth meat and was okay. but yah, wow, meat that's much older than me, hahaha. taste a piece of history
well, the resume didn't say he graduated... maybe just had a few classes (ESL classes probably?)i was thinking, maybe he asked his buddy how to spell "cook", and his buddy pulled a prank and told him "C-O-C-K", sounds close pronounced with an italian accent, lol. he did work at an italian joint.
i just watched this movie again recently. the first time watching it i wasn't really that into cooking, so i just thought the movie was cute, but the 2nd time, after i got interested in cooking and have read kitchen confidential, i really got to appreciate the movie, the kitchen scene, and Collete =)i even made confit byaldi, tasted pretty good so says my friends, but i really have no idea what it's supposed to taste thing about the movie is... it really doesn't...
umm i find them to be more helpful than ER... ER you wait wait wait and they charge you through the nose
have you ever had a kogi taco? kimchi slaw taste pretty good! also you can do raddish julienne picked in white vinigar
i needed stiches, but didn't end up getting them because i went to urgent care too late (the next day). so i guess i really did cut myself :smoking: mandolins are far far more dangerous than a chef's knife!
i just finished watching the series yesterday, it was awesmoe! it was pretty cool to see Dale just go off on Michael Chiarello, lol really funny, almost got too real for TV! the thing about the masters vs. regular top chef is i feel like they expirment less with new flavor combinations and work more with stuff they already know how to do well. take less chances than regular top chef contestants i guess. looking forward to season 2 of top chef masters! 04/07/2010
lost the guard long time ago. honestly for eggplant i think i could've done a better job just wtih my chef knife. maybe i'll check out one of those kevlar gloves next time. the dish turned out great, everyone liked it
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