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To me the best is a good weissbeeer not filtered. Possibly organic.
You can also saute but I would not call it saute. We would start browning in olive oil for 10 minutes on all sides, then remove the oil and add new oil (we are against making sauce with cooked oil), stock or wine, add herbbs including rosemarin, let it sit. wine, cover and let finish to cook but be careful not to boil, at the end .....milk to cream the sauce. This is one of our best preparation. We stuff with grapes and herbs.
Pinzimonio. Dipping fresh vegetables in olive oil.
Olive oil. Can not live without.
There is nothing like fresh Mozzarella eaten right at the producion place in south of Italy. My friend from Puglie and from Neaples throw away mozzarella that is 2 days old as we would do with bread. They have such a quality and you can not get it anywere else.
Vitamin D is carried by fat and that imight bewhy whole milk is called D vitamin milk. If you remove fat from milk you decrease D vitamin. On the other hand it is possible that Vitamin D milk was skimmed and then added with Vitamin D.For the first question, just as a temporary remedy, add a little cream (fresh whipping cream) to your not whole milk for crepes.
If you don't eat bacon or ham, then your nitrates is 60% coming from vegetables. If you eat meat with nitrates, then your total nitrates raises and normal background from plants is reduced to a small percentage.The problem with nitratees on meat is not nitrate, as that is hard to believe is unhealthy as part of many biochemical reactions. The problem is nitrites. That is a much powerful preservative and commonly added with nitrates as preservative for meat.Here in europe...
Another way to approach this is to reduce the cooking of the tortelloni of a couple of minutes, then chop mozzarella to dices of 1/2" or less. Pour tortelloni and mozzarella (plus basil leaves) into a saute pan. Once Mozzarella melts i would start to "string out". Stop immediately. If needed a little cream or a little butter or a little olive oil, the latter is the best as I don't reccomend to mix mozzarella with any other diary or cheese. You might prefere to add the...
It might be that every once in a while the yeast is replaced or grows with lactic bacterias.Bubbles are carbon dioxide created by yeast fermentating the sugar released by starch. The large ones are sometimes created by lactic bacteria who have the possibility to get more sugar from starch.This is hard to control. check ingredients that you use with flour. Do you add milk? do you add sugar as starter?Sometimes this happes because something reduce the activity of yeast,...
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