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Thanks ABE, I wish I could learn how to make wines.
Thanks Phatch! Another recipe added in my recipe book. Thanks Again!
How much is the cheapest tripod and how is the best quality tripods?
For me, I will still use tomato paste for my tomato based sauce.
Those pics are really good. I hope someday, I will also learn on plating.
I have tried once, I think it was a decade ago. Never knew that, the changed the way billing.
I haven't known that vit C is a conditioner for the dough. Thanks for the one who posted this thread, shouldn't have known it if this topic has not been discussed. 
Thanks for the explanation. Just confuse with that sauce because, I just know only one. Thanks again.
I want to try these recipe, thanks for the post.
Is that true? Definitely not.
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