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Your cookies look great! .....,and yummy!  Thank you!  
Welcome!  :)
Robert Irvine!    Why? "Bow chicka bow wowwww".   ;)        lol
Hi guys!   I'm starting to plan my holiday baking lists and am looking for a good sugar cookie icing that will decorate well...not be sloppy...yet still taste devine!   I am planning on placing them in the Christmas baskets I make and want to get a bit more elaborate this year with my cut outs.  Somewhat like the large ones you would find in a gourmet bakery.   If any of you Chefs have a good recipe, it would be greatly appreciated.  :)
Thank all of you for your replies.  They are very helpful!   :)
Thank you for the link!   I'm checking it out now.  :)  
Want something really flavorful that will go with anything.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  :)
This is awesome!   Great work!  
I have never tried this place.  I am going to look into it!  
^  I love this place.  Best breakfast ever!    
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