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Also.....what kind of icing did you use on those?   It decorates well.
Those are just beautiful!!!   How long does it take to decorate the cookies like that?    I need to up my Christmas cookie game plan!   Seeing this is good motivation. :)  
Geez, I feel terrible thinking about some cow running around without lips.      
  Awesome advice!    Especially checking with churches before investing in a kitchen.    Our church has a huge kitchen that goes unused for a greater part of the year.  That would be something to look into.  
wow lol   Interesting idea...cant say that I would eat one!  :)
Cast iron griddle!
Looks great Kane!
Looks great!   I will try this the next time I have to do a yellow cake.
  Chicago suburb native are right about the best hot dogs!   Love the Navy pier hot dog!  :D
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