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    Thank you for the link!     You guys are such a blessing to the "home chef" who just shares the passion!  
  Thank you so much!   Your advice is great!   Can you suggest a good brand of chocolate to use for something like this?  I am going to try something with less sugar in it...I had always used milk chocolate in the past. haha :)
Can anyone give me some advice?   I make peanut butter truffle type balls and after the filling has been formed, they are to be dipped in chocolate prior to drying.   I use my double boiler for melt the chocolate and add a bit of paraffin wax to help the coating set with a nice sheen..  Is there a proper ratio I could use to where my chocolate wont be too runny to set or too thick to dry.   I am looking for a method to coat them evenly and have them dry nicely...
Yes, technology is great! ;)
Thank you! Good luck with yours as well. :) I agree, this is something that can be passed, shared and enjoyed!
I would love to make a book of all of my mother and grandmothers recipes! I think that will be a good project for me to start on...such a great idea! Also, Julie and Julia....just "loved it"!
Oh Lord, those were so funny to read! Some of these really cracked me up. :)
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