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I am using On Cooking for culinary school, and altho it contains a wealth of information...the recipes are geared for a larger audience. It also contains a CD which lets you print all the recipes from the book. The recipes can be scaled down, of course. I haven't aquired the Professional Chef yet. Happy Fooding!
anybody have this book or read it? I'm thinking of getting it, but Amazon doesn't let me see enough to fully grab my interest. I'll try to find it at the local library, but I was wondering if any of you had any opinions. Thanks. Happy Fooding!
Hey all--I'm currently at a go-nowhere job and going to culinary school part-time. I've almost finished my degree and I'm interested in starting a catering business to get into the field. I've done a couple events with my sister already, and it seems to be something I'd like to do for now. I have outside help at the moment for ideas and inspiration, and really want to start. Any ideas and words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated. I hope to fully immerse myself in...
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