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I would seriously keep it as simple as possible because the pork will probably be delicious! Cilantro, fresh lime, a slice or two of avacado...
For those that juice...stems are perfect for juicing.
What about scallops? They would cook up really fast...maybe serve some pasta with them and a light sauce?
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My wife runs a very popular bar and grill in town. She is going to work and I am going to sit on my butt and watch the big screen. I will drink a bunch of Mirror Pond pale ale, eat wings, and probably have some ribs. They are doing BBQ chicken, ribs, and pulled pork.
^^^ HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love it. Yeah, that guy is a jerk, but I think Alex Guarnaschelli is the worst. I would LOVE to see them do the show, and see how well they would do. Have one basket with Cod and Parmesan cheese.
I have heard many bad things about vegemite...hahahaha!!! I usually snack on really bad stuff: chips, cookies, the like. I need to have more good stuff in the pantry and fridge so I can have some healthier snacks. A little cream cheese/lunch meat roll, almonds, peanut butter, raisins, etc...
Thanks for all the spice rack tips everyone. I never really knew to keep spices out of the light. I may try to rig up something like A.B. has on Good Eats. Maybe magnetic rather than velcro. The other thing I want soooooo badly is a stand mixer. They are so spendy, though. I think it may be a while until I get one of those.
I went to a party and they had the oysters on the grill in the shell, with a few drops of tabasco. It was simple and delicious, and it seems like you could do a lot with that.
Do you guys watch "Chopped"? A recent episode had one of the judges scolding a competitor for using cheese with fish.
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