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I got giddy thinking of the joy of the births... Congrats!!! To you and the ma.... and then I think of how tastey the guy-goat was looking to you and it makes me sad.  I think it's an estrogen thing.  Don't get me wrong: I Lerve the goat meat.   It's just that my family history includes primarily raising black angus cattle, all of whom were traded to other black angus farms at slaughter time 'cause they couldn't eat that which they had raised.   I think I'll just...
lol  Gunnar, did you have your pet flame, Threefoot, with you?  Or did you smile that special smile of yours at them?  lolI used to cross the border a LOT, for commercial purposes.  One time, when returning to Canada, I was the first vehicle through an American check-post that had just come on shift.  I was cleared, and started to drive away.  Alarms sounded, and guards came running from all directions pointing rifles at me.  Seems the check-post guard had not had enough...
Yep, stupid bump again.  I could  really use some feedback and opinions... Open is 4 days away.
Oh,  hun, I totally know where you are right now.  All I can say is: A. GO GO GO GO  B. Don't prep too much, but be ready to fast prep if needed.  C.  ASK!!  Casually question your customers, or have your register folk do it.  What do they like, what would they like?D.  Be ready to lean on your laurels.  Trust that those who like what you offer will be patient enough to wait for what you have to offer... and that off-the-streeters will be impressed. Don't be in such a...
Burgers.  I tried another round of experimenting (trying to get an ideal mix to showcase the yummy local beef I have access to).  Maybe it was too much sun, but I figured mire poix makes for a great flavour base in a lot of foods so why not in burgers?  Yech.  I minced 2 parts onion, 1 part carrot, and 1 part celery and mixed it into the ground beef after a brief saute.  Right away it smelled a bit odd (the beef itself smells great, even when raw... I suspect this is...
another option, if you like, is silicone muffin liners.  They are sold at the dollar store.  I've never had a problem with them sticking, and they wash up easily for reuse.
If they are already thawed, 10 seconds in the nuker makes them as soft and pliable as you could want.   Added bonus = once they cool again, after they are rolled, they hold their shape nicely.
hmmm.  One pound left.  Some shepherd's pie?P.S.  I've found if you brown off the ground beef it'll hold at least a few more days in the fridge without getting funky, in case you need more time to decide.
I buy a bunch at the wholesaler's, frozen, and pull as many as I think I'll need the night before and put them in the fridge to thaw.  If I need some quick, and underestimated demand, the microwave for 30 seconds does the trick.  Just remember to bend them in four directions before trying to take them apart.
New Posts  All Forums: