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as a pastry chef u can always use 1 to 2 more eggs and that should do the trick.
i have always made it with vodka and its all up to u the more there is the more flavor u are going to get off of them so everything is up to you:chef:
will this ia all sweet but to make alot of chocolates without processed sugar is going to be some work. processed sugar is in everything so i really dobnt know how i can help i will ask my other chefs if they have any help for you so i will get back to u on this.
as a chef i know we dont like haveing students in the kitchen with us becouse for the mose part they can keep up with us and we need to get the food out so im just letting you know and we always want some kind on exp first. if u have any questions just let me know
if you are going to go to a school to become a chef go to one that you know thats all u are going to be doing. i have been there done that just wanted to help u out and i hope this helped u somewhat.
i did the school thing and school is not my thing but i would have to say it was the best thing i have ever done for my self the thing about being a chef is that u have to have your heart in it and u know u have to do it and there is going to be alot of chefs that will make you really mad but if u can get over that u will be just fine now im out of school and i enjoy what i and doing with my like so i think if u fit the part u should go for it. :chef:
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