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I need ideas for sauce/topping for spice sheet cake.  Will be feeding about 300 parents/students.  Fruit included? Thought of rum/caramel sauce or just caramel sauce with 1/2 pear on cake.  Trying to stay with a caribbean theme.
This product is used to make Turkish delight and gummy bears
where can I buy it or can it be made?
Where can I buy it. I need 60% fluidity
Cook it long and slow to a temp of 190 degrees
Let me try this again. I figure I can feed 2000 samples if I cook 500 servings of a rice dish. I would like to do a simple chicken curry of some sort, I dont have a professional kitchen to cook in. The simple the better.I live 45 miles south of Houston, TXThanks for your help
Lake Jackson,TX
Any body know where I can buy gallons of korma sauce.:smoking:
:chef:My church has asked me to come up with something for our county's annual 'taste of' to be held in April. The samples should feed up to 2,000 people and be something unique and memorable. The event is scheduled to be held at our local shopping mall so cooking is somewhat restricted. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
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