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Hi All, To answer a few of your questions, Ferrandi is a very good school and a huge school.  Good chefs and good teaching, high prices for rent in Paris. The ENSP has a 5 month +1 to 2 month internship program. Internships are rarely ever paid in France, so I suggest to students, 2 months.  After all, you still have to pay your rent and other expenses. During the 5 months at school, each student has about 520 hours on hands on pastry + applied technology !!  This...
The internship after the 5 month program can last from 1 to 3 months and takes place is some really great boutiques and restaurants.  Why would this be a waste of time to put what you have learned into use??
Hi,I don't want to sound like an advertisement, but I work at the Ecole Nationale Supèrieure de la Pâtisserie.  There are some things that you may want to know. Ferrandi has a very good reputation. It is a very large school in Paris. Were you thinking of doing a program in French or English.  If you want one in English, be aware that you will only get a certificate as French schools can not give you a state diploma if the test isn't given in French. This doesn't really...
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