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Learn all you can, master it. The experience will serve you well in the future.
Another thing to take into consideration with BBQ is the amount of shrinkage there is in certian meats. For instance, I smoked a brisket over the weekend, cost was $1.92 lb x 18lbs. = $34.56 I trimmed it up and came up with 5lbs of waste, smoked it and lost nearly 50% I ended up with 7.75lbs of  "saleable" meat, that brisket now cost me $4.46 lb not including the cost of wood for running the smoker for 18hrs, labor, overhead, desired profit, etc.
Why would you want to freeze this? It's only two pounds, you bought it to eat so eat it.
There is a Facebook group called The Salt Cured Pig, a whole lot of knowledgeable folks there. Lots of good reading. https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesaltcuredpig/?fref=nf
Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
Sounds like a dinner for the cardiac icu.
Belly and shoulder.
I have a 10lb belly and a piece of shoulder that I should have smoked today, but life got in the way.......I also scored a couple of Angus packer briskets for just under $2 lb. One's going on in the morning.
Look no farther than your local grocery store.
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