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How much pineapple are you putting on this pizza?
Comes from different parts of the body.
Go to the Dr.
I'm not big on gadgets, but this was the best twenty bucks I ever spent!
Oh phleeeeeeze!
@kuan Time to take a trip to the Asian market and grab some belly, dust off that smoker one last time before the Minnesota winter turns everything into a Frozen Tundra.
I'm no knife snob, I can't justify spending thousands of dollars on Japanese knives so that I look better than the prep cook. I have used Forschner knives most of my career, they are affordable and get the job done. Does having Forschner knives make me a bad cook or chef? I think not.  Do I have to have a $400 Japanese knife to be a serious cook? This would be the same as a mechanic being laughed at for buying Craftsman tools and for not having a $30,000 tool box filled...
@Nicko I have made it a couple of times before, but more like smoked belly, no cure. First time I cured it was a disaster, way too salty to eat as bacon so I chunked it up and threw it in the freezer. It was great to use in a pot of beans. I also could only smoke it on my wood burner which was difficult to keep below 250. I smoked it to an internal temp of 150.
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Fresh rhubarb from the garden, the best crappy strawberries I could find, sugar substitute (I'm diabetic) Stevia Baking Blend, tapioca to bind and a splash of Mexican Vanilla. For the topping, Rolled oats, flour, corn starch, butter, brown sugar substitute and Saigon Cinnamon.    
The Crab Ferry came by today and dropped these off. Little early in the season, the shells are pretty light not much meat in them. My buddy caught his limit of 12 in about 1 1/2 hrs using a surf pole with a trap on it.
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