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I ate a lot of fried bologna sands when I first moved out of the house many, many moons ago. Most of the supermarkets sold it in chubs as well as sliced. Toasted white bread, mayo & mustard was my preferred method. I had a bologna sand (cold) for dinner last night along with a bowl  of split pea soup.   Isn't it also known as "Kentucky Round Steak"?
Never seen a petite tender, similar to a chuck eye?
Swedish meatballs, brown basmati pilaf, roasted butternut squash & cabbage slaw.
I think that he thinks that your plates are stained, or is it bad lighting?   BTW, I'd be all over that plate!
I think he thinks that your plates are stained. or is it bad light?
Smoked prime rib, fork tender as always.
Got some nice rock fish today from one of our local guys. $2.00 lb whole fish, also had some nice ling cod for $3    
I use tapioca. About two tablespoons in a 9" deep dish. (7-8 apples)
Chinese takeout, shrimp foo young & steamed rice.
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