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Veal breast is also very good stuffed & roasted.
I'm in Los Angeles this week, went to my favorite Chinese place, Sam Woo. Had roast duck, roast pork & noodles and crispy tangerine peel beef, all outstanding.
Black beans, rice & fried plantains, coconut rice & peas, red beans & rice.
Meatloaf here tonight, smashed red potatoes & glazed carrots. Mushroom gravy on the side (ran out of ketchup) One in the oven, one in the freezer raw.
Oooooh My!
Dungeness is very easy to pick once you have done it a few times, I use a sharp paring knife except for the claws, and the body meat is in sections, you just have to understand how it comes apart.
When I hear the words pulled pork, I think of slow smoked shoulder with a great outer bark, nice smoke ring and flavor that has penetrated all the way through. Roasting in the oven is not going to give you the same flavors as that same piece of meat that was smoked for 12 hrs will.
I have tots from time to time, I resisted for several years because I have hand cut fries and beer battered onion rings. Why bring in something frozen when all I do is fresh but the requests are almost daily for them, so I give in and have them available, Just good 'ol Or Ida with ranch or ketchup.
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