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I live at the end of the earth, I can get bread and milk two miles from home. Your perception of the US seems flawed, this is NOT a third world country. Have you been to Houston & Seattle? 2.2 Million people reside in the greater Houston area, don't think you will starve.
Slumming tonight, but it went down good!.....Chicken hash w/ two OE eggs, cottage cheese & a glass of milk.
Yes, the tuna in the pic is mine.
FF... Try this tuna, it's from a little market near me. They have their own tuna canned every year, good stuff.   Here's my entry to the canned tuna discussion.  This came from 15-18 lb albacore tunas. A little kosher salt & EVOO. I will never buy any store bought mush again after eating this.      
I feel your pain panini, hard to loose two in such a short time.
You should learn the menu as (I assume) all the servers have to. They should know every ingredient in each menu item. Take a menu home, study it, have servers coach you on learning it.
I saw that too, looked good.
Soap, Hot Water, Bleach.
These were Twin Dragon
Exactly, I worked eight hrs yesterday, came home checked on my elderly parents who live next door, started dinner prep, gave the dog a bath, did a load of laundry, and had dinner on the table at 6:30 Some nights we have a single serving meal, (steak, fish, pasta, etc) others it's soup, stew, casserole or something else that will have a couple of meals in one preparation and that reheats easily. Yes I cook for a living, and most kitchen tasks are basic for me, but were...
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