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My dad was a gynecologist, can I play?
It's essentially just an oven.
I have not cooked snails since the 90's but remember them being cooked ahead in wine & water. Then stuffed and cooked under the salamander with garlic butter that had a bit of Pernod in it.
Jelly would be clear, and you do waste a lot of apple. I make some jelly every year. Nothing better than apple jelly on goof buttered toast or with peanut better. Peel and core and make some butter if you don't want to waste a bunch.
I like to drown it in a pot of beans.
Pectin is mostly used. This is what I use.  
Use a par baked sourdough loaf, rub with olive oil, garlic, chopped fresh herbs ie, rosemary, oregano, parsley, sage, S&P. Bake until golden. Keep on sheet pan tented with foil, do not put in a closed pan, the bread will get soggy. Tastes good warm or at room temp.
I think that's a typo for quail.
Indoor corporate factory farm = Soylent Green
Making an "awesome" dish at home and trying to replicate that x's 150 for a special event like your wedding are not the same, let a pro do it.
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