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Casual labor threshold is $600 I believe. You should check with your accountant.
I have only roasted whole goose, I'm going to treat like duck, pan sear and finish in the oven with sage & thyme, keep it on the medium side, maybe a cranberry demi, brown & wild rice stuffing with sage sausage & mushrooms.   Oysters tonight, some pan fried, some on the bbq with garlic butter.
BBQ sauce & honey mustard will burn as soon as it hits the fire. Bad idea. A good quality cut of meat does not need to be marinated, let the flavor of the beef be the star. Season with salt, pepper & granulated garlic then hit the grill. Chicken can benefit from a marinade. This is my go to marinade for the last 20 years.   Cilantro, fresh lime juice, chili flakes, garlic, olive oil, salt & pepper. Let sit several hours to over night, grill over coals, right next to...
Customer brought me two geese this morning, then a friend stopped by with a five gallon bucket full of oysters. I don't know what to eat first!  I did crack open a couple and pan fry just to make sure they were ok.  
Yes Mam.
I wasn't very hungry after having a snack before leaving work, stopped by the store for half & half, saw chili rellenos in the deli hot case, got one to try, so that a hand full of ruffles & a diet pepsi.
You can thank the Pillsbury Dough Boy for that and it's actually quite good.
More apples & cranberries.  
Chicken Parm, spaghetti squash & shrimp cocktail with fresh Oregon pink shrimp.  
Jr Sous???
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