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I think that's a typo for quail.
Indoor corporate factory farm = Soylent Green
Making an "awesome" dish at home and trying to replicate that x's 150 for a special event like your wedding are not the same, let a pro do it.
Mae Ploy chicken
What's your reason for cooking them for 7 hours at 180? That's just going to make a pork petri dish.
I owned and ran a burger food truck for 7 years, mild cheddar will melt.......somewhat, it's waxy and oily. My default cheese was American, a high quality brand is a must. Don't hold burgers in a chafing dish, I wouldn't buy one. I can get that at Micky D's People WILL wait for a good product, my wait was 20-30 min when I was busy, people waited because they knew what they were getting. Don't get crazy with flavored salts, no one will taste it on the burger. Save that...
I was ridiculed on another site for offering up MY version of a BPT, it included mayo, pickles, onion, tomato, provolone cheese and a liberal dousing of Frank's hot sauce.
I have also cooked a lot if these, but always bought in the 20lb range, those took 2 1/2-3 hrs at 350 pulled at 120.
YES.....LOL...... That's what I always buy, 5x6 two layer tomatoes are not a figment of my imagination. $18.50 this week.
Get over it, learn to like it. You don't have to eat it but learn to cook with these ingredients/ flavors. There are a bunch of ingredients that I don't care for but would never exclude them or not feature them in a dish for others because of that. I couldn't wrap my head around why anyone would cook with cilantro when I was starting out, just didn't get the flavor now it's an indispensable ingredient in many dishes. You will evolve.
New Posts  All Forums: