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Stuff with spinach, ricotta, goat cheese, a bit of bread crumbs, Mortadella sounds good, sundried tomatoes & roasted garlic will be good too. Cook and season your spinach, squeeze all the water out. Just lay your pork out on the board , make a slit from end to end about a 1/4-1/2" from the bottom, roll the loin as you work along the slit until you finish unrolling. Stuff and tie, season with s& p, fresh rosemary.
You better take an extra Lipitor!
You need to find a movie caterer with a truck sitting idle and the need to rent it out. Movie trucks will be bigger and set up much better than the run of the mill truck. @cheflayne, all the trucks at the company that I worked for had at least one convection oven. My truck had two.
All this talk of no knead bread inspired me to start a batch of brioche!.... 20+ min of kneading
Go get two more steaks
I cook about five lbs a day on the flat top for my burgers, 14-16ct. So much better than baked. Pete hit the nail on the head, it caramelizes better with the direct heat.
I ate a lot of fried bologna sands when I first moved out of the house many, many moons ago. Most of the supermarkets sold it in chubs as well as sliced. Toasted white bread, mayo & mustard was my preferred method. I had a bologna sand (cold) for dinner last night along with a bowl  of split pea soup.   Isn't it also known as "Kentucky Round Steak"?
Never seen a petite tender, similar to a chuck eye?
Swedish meatballs, brown basmati pilaf, roasted butternut squash & cabbage slaw.
I think that he thinks that your plates are stained, or is it bad lighting?   BTW, I'd be all over that plate!
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