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Come on ED, give me more credit than that. Ouch!
What kind of ingredients do you have?
I keep salsa on hand , when I want a few chips I'm not going through the hassle of making salsa. Some are good, others not so. I made snapper Veracruz a while back just added a pepper, onion, olives & capers to some Safeway brand black bean & corn salsa, turned out quite good for something quick.
Hire a chef.
I know someone that was just a hack cook that had a few bucks and no smarts that bought a rundown shit hole, ran it for about a year until he went belly up. He owned the building and did some low budget drop off catering a couple days a week after closing. He wore the galavanting around chef coat and the douche bag chili pepper pants 24/7 even when he wasn't cooking so that everyone knew that he was a "chef"
Chicken Noodle Soup After the chicken was cooked, I added some roasted bones that I had in the freezer to fortify the stock, let cook another hour. Onion, Carrot, Celery into the strained stock that I tightened up with a bit of roux, just enough to coat the back of a spoon. Blanched Green Beans & Wide Egg Noodles. Finished with a half pint of Whipping Cream, Fresh Rosemary & Scallion tops from the garden.
I remember learning this in school and trying to wrap my head around the whole concept, never done it since.
I want to know how one caters from home?
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