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Skip the cheap, thin Mallwart crap. Anything that is in the "as seen on tv lineup "is not a good choice. Macy's has some good sales going on now. I have Calphalon pro stuff that I bought 20 yrs ago that get daily use and are still in good condition. One of the sauce pots has lost most of the anodized coating but still performs just fine. These are thick, heavy pans that will last a lifetime.
Dungeness fishing seasons here on Friday, first pots will be able to be pulled on Monday. Hope the market price isn't too high.   Dungeness King I'd prefer to just skip the snow crab Lobster is in the good shrimp category to me.
I make beer batter every day for onion rings, also use the same for fish tacos (beer battered cod). This is a crisp batter that browns nicely. Measurements are approximate, as I have been making this for so long that it is just by eye. 2 16oz beers 2 eggs 2 tsp baking powder granulated garlic liberal amount of granulated onion pepper liberal amount of salt 1 1/2lb corn starch flour to make a creamy batter
Stuff with spinach, ricotta, goat cheese, a bit of bread crumbs, Mortadella sounds good, sundried tomatoes & roasted garlic will be good too. Cook and season your spinach, squeeze all the water out. Just lay your pork out on the board , make a slit from end to end about a 1/4-1/2" from the bottom, roll the loin as you work along the slit until you finish unrolling. Stuff and tie, season with s& p, fresh rosemary.
You better take an extra Lipitor!
You need to find a movie caterer with a truck sitting idle and the need to rent it out. Movie trucks will be bigger and set up much better than the run of the mill truck. @cheflayne, all the trucks at the company that I worked for had at least one convection oven. My truck had two.
All this talk of no knead bread inspired me to start a batch of brioche!.... 20+ min of kneading
Go get two more steaks
I cook about five lbs a day on the flat top for my burgers, 14-16ct. So much better than baked. Pete hit the nail on the head, it caramelizes better with the direct heat.
I ate a lot of fried bologna sands when I first moved out of the house many, many moons ago. Most of the supermarkets sold it in chubs as well as sliced. Toasted white bread, mayo & mustard was my preferred method. I had a bologna sand (cold) for dinner last night along with a bowl  of split pea soup.   Isn't it also known as "Kentucky Round Steak"?
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