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Lasagna from last night.
Cheflayne answered your question above.
That's a given, lots of that before breakfast.
I live a quarter mile from the beach and my water sucks. Even the dog won't drink if it's over 24 hrs old.
Blueberry buckwheat pancakes & a couple of over easy eggs.
I have cooked 1000's of pounds of corned beef and never taken a temperature. It's done by fork feel. Guinness water and pickling spice, skip the broth. I always cook veggies on their own in the cooking liquid after the meat is cooked.
And to add, the tenderloin ain't where you want to be. When I worked in the city many, many moons ago I lived in Hayward, San Leandro area. A bit more affordable There is a commute, Bart services that well.
I'd walk away from this one. Any experienced caterer would have said no from the first phone call.
Yes! Ice: Cubes or Crushed?
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