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Those look pretty darn good koukou.
Not the video, but the similar device
Classic Rock........Maybe some Prog Rock but not Opera.
Remindse of the Greek diner potato thread.
I'm on the Left Coast, OR/WA border........You can fly into Portland or Seattle....That was a pretty simple meal, anyone could duplicate that.
Nothing wrong with that, I could have some for breakfast.
Eye of round, roasted yellow spuds, Brussels sprouts & pan gravy.
Keep it on the same sheet, it's easier for them not having multiple sheets to write stuff down on. Keep it simple, you can separate things on your spread sheet or whatever you are using when you do the numbers.
I always kept a waste sheet in the kitchen, just a legal pad on a clip board. If it was thrown out or eaten, it went on that sheet with an explanation, spoiled, employee meal, mis fire, etc. I would cost out end of month. Getting line cooks to remember to write it down was another issue.
New Posts  All Forums: