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I don't understand the part about hiring a kitchen manager. If you are the "exec chef" then you are the kitchen manager. Manage your kitchen. If your boss is willing to pay your salary, a KM salary and two "co- sous chefs" salary, why not hire a sanitation engineer to oversee the the dish pit and janitorial depts while your at it? Blind leading the blind. How much guidance/advice does the guy that signs your paycheck give you? Does ownership have any restaurant experience?
I agree also, the pre cut stuff is treated and has an off putting taste.
Prime example, I get a produce delivery, 4 sacks of spuds for FF and a sack of onions. I don't get into them until the next day, all four bags were sprouted and the onions had green centers and were ready to sprout. I call the sales guy order taker, ask him WTF????? and tell him to swap this stuff out, he sends the truck next day for pick up only! This is the only produce company that delivers where I'm at, so I'm stuck with it.
Pork's Pork unless you buy heritage breeds, or was it some of that "moist & tasty" injected crap?
Mary, How does a chuck roll come out on the smoker? Less forgiving than a brisket? Good for "BBQ Beef" sands?
I'm in agreement with the others on this one. Posting notes is a way for inexperienced managers to try to manage their staff without actually confronting them directly. They need to hear it come from your mouth or you will be walked all over. Threatening staff in these lists just makes the culture worse. Lists are fine to guide for cleaning schedules, etc. A lot of this stuff is common sense, and should have been covered when these people were hired. Does your company have...
Strain mussels?  They should not be in water in the first place.
I keep telling myself why I need to spend $400 on a blender.............If I could stop getting that fancy coffee drink on the way home and make it at home, it would pay for it's self in a few months.............. I would buy the refurb one withe the same warranty as new.
St Louis Ribs smoked with oak.  
Old school....Tuna noodle casserole, complete with crushed potato chips on top. Used a couple jars of the albacore I canned last year.
New Posts  All Forums: