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Yep, great way to peel kiwi.
Peeling fruits & veggies. I have several, regular blade, serrated, birds beak.
I would think that one should not have to ask this type of question on the internet   @Foodpump gave you three viable options. The cling wrap was a popular option for a lot of people over the years that might not wear a belt with their street clothes. Rental uniforms never fit well.
Quiche, it will use up 14 or so, Line a 9" spring from pan with puff pastry. Let the extra hang off the sides.   Mix up 14 eggs, couple Tsp flour, 1/2 cup cream, s&p, fresh grates nutmeg, hand full good parm.   Cut up your protein, pre cook veggies to wilt and drain off liquid. Swiss family cheeses work well.   Add the egg mix to the shell, add the rest and make sure to evenly distribute the goodies within the eggs or else it will all sit on the bottom.   Bake at...
Look on The Salt Cured Pig Facebook page for a post yesterday at 7pm of a Chicken Ballotine All the ingredients in a Tajine. https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesaltcuredpig/?fref=nf
I was just at my little market (I live in the middle of nowhere and have few choices) a 15oz tub was $3.99 and a 32oz tub was$5.99 You surely can get better prices in a bigger metro area than I can.
The alleyways of China Town, Noe Valley, a proper Irish coffee at the Buena Vista near fishermans wharf.
Let's not forget a trip to the mission for a proper burrito.
The search function is your friend. This subject was just covered at length.   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/86842/pasta-for-250-1st-timer
Are you in the States or UK?
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