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If you called me looking for a job I would have told you no even if I did need someone. If you can't get off your ass and pound the pavement, that shows me that you are not serious. Shower, put on clean clothes, comb your hair and pull up your pants, then bring me your resume. You just might get an interview.
Most of my friends have dull, shit knives. If I know that I'm helping out with a meal I will bring the appropriate knives.
What's the demographics of your guests ? $150 check average is a bit steep for me. As a couple i would not be spending $300++ for dinner multiple nights.
A Ragu of beef, pork whatever meat you are using is what you are talking about. I have a lamb Ragu cooking right now for dinner.
That place looks great, a shop similar to this just opened about 30 min from me, might go see what they have today.
I help out, If you're cooking, I'm eating.
Tri tip, au gratin spuds and carrot slaw.
I had never tasted cilantro until I was about 20, first time it was like soap to me also. Took a few years to turn around, first accept it in cooked foods, then eat raw on tacos, etc.
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