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Yep.....and it came with a couple quarts of sauce too!
Before my mother moved to the Texas hill country she went out to see family, I had her bring me back a brisket from Franklin BBQ in a small cooler with her carry on stuff. It had to have smelled up the whole plane. Even reheated this stuff was top notch.
Read this..........http://www.cheftalk.com/t/86724/new-job-dilemma   As you say, you are a young inexperienced, self taught line cook with a title that is thrown out far too often to someone without the experience. A sous chef should be the best cook in the kitchen, you need to be a bad ass, there should be no doubt in any of the staff of your abilities. A sous chef should be able to do EVERYTHING that the chef does when he is not there, a Mini Me. If the place you...
Being a former native Californian, whenever I think of the armpit of CA that has to be in the greater Bakersfield area, not Napa.
Give them two weeks, thank them for the opportunity but it is time to hone your skills elsewhere. You will either be the devil's spawn or encouraged to go learn, they know that you are a culinary student and should not expect you to be a lifer at their place.
Oh my!
I can't believe that there are five pages of this nauseating topic. Poach away!
Dinner was leftover turkey, stuffing & gravy but made this blueberry cobbler. Fresh local berries, OJ & zest, sugar & nutmeg. Sweet spoon biscuits on top.
Who is "They" that is asking for this permit and what is a food permit? You should be able to shop for the client and then prepare that food in their private home for their consumption, it happens every day. There was a member here that passed recently and was a long time personal chef in CA that could have answered all your questions.   You should have a food handlers permit and business liability insurance also.
It's their menu, you created it on their time.
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