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Pulled pork.
Just want I want on my $40 steak. If you are in charge, throw away the spray and make it known that from here foreword spray will not be used on meats. Save it for the muffin tins. I worked the broiler in big very busy restaurants for years, never once sprayed a steak. Fish and poultry might need a little lube at times, this is what oil is for. You have to look at why he's needing to use this stuff. Is the broiler hot enough? Meat will stick if not. Is it clean? You need...
Since this is something that is sold on the African continent I doubt that anyone from here would even know what it tastes like. We have one member that I know of from Africa. @Butzy.
After sitting in a busy take and bake pizza place yesterday waiting for my order to be made, I watched as they used a plastic measuring cup for cheese and other toppings. Weigh out your portions of cheese for the different sizes, see where they fill a measuring cup and use that. So as an example let's say a large pizza takes 12 oz of cheese, that corolates to 1/12 of the measuring container you are using, simple.
Man up, don't go out drinking, go home and sleep when you get off. Don't stay up playing video games or checking your Facebook status. Nap in your car during the afternoon break. Show up with an open mind, a small notebook and pen. Do what your told, never stand around there is always something to do or clean.
Check with local hvac companies, explain that you want a temperature controlled slab. Might have to be a custom job.
Try the method that I described earlier on your next batch. 4% salt is just too much.
I threw the guard away years ago, never used it. You have to respect it, it will take a finger off, just like a knife.
I have this one, bought thirty years ago and with a million miles on it still cuts like the day I bought it.
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