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Got a new pizza stone last week, gave it a test drive tonight.
Don't know, I have six Emeril pans that I bought close to ten years ago at a liquidation sale for next to nothing at one of the bed & bath stores that was going belly up, solid performers. I use them daily next to the two All Clad pans I have and like them equally.
Damn... I made a killer salad of greens from the garden, marinated cucumbers & a slaw to go with the leftover mac & cheese.
Just a suggestion for all you guys and gals, if you are making sauces that need to be thickened with roux on a regular basis, make up a batch of roux and keep in the fridge. It keeps for ever. Restaurant cooks don't  sit around calculating ratios of liquid to flour to fat that is needed for a recipe, and make the appropriate amount of roux, they have a crap load of it made in advance and use what is needed for the particular sauce they are making.
If @nicko sends me a couple, I'll get one sent out to you. There was another rate listed that was twice as much. I'll see when I actually get it to the post office.
I just threw up a little in my mouth just thinking about that combination.
Mac & cheese with applewood smoked ham topped with caramelized onions & bread crumbs. Basic bechemel with milk, half & half, cheddar, parm & havarti.
Looks like postage is about $12 if I understand the gibberish from the USPS site.
I imagine the HR dept would be your first stop.
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