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My fryer is full size gas, initial fry is with FULL baskets.
I do about 50 lbs a day, cut, soak, rinse, drain, initial fry approx 8 min @ 325 soft no color just starting to firm, cool and fry to order @ 350-375
Utah food handlers card $10 bucks and it's all yours.
I use the fliprogram for my gl on the business and have a separate comp policy for the trailer. Commercial auto on the truck covers the trailer when towed.
This is who I use, $1M GL policy only for food trucks/trailers fliprogram
I have three that get almost daily use. A small sauce pan & two saute pans, one is copper clad on the outside & has a nice patina. I don't try to keep it all shiny. They all hang on the pot rack with the other pans.
Braised short ribs, roasted fingerling potatoes & baby carrots from the garden, local corn on the cob.
Pork Fat!
I may have to do some rabbit soon. I found someone local that has fresh fryers for $10 still hopping or $15 dressed.
I portion all meats on the sands on my menu at six oz and they are quite filling. I use an 8" roll, and six oz of pulled pork fills it generously. I get 40-50% shrinkage on pork butts. I would use slider rolls, they can't put too much meat on that small roll.
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