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The one strip pictured is rolled up to produce one flower?
If I go out, I expect everything to be done properly. If I'm eating at your house, whatever you put in front of me is fine. Don't be intimidated.
Is bubbalage a culinary term?
I wanted to poke my eyes out with a rusty fork the first and only time I saw this show. Unwatchable.
I was thinking the same, hope all is well.
Breakfast pasta, sweet Italian sausage, mushrooms, spinach or arugula, scallions, eggs beaten with cream finish with fresh grated parm. I always used thin spaghetti for this, sold very well.
The potatoes have spoiled. They were not brought up to temp fast enough. You can't use a steam table to reheat, it's to hold.Read your states guidelines, this should have been in your food handlers permit test.
Depends on what your market will bear. Most would charge a day rate, in Manhattan it will be much more than in a flyover state. I would say $200-500 a day depending on your location.   @Brandon ODell, a member here owns a personal chef business and is involved in this type of venture. Read some of his posts, I know this subject has been talked about in the past.
Do you want a pay check?
Looks like they are looking for a Cannabis Chef in California for the medical marijuana industry.
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