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Dagger, why don;t you go shopping at the market? Dehydrated vegetables, I just can't imagine. I live in the middle of nowhere, we have two small markets I can get the basics of fresh produce seven days a week from 7-9. Main shopping is an 80 mile round trip if I don't want to pay 25-50% more.
Chicken Enchiladas.......Weekday version, (canned sauce) I would normally make a sauce from the stock after poaching the bird. It would get celery, red & green bells, onion, anaheim pepper, stewed tomatoes, chili powder, marjarom, garlic, S&P. Tighten with a bit of roux. Filling is shredded chicken, cream cheese, jack & cheddar, green onion, diced ortega chilies, granulated garlic, S&P Roll in corn tortillas.    
You need to bring one of those next time you come to the beach.
Back door deal at work = a boot in your ass and you out the door.
This is what I had last night, this place puts a very light smoke on it and is roasted in an alto sham. I have eaten here at least a dozen times and never had anything but a perfect cut of prime rib. As chefbillyb stated, it's 99% quality of the meat.
I like Mary's description, right up there with tater tot casserole. Nothing groundbreaking, just a casserole.
 Why would you boil the apple? it is now partially cooked, that is why it is weeping. The wax on fruit is food grade and edible, if you have to remove, just give them a good wiping.
I was thinking of making pasties again,,,,,, maybe this weekend. Does ketchup count as a sauce? Gravy on a pasty is pot pie in my mind.
I made brioche in one of the previous monthly challenges, look at post #9 There is also a video from the series Baking with Julia with Nancy Silverton, watch the video for recipe and technique. The recipe is also in the book.
Maybe the OP should team up with this poster and reinvent the skinny jean chef pant.   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/88338/slim-legged-chef-pants-which-1
New Posts  All Forums: