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I'll see your Plantar Fasciitis  and raise you Severe Neuropathy.
Picked up some Beef Barbacoa from the hot deli at the market.......It is Taco Tuesday after all. Made a couple of quesadillas with some sharp white cheddar & avocado.
I wear black dickies shirts, several are 3-4 years old, not a stain on them.
What about butcher paper like some use for brisket?
PB&J on sourdough toast and cottage cheese with a fresh peach. Too tired to cook tonight.
Should only take 3-4 hrs to smoke a rack of ribs.
Work.......Brisket, Butts, Birds        
K~Girl, Now you know how I feel....I can barley buy soy sauce.
Here's my take...... Grilling........Hot Direct Heat   Barbecuing......As in I'm going to make some BBQ. Indirect heat, lower temp, longer times. 12+ hrs on this brisket.    
T-Bones on the grill. Salt & pepper, screaming hot grill. These were fork tender, all for $7.99lb.
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