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I have lettuce, carrots, snow peas, green beans, lemon cucumbers & beets in the green house along with my herbs, rosemary, sage, lemon thyme, oregano, parsley & garlic chives. The rhubarb is going crazy outside along with the raspberries. Planted seed potatoes last week and have squash, cucumbers and tomatoes sprouting in the seed trays, also found some San Marzano seeds today and got them started. The greenhouse got up to 90 yesterday so things should really grow good...
High carb? Is the kids bs bottoming out overnight? T1or 2 I'm T2 and would never eat a high carb snack and go to bed. There is no cookie cutter approach to treating and managing diabetes, different foods affect us all differently. I have a friend that is T2 and he still drinks and eats stuff that I can't and manages to keep his bs in check.
I entered Ethel on one of my recent road trips!  
Wrestling isn't real either.......
Thumper, do you have a left handed bacon stretcher in your kitchen? If so, you could have some fun with that one.
I can just see my bartender dawning a pair of crappy vinyl gloves to put a twist in my martini. As Kuan stated, gloves provide a false sense of security. I am in Washington on the Oregon border and am required to wear gloves. My counterparts three miles away in Oregon do not have to wear gloves, only to "minimize" bare hand contact.   I probably wash my hands at least 30 times a day and still have to wear gloves. When was the last time the guy working the line changed...
 Add this to the lump crab & coarsely ground shrimp. Add panko crumbs, wrestershershireschause, garlic, chives, eggs, roast corn & mayo Form into cakes, dredge in panko/bread crumb mixture Pan fry in olive oil, finish in a 450* oven for 7-8 min.   
 Remote or limited access area, limited operating hours and no professional cooking or restaurant knowledge. I would stop right there.Is the guy that owns the bar going to bear some of the cost for you to bring food to his customers? He has nothing to loose if you fail.I would not touch it with a 10ft pole.
New Posts  All Forums: