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I use a lot more bell pepper & onion than this recipe uses. I also use equal parts tomato sauce and ketchup, no water. I use a bit of good beef base in place of salt. I also like some balsamic vinegar in there. I don't serve on burger buns, instead I make croutons from a good sourdough or Italian loaf fried in in a pan with olive oil & butter, dust with garlic powder and salt near the end, cook them in a slow pan, tossing frequently until they are starting to get hard on...
Tuna noodle casserole ........
I wear black dickies work shirts, only enemy is flour, after a busy day I still look clean.
Sloppy Joe's are good........I make as a special occasionally served with tater tots and it sells well!
I just might make some tuna noodle casserole with the tuna that I canned, of course topped with crushed potato chips.
Straight up canned tuna, olive oil & kosher salt. I opened up one the next day just to see how it turned out, best tuna sandwich your going to find, should be even better after it sits for a bit. Final cost was $2.50 for a half pint jar which is just enough for two nice sandwiches.
I didn't catch them, but they were caught locally here about 30 miles off the Oregon coast.Our local market buys an entire boat load from one of the local fisherman every year, sells at cost, this year they were $1.99lbYou can buy whole fish from from several places for $2.50-4.00lb or loins for about $7
This weekends project.
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