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#5lbs of steamed little necks, dug yesterday from the bay two miles from my house. Nice green salad & sourdough bread.
Go to your markets and ask the meat cutter or butcher and ask if they use a service. There are guys around that are only known by word of mouth. I have a guy that comes by about once a month with his machine in the back seat and sharpens my knives for lunch.
I used the Truvia baking blend.
Try Bristol Farms in LA. Chances are they might have them. When I lived in LA I shopped there every week for "the good stuff", after going to Ralph's or Pavillions for my regular groceries.
In the fridge on ice. Don't let them sit in water.
Bill, are you just using your K/A grinder or another machine? I have been thinking about this one.
Just keep it in the fridge. I make up a few cups worth at a time and keep in an airtight container.
Wow! I wanted to poke my eyes out......now I HAVE to watch her meatball video. Just think, these are the people that come into our restaurants and think they know what's good and bad.
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