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Compression Stockings    I wear them now, wish I had started years ago.
Baked Ziti with Ricotta
I used to go to a place in Pasadena that had a fantastic lasagne, with layers of veal and bechamel, but at home I use ricotta, just what I prefer. The only place that I can get lasagne around here uses (gasp) cottage cheese.
Pay them for travel hrs and hrs worked, also per diem for the overnight stay. I would also fatten the pot for their tip % to compensate for working away from home.
Looks good Mike.   Chicken & dumplings makins on the stove, getting ready to go make dumplings.
I tease my folks about this movie, it can be 65 and sunny out, the drapes are closed, they are asleep in their chairs with some sort of nature show on, waiting to slip away.
Just regular 'ol Barilla
Baked Ziti with Italian sausage & ricotta.
This is a two year old thread.
If the recipe does not specify, use what you have. If you have both, toss a coin.
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