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You just spammed an EIGHT year old thread. Did you read the TOS?
I'm with Kuan, lite roll and hand toss is fastest, all depends on your dough.
I had a flock of about 20 chickens for several years, they free ranged around on about five acres. I had brown layers, white layers and easter eggers, they all tasted the same, great because of their diet. In addition to their feed which included layer feed, sunflower seeds, corn & wheat they got fresh fruit & veggies, ate lots of bugs and what ever else they could come up with while out and about all day, sometimes even treats from the neighbors.   Brown eggs do not...
Don't know where you came up with that one, but it's false. http://www.egglandsbest.com/eggspert/eggs/white-and-brown.aspx
@jake t buds, I bought this grinder       about six months ago, well worth the $$, only a few bucks more than the KA attachment.
You are a great father for putting up with boy band concerts, screaming little girls and fast food!
Your only 18, how much actual restaurant work experience do you have and at what capacity? What experience have you gained from these certificates of merit, college credit, etc?   What I'm reading from your post is that you are book smart but do not have the practical experience. Keep looking, you will find a chef that will take you in.   You may be better off applying for a prep position to get your foot in the door then show them what you got.
I hope that Ethan-Thomas gets an "A" on his test!
To the op, go talk to the health dept about your plans. There are cottage food laws which allow you to make low risk foods at home for public sale, but the list is very limited and the red tape is a nightmare, but catering from a home kitchen will not be allowed.
@Lagom Non targeted species in say a trawl net or by any other means. I live at the beach, there are several fisheries here, tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab, someone always has a bin full of bycatch of some sort that falls off the back of the boat when it comes in, always inexpensive.
New Posts  All Forums: