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I used frozen berries, just stir in and immediately pour or portion or else you end up with frozen batter.
Buffalo chopper will make puerees.
Use a water bath until you have mastered that, then you can go to an open flame. I made gallons of hollandaise, bearnaise, choron, daily for years. Make your yolks the thickness that you want the sauce to be.
kgirl, don't have a recipe written down anymore, just remember the ingredients, I used melted butter instead of creaming the butter & sugar.
Did you click on the link that i provided?
That sounds good, I used to make blueberry muffins every morning when I was movie catering. Very similar recipe, people used to fight over them, as I only made 2 dozen.
I forgot to take pictures, but NY steaks on the grill, and from the garden roasted fingerlings, carrots glazed with agave, salad w/ cukes, tomatoes & onion and roasted & marinated beets.   Had planned to have for dessert the two pints of raspberries that I picked last night, but it seems that a mouse got into them while I was at work.
Are you thinking that BJ's is fine dining? More like a lateral move in fast casual. What did you do in amusement park food production? BJ's has a fairly large menu, all over the place, they are most likely looking for a solid line cook with multiple years high volume experience.
What are yo pureeing? What about a buffalo chopper?
I like the simple skillet cobbler w/ vanilla bean ice cream and sending him home with some jam.
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