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When you don't have anyone to teach or watch over you while you are learning. this is what you get (From a post in another thread)   This has been popping around in my head for a couple days please let me know what yall think. Blueberry risotto topped with a lemon Dijon chicken garnished with tarragon chiffonaude.   Youtube couldn't tell this guy that these flavors don't work.   How many hours a week do you have to work to earn those dollers? You are young and will...
What kind of food are you serving?
It's good for a few days. Make sure that you get garlic that is produced in the states. A large portion of the peeled garlic sold comes from CHINA!
A gallon of cream weighs 8.3 lbs You never said in your original post that this was being served as a side.   More info needed......What's being served along with the alfredo?   For a side I would allow for 7-8 portions per pound of pasta and approx 4 oz of sauce per portion. Here's where we do some 5th grade math.   2oz of dry pasta x 300 = 600oz 16oz per pound is about 37lbs of pasta. I would cook a minimum of 40, it's cheap and have more dry on hand for back up...
You have yourself in a pickle there. By your own admission you are a short order breakfast cook, nothing wrong with that a strong egg man is always a good find for a breakfast place. Also stating that you have never cooked beef tenderloin. Just from reading this you might be in over your head, there are a lot of things that a s/o cook would never learn unless they have worked in some more upscale kitchens. You may be a rock star with the paperwork, systems, schedules,...
Stir Fry & Egg Fried Rice Snow peas, green beans, onion from the garden. Broccoli, garlic, baby bok choy, 5 spice chicken thigh & surimi. Soy, oyster sauce, & chicken stock.
I'm with phatch, Another useless gadget to get your money. I don't see the benefit. I wouldn't whip eggs or cream in one. Work bowls are rigid for a reason. I made zucchini bread today, a very stiff mix you could never do this in a soft sided bowl.
Poor quality, most likely Southern grown and injected for that price. Stick with the birds from Costco they will be a better quality. A 3 1/2lb bird is the perfect size for roasting or frying if you can find ones that small.
Time to come clean. Are you really a culinary student paying for school or are you someone who want's to learn about cooking, there is a difference. If you are paying for schooling you need to quit right now and get your money back. You should have learned how to make or at least been reading about how to make stock in your first weeks.
I have a burger truck. I buy fresh ground 80/20 chuck every day and spank out patties. If I run out, it's closing time. The grind from my Costco sucks for burgers, it is too fine and "loose" it did not make a good burger. A two day old patty does not cook up or taste the same as a fresh one. Most people wouldn't know the difference but some do and that is what will make your burger stand out. I charbroil everything.   Toast your buns, nothing worse than a soggy bun....
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