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I have some aerosol  Cheese Whiz and stale saltines that  came with I stole from a fast food place.
15lb Pork Belly smoked over hickory. Brown sugar, black pepper, kosher salt & curing salt.     Rubbed down and ready to sit for five days.                                     Out of the cure, rinsed and drying before smoking.   Four hrs in the smoker @ 175 and overnight rest in the fridge.                              Result: Outstanding!
I have a 15lb belly in the smoker right now.
Hi, there is a knife discussion page in the cooking equipment reviews section. I suggest you post your knife specific questions there. You will get a lot of advice and opinions.
Real baby carrots. Did a little thinning of the fall carrot patch. Nice and sweet.
Enchiladas   Ground beef with onion, squash, tomato & chili powder, cheddar& jack cheese. Rice, beans & guac on the side.  
A pint of Jack is way too much unless you were making 100 kabobs.
Make them to order. How is the chicken served?  How many do you sell in a day? If your restaurant does not sell very many, time to ditch the item.
You didn't loose 15 lbs in the smoker. That's what the scale at the back door is for. Weigh ALL incoming meats, fish, etc.
$3.69 a pound for this one. It came out very good, nice and moist, perfect seasoning. I did wrap the flat for the last two hours fearing that it would dry out. Too bad I ate dinner an hour before it was ready.........I sampled as much as I dare tonight.
New Posts  All Forums: