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Australian Pink Floyd...... I don't really care for cover bands, but these guys get it right! So slip into your recliner, turn the lights out and the sound up.  
Looks like a fun evening!
Tri tip and roast corn.
Chicken nuggets & tenders in my lettuce based salad scream trendy and complex.
Yah, when I'm thinking of fine dining, fried egg sandwiches and chips & dip aren't on the radar.
This is turning into the roux thread. It's all Psychobabble
Good old pilaf. Break up some angel hair into 1" pieces brown in butter, add rice, celery, onion, mushroom, thyme, chicken stock.
Steamed white rice finished with cilantro & fresh lime juice. Brown rice with black eye peas, celery, onion, carrot, chicken stick, chili flakes. Coconut rice, replace a portion of the water with a can of coconut milk. Steamed basmati with dried fruits & nuts.
New Posts  All Forums: