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Get those last minute entries in, I will try to end this month's painfully slow challenge at 8pm Pacific.
Is this facebook?
Heat it up with a bit of stock and salsa in a pan on low heat. Adjust seasoning.
I sold my soul for seven years doing off site catering.......It ain't boring. I would recommend that you finish school and learn a bit more past prep and pantry, stick it out for a year then maybe look around for a catering job.
Where's @flipflopgirl ...... I was expecting to see some King Ranch Chicken!
Are you working downtown or in North Highlands?
I can barley buy ground chuck for $4.99lb!
NY's, baked potato & salad.  
Ruh Roh......We might have a contender.
K~Girl, nothing wrong with a tuna casserole, I made one the other night, using the last of my home canned albacore. Tasty!
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