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I'm waiting for someone to make me this...... This was a monthly treat for me when I lived in LA.  
During the week when I want eggs in a hurry I poach in the microwave. Two eggs, maybe a half cup water, 2 min in MY microwave, yolks are medium and whites cooked through, toast is up at the same time, I'm dressed and breakfast is ready. No sticking, no extra fat and I eat out of the bowl that the eggs cooked in.
What kind if gibberish is that?
I'm paying These are the berries that I'm still buying, they are $17 half flat (6 pints) mix & match. These are coming from around Portland, our local blueberries should be ready to pick any time. These pics are from two years ago.
And it does not get tired.
Blueberry & peach crisp in the oven......pics to follow.
A good tip on keeping your bowl steady when adding the butter is to roll up a couple of towels into a circle and set your bowl on that.
I used frozen berries, just stir in and immediately pour or portion or else you end up with frozen batter.
Buffalo chopper will make puerees.
Use a water bath until you have mastered that, then you can go to an open flame. I made gallons of hollandaise, bearnaise, choron, daily for years. Make your yolks the thickness that you want the sauce to be.
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