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I think that he thinks that your plates are stained, or is it bad lighting?   BTW, I'd be all over that plate!
I think he thinks that your plates are stained. or is it bad light?
Smoked prime rib, fork tender as always.
Got some nice rock fish today from one of our local guys. $2.00 lb whole fish, also had some nice ling cod for $3    
I use tapioca. About two tablespoons in a 9" deep dish. (7-8 apples)
Chinese takeout, shrimp foo young & steamed rice.
What are you cooking on it?
The bones have given up most of their flavor already in the slow cooker. If you had just poached the whole bird then deboned I would re use those parts again as they only cooked for a short period of time.
Place I worked in the 80's had Sunday brunch with steamship, we would do 3 or 4 depending on reservations, It was my job to put those things in the oven Saturday night at closing. Perfect med rare for service on Sunday.
New Posts  All Forums: