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You know those salad shrimp you can only buy frozen? Well we get them fresh every year for a few months, harvested off the Coast of Oregon. They are very sweet and taste nothing like the frozen version. A friend of mine is a fisherman, these pictures were from their unload the other day, 70,000lbs.    
Roast bone in breast in the oven.
It was very good, will definitly make again. The milk breaks, the curds and whey seperate, most of the recipes call for discarding the whey and only serving the curd, which was very tasty but I couldn't force myself to throw it out, it tasted just as good. I ran it all through a very fine sieve, made a small amount of chicken veloute that was very thick and add the milk mixture to that, finished with a lot of pepper.
MJB.... Last year I trained my cukes to grow up the greenhouse wall (2x4 wire) They liked it. They still shot tendrils out and grabbed anything else they could, but I didn't have to step on them every time I went in.
Pork in Milk, mashed white potatoes, agave glazed carrots.      
Asparagus & zucchini stir fry.....sorta vegetarian, sesame oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger, garlic, chili paste onion, water chestnuts. Steamed jasmine rice and guava chicken hanging out in the back.
Bill, I just stumbled onto these buns, pretty good, give them a try.
You need to fire yourself, you have no clue as to what you are supposed to be doing. Your boss did you a favor by keeping you employed for another 30 days. You have neither the knowledge or experience to do the job that you were given by clueless owners. I would have a hard time hiring you to flip burgers on my food truck. Go find a line cooks job somewhere, forget this job, don't even mention it on a resume. If questioned about the gap in employment, tell them you were...
Cornmeal no bueno....use semolina, it does not stick to the crust, too fine.
Really?????  I think you need to stop watching tv and eating out, be very afraid of everything you put in your mouth. You will attract someone that will end up spitting in your food.
New Posts  All Forums: