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My last brisket took about 14 hrs in a vertical smoker. Had to split it at the point, the flat was done about two hrs ahead.  
I'm inside tonight, Tacos....Got a brisket in my back pocket though, just hanging out in the fridge. Maybe this weekend. Got to take my new to me Traeger for a test spin.
Makes for a nice juicy bird. I keep cheap beer on hand for this. I do them in the oven at 375, takes about an hour.
@morning glory ??
Is it a Tomato based sauce??? Use tomato paste or cook down as Jimyra suggested.
Plan accordingly, defrost in the fridge.
I just used my grill as an off set smoker, coals on one side and meat on the other. Now it just acts as a big oven. I use the pellets as a source of smoke. When the ribs were done, I put them directly over the coals to glaze the sauce on.   Amazen pellet smoker   Your pro q works on the same principal. As long as you have a heat source and smoke, you can make some bbq. Some purists will say otherwise, but if it tastes good, eat it!
A bowl of fresh picked raspberries.
Ok, so I'll be the first to throw something into the arena.   Pork spare ribs, cooked with charcoal and smoked with oak pellets using the amazin smoker   Coffee Rib Rub... equal parts brown sugar, black pepper & kosher salt with granulated garlic, granulated onion, smoked paprika, chili powder and a couple coffee scoops of Peet's Italian roast.   Onto the grill for approx 3 hrs at around 275 then glazed with three coats of bbq sauce.          
It's the top loin for you.
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