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How hard is it to change a glove? You should be able to change gloves in about 5 sec. "We use a spatula to scoop em up and then throw them on the grill" How about putting between wax paper?
Yes it's worth it. I only serve five things and try my best to keep the quality high. Cost approx .50 to make, sell for 3.75
I do beer battered onion rings on the food truck. Make a batch almost daily. My method is to dip and par fry in 300* oil in the open kettle, no basket just until the batter is set, remove to basket to drain, cool on sheet pan and store in fridge, keeps well for about 24 hrs. Fried to order at 350* to finish. They are very crisp and the onion is cooked through. My batter uses 2lbs cornstarch to three 16oz cans beer with three eggs, baking powder, flour, s&p, granulated...
Why can't you change gloves? Gloves are an expendable part of cooking in a professional kitchen. Do I like throwing $20 a week worth of gloves in the garbage, no but it is a necessity.
Regular dill chips, and lots of them plus shitty yellow mustard and onion. I serve it with tomato too but not on mine.My chili is for burgers and chili cheese fries, not a sit down with a bowl chili. It is very thick and stays put on a burger. Heavy on cumin too. Here's a couple more recent burgers & poutine. 
Chili cheese burger.
It's a plastic hand!
 Willipa Bay clams & oysters in the live tank from my local fish market tonight. .
10" Serrated Chef's Knife....  I have one at home, cuts through winter squash like butter.
My toaster goes to 11
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