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Looks like Bob got the boot, his posts have vanished.
I had one partner in a restaurant, that was one too many.
Actually it's going to be a chicken salad sandwich, the cook's taking a night off.
Explain bringing in the kitchen, how does this go over with the health dept? I would think that a catering truck set up for film work would be your best way logistically to handle something like this.
Drop the arrogance, heed your wife's warning. Now I'm off to a dinner of  Moules Marinieres, Vichyssoise, Salad Vinaigrette, Steak Frites & Tarte Tatin. Did I impress you?
 I work under a hood and don't have to shout, bad example.Don't know from what housewife cooking show you got your explination of what a Roux is, but I wouldn't take their advise on how to boil water.Roux is not a "Gravy Base", it is a thickener of liquids. Water, stock, broth, milk, cream, whatever your base liquid is a Roux is used to thicken it.So, I do want to know your opinion of me because I have been using this "fancy" word Roux for 30+ years and I don't feel...
I live at the end of the earth, I can get bread and milk two miles from home. Your perception of the US seems flawed, this is NOT a third world country. Have you been to Houston & Seattle? 2.2 Million people reside in the greater Houston area, don't think you will starve.
Slumming tonight, but it went down good!.....Chicken hash w/ two OE eggs, cottage cheese & a glass of milk.
Yes, the tuna in the pic is mine.
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