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@ChefBillyB The metal skewer was the way I was taught, I don't remember seeing many thermometers except in the pastry kitchen.   No way to "practice" on a lesser cut of meat with the width x girth plus add 20 minutes to the eta of your guests method.  Each piece of meat will cook differently. A ribeye will not be the same as roasting a piece of rump. Use a thermometer and enjoy your perfectly roasted roast.
All I can think of is this creepy dude drinking wine in the bubble bath on the taxpayer dime.  
I'm going to smoke some pork neck bones this weekend
That looks good! I love rice, but now days have to limit it to 1/4 cup cooked , makes my blood sugar go ballistic.
How did I get involved in this?
Turkey & cheese enchiladas, Spanish rice, pineapple slaw & sliced avocado. Filling was jack, cheddar, cream cheese, scallions, Ortega chilies & turkey breast.
 You sure that's not Kentucky Round Steak?
Check out the group The Salt Cured Pig on Facebook, you should get some help there.
That looks waaaaaaaay too healthy.
Make friends with the Sgt in the kitchen at the O club and start hanging out there?
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