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@kaneohegirlinaz.... dinner at home, no beer.
Is your labor charged $30 per person? not $30hr for the three of you ? $16 pp for this menu is just fine, you just need to figure out how many man hrs and bill appropriately.
Made some chili couple days ago, forgot to take pics.  Short ribs cubed up, pintos & black beans, white hominy, onions, stewed tomatoes, tomato puree, california, ancho and a bit of chipotle powders. simmered for about three hrs, tightened up with a dusting of masa.
Makes killer tacos!   Kimchi slaw, bean sprouts, sweet spicy salsa.
Cook it low and slow. It will be tender when cooked long enough.
The employer doesn't supply uniforms?
At my house it's boarding house rules, keep one foot on the floor at all times, take what you want, and eat what you take. Very informal.   But......like koukou said, you don't want to be spending your whole night in the kitchen, you should have a menu that you can finish up in the last 15 min before dinner.    
Razor clam chowder
Horseradish mayo, Stubbs BBQ Sauce, red onion, toasted roll, nice and simple
What temp are you keeping it at? Do you stir it?
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