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What qualifications do you have to be asked to cook for a 200 person wedding?
Depends on the cut. What are you trying to make?
Congrats K~Girl, The cinnamon rolls looked good enough to eat and your blueberry muffins are right up my alley too!
Tell her to pound sand, Keep using it, ask her for the $100 to replace it if she is so concerned. BTW, go to a restaurant supply and buy a restaurant quality pan for much less when you do feel the need for a new non stick pan.
Unless you are cooking eggs in it, who cares if the pan has a few scratches. I have a couple that are worse than that and they perform just fine.
That's why I peeled, stoned & froze about 10 lbs this summer, I prefer them over peaches when available. Also have about 15 lbs of blueberries in the freezer. I like to make blueberry nectarine crisp for dessert occasionally. As to why no canned, don't have an answer.   Just found the answer here.
Go to the Where Should I Eat Forum, start a new thread with your route, I'm sure you will get some good suggestions.
I always used chefedb's method for reheats, always had med-mr reheats.
Fresh off the boat Dungeness Crab. $5.89lb
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