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Tri Tip on the grill at the moment.........   Roasted red potato salad, zucchini, mushrooms & onions.      
Look at the date on the post above yours.
Deep fryers are like an std, they wont go away. Air fryers are a housewife gadget not meant for commercial applications.
Chicken & dumplings tonight.
Mae Ploy Chicken, "Krab" stir fry & sticky rice.    
T-Bones.......Fork Tender!  
Hank..... You need to get out to the 24 hr drive through Mexican places, you will find one. I bet you have a lot of choices in the South Bay. Very popular in San Diego where they started. Even people here in the PNW don't question it.
Chicken Fried Steak   Cubed eye of round, dredged in milk and seasoned flour. Pan fried. Gravy from a couple Tbsp of the pan drippings, flour, milk & half & half. Seasoned with granulated onion, plenty of black pepper and a bit of chicken & beef base. Served with mashed potatoes, loose corn & a Lipitor tablet.  
California Burrito   I used some nice tri tip for the carne asada. Marinated in garlic, s&p, lime, chipotle powder, oil. Char broiled, diced up and put into a 14" flour tortilla with french fries, cheese & avocado salsa. A pound & a half of love!          
I usually leave cash,  I could care less what it looks like to the management. The tip is none manglement's business.
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