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Baked Shells using the Italian sausage made previously. Ricotta, Provolone, Parmesan & Pesto.      
Cornish Pasties Minced rump roast, onion, potato, rutabaga, parsley, s&p             Italian Sausage            
13 yr old thread, bet the OP found their answers.
How much liquid was in the crock?
Was it worth $400? Ever cook fish or other things in it?
Three partners with no food truck or restaurant experience. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.   You might want to mention your location, also I would suggest that you look locally for someone with food truck experience, not just a restaurant chef. Whole different ball game.
Isn't that called Kentucky round steak?
I love all the first time "Professional Caterer" posts asking how much to charge for their job. If you were truly a pro, you would not be here asking for pricing.
I have a problem with yelp also, I had made some reviews of restaurants where I now live two years Before I moved here, I also made a review of one place after I moved here, all under an alias but with my correct city. All the reviews were worthy of what I posted, none very good. I did however point out what was good. The owner of the last place I reviewed figured out who I was, pissed and moaned to yelp that I was one of his direct competitors and that I was badmouthing...
New Posts  All Forums: