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I'm on a Mac and have MacGourmet.  I can download all the recipes easily to my iphone or ipad.  Love the way it imports recipes too.   I was a die hard mastercook user until forced to switch with my new mac that wouldn't support it anymore.
  1   1 large egg 1 large egg yolk ¼ tsp cream of tartar 125 grams sugar 75 grams water ½ tsp salt 200 grams unsalted butter, room temp 250 ml container of green olives, diced   Start the egg and yolk beating in the mixer with salt and the cream of tartar.  Boil together sugar and water and bring to 116C.   When it reaches 116, drizzle in to the beaten eggs.  Cool to room temperature.  Add butter, if separates heat slightly to bring  together.  Add chopped...
Made green olive macarons the other day - not exactly savory however.  The standard Pierre Herme macaron with some green colour as well as a little bit of cocoa to get an olive green.  Buttercream made with whole eggs and yolks into which I mixed a whole lot of chunks of green pimento stuffed olives.  They were fabulous - nice salty hit to foil the sweetness.    
There is a uniform place on the South Service road just west of Erin Mills Parkway - quite reasonably priced there.     Mississauga Uniforms 2100 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga   I picked up a pair of checked pants in Value Village in Burlington.  There were a bunch of them that looked like they had been surplus from a restaurant or laundry company.  
 I put mine on parchment (in the oven of course).  Nice and brown with just one quick turn.
 Browning the meat first makes a more flavourful stew in the crockpot.  You can clean out the pot you brown in with a little wine or stock that you pour over the contents of the crockpot.   Also, put the vegetables under the meat.  Putting them on top means they don't get as soft.  Instead of water you can use a little stock - or even just a spoonful of Knorr stock mix along with your water, and maybe a little squirt of tomato paste from a tube.  I sometimes add a small...  Here are great instructions for macarons.  Only one translation glitch - you don't need to cool the syrup to 115C before pouring it into the egg whites.
 Or grind them up and add them to tempered chocolate.
Scott,To make the lacy hearts - use a chocolate that is very viscous when tempered - they don't work as well with a couverature that you'd use to make nice thin shells. Pipe overlapping circles, and make sure that you reinforce the edge.  Running a finger along the edge helps with that.  Don't bang the mold to get them out, wait until they have fully separated from the mold then just coax them out with your fingers.  There will be a fair number of broken ones for each good...
 Mengrai Thai
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