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Definitely make sure to cool the dough between baking. Make sure you're using a consistant scoop size...Also, if you're doing several rounds in the oven, remember to let the cookie sheet COOL before you put the next batch of dough on. Cool ALL the way. Otherwise, the butter will start melting from the heat on the sheet, and you'll end up with cookies that spread a lot more. Maybe invest in an oven thermometer? If your oven temperature is cycling really widely, you might...
I agree with Gunnar... I'm not entirely sure HOW this thing would puff! I don't really see anything that would leaven, or create steam and trap it, or anything... Do you think that maybe the person who submitted the recipe forgot to add in an ingredient?
I posted a thread recently about having gone to a new cake shop in my town, and getting a couple of cupcakes, and they were... Well...My husband actually suggested we get a refund. They were bad. Another friend who tried the mini-cupcakes said that they also were really not good. The thing is, I like the lady that's opened the shop... I don't want her to fail at this! She is, apparently, a red seal chef... Should I go back and try again in a week or so, to see if maybe...
Ummm... Should I mention anything to her?
I was thinking it might be shortening, or oil. It really did seem so off... My friend described the mini-cupcakes as being like "Stale, Gross Muffins"... The full-size weren't as dense as muffins, but they were bad...
I'd say to mix in more chocolate... My suggestion, though, for the next time you're trying a new recipe is to make sure you have all the proper ingredients on hand first. Play around the 2nd time, but the first, stick to the page.
There's nothing saying that you CAN'T use cream cheese frosting, but honestly, I wouldn't. Could you make, possibly, a pumpkin cake instead of vanilla?
Boar, I'll have to tell my DH that. He makes our bread-type items, including bagels and pizza crusts...
Pizza? Yes please!
"If it's chicken, Chicken a la King. It's if fish, Fish a la King. If it's Turkey, Fish a la King."- Bender B. Rodriguez
New Posts  All Forums: