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cumin, i use alot of it at home
man you all got some problamatic employees. i hope u find a better one i know its  tough
im looking forward to the vegis and fruits. i love cherries and blackberries. mostly cause at work we are gonna get m0re things that i can mess around with vegis of the day or stuffing for ravioli or pasta dishes and coulis.... man im too excited.
not hard i might have a recipe for you, but its best to make it a day before and leave it in the fridge. above poster is right 1st time it doesnt come out right but keep trying and you will find your rhythm. i cook both side but the other side doesnt get cook as long.edit: found it 2c flour, 6T sugar, pinch of salt 6 eggs, 1c milk and a cup of cream, and rum or cognac to taste. made this one for a crepe off we had in class one day
nicee i love quiche. you can make your own pie shell, its not hard, butter and flour and some salt and water. i actually dont flash bake my pie shell and just pur the custard in and let it do its things, comes out deliciouse everytime, well except that one time we forgott to take it out of the oven and it was charred lol.omplet in a shell but yeah its awsome, you know what they say even real men eat quiche!!
yeah no reservation is awesome. i actually seen him give a presentation here in Louisville for idea fest. he was hilarious and made fun of Sandra lee and most defiantly Rachel ray. but i really enjoyed his show when he went to Uzbekistan, it really brought back some memories.
i know i like pbs, recently i viseted my moms in VA and they had a simialr to PBS and i watched them on some free time and enjoyed it alot more. i dont get time at home but when i do i try to catch some of the shows.  food network is bull now i only watch iron chef but now i switch if morimoto is not picked. they need to run some of th eold iron chef episodes lioke the originale ones
i think it depends on the type of product it is, some things wont last long and need to be frozen but some items can be kept in fridge and be fresh. plus when you buy in bulk you get a price brake. at this place I'm doing my internship, nothing is frozen except the desserts and ice cream and some other items but most of their stuff is in fridge like protein.he even said he is gonna get some shrimp that wont be frozen and come fresh. at my restaurant our veal and beef...
try en poppiotte(sp?) or fish in a bag. nice and healthy and retains most of nutrions. simple, just get some vegis onions, peppers or greean beans and some lemon and and garlic and butter or oil if u want, fold the edges and cook it.  we had this as a special, sold pretty well
i dont, not trying to be  a jerk or anything. my snack is bone marrow at work or bread with mascapone or bread with anything. at home its a lil more different. kuan hummus and pita is always a good snack, i like roasted red pepper hummus, deliciouse
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